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Picci is offline
# 123
Picci @ Oct 24, 2014
Nice time of the year to have a birthday. Happy Birthday
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# 122
aloncho11 @ Sep 27, 2012
Awesome videos Pared! Really enjoying the new intros.
Mintsa is offline
# 121
Mintsa @ Sep 27, 2012
Thanks for the vid Pared. That intro was CRAZY !!!!

Is every teams intro that detailed ?
Blue is offline
# 120
Blue @ Aug 20, 2012
Tried to PM you but your inbox is full anyway this is what I tried to send: Hey, I would like to try and join OS Vets for 2k13. I'm still pretty new to the site but it's been open on my iPad non stop for a month so I'm not going anywhere. Anyway I still have 2k12 if you want to play me. I'm going to try to get 2k13 as soon as its released but if i don't Im willing to wait until a season is done if I have to. I'm a hawks fan so I would prefer them but I also like rebuilding projects if the hawks are taken, ive always been a better gm than coach. Thanks in advance.
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# 119
audbal @ Feb 28, 2012
well, i was looking on the market place for the 360, not the ps3. I don't see it. do you have to be a gold member? If not, i don't see it and could use some help.
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# 118
aloncho11 @ May 31, 2011
Take a look at my first Blog post and share your's a fun NBA fact
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# 117
aloncho11 @ May 31, 2011
Originally Posted by Pared
I'm pulling for Dallas.
Me too. Not only tonight but for the series. I'm wanting, wishing and going for Dallas. J-Terry, Kidd, Dirk, JJ, Marion, Chandler and the rest of the team deserve their ring. I would feel very happy for them, especially for Kidd
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# 116
aloncho11 @ May 31, 2011
Today is F-day! Who will win game 1?
franchiseplay is offline
# 115
franchiseplay @ May 27, 2011
sorry i didn't think putting a embedded vid in the forum was spamming. I wasn't trying to drive traffic to the site. Just looking for feedback on the vids. Would there have been a better way to do this, or not at all?
aloncho11 is offline
# 114
aloncho11 @ May 18, 2011
Originally Posted by Pared
Same here. The Knicks were really nice in '95.
Yep, I used to play them a lot also the Supersonics and the Warriors. Sprewell was a beast in that game!
aloncho11 is offline
# 113
aloncho11 @ May 18, 2011
Originally Posted by Pared
And '96 allowed you to put in classic player names!
Yes I remember! But I have little more nostalgia for '95 since it was the first of the 3/4 court view and faster gameplay series
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 # 112
aloncho11 commenting on NBA Live 95 picture @ May 18, 2011
That was probably my favorite game ever on the SNES!
sixzero is offline
# 111
sixzero @ Apr 13, 2011
Pared, our game(s) are done. Thanks for an incredible season.
sixzero is offline
# 110
sixzero @ Jan 13, 2011
Originally Posted by Pared
It's really just Boston that's available. We screened someone last night so I'll have to find out.
I can play the screening this morning. Let me know if it's possible. Thanks.
sixzero is offline
# 109
sixzero @ Jan 12, 2011
Pared, are the two teams still available?
myghty is offline
# 108
myghty @ Jan 5, 2011
Oh man... haha.... I remember that Street Fighter April Fools joke when I was a kid. I remember that was the talk in the playground. Haha. Thanks for the flash back!
buckeye2743 is offline
# 107
buckeye2743 @ Dec 11, 2010
Interested in your 2k league

mrclutch is offline
# 106
mrclutch @ Dec 9, 2010

Very interested in the league. Mrclutch1013 is the gamertag.
Thanks for the consideration.
Buckeye is offline
# 105
Buckeye @ Oct 27, 2010
I like dynopr's idea of like a small league for people who arent exactly vets but are looking for a good league
Pared is offline
# 104
Pared @ Oct 11, 2010
We already have a list. If we need subs I'll let you know.
Buckeye is offline
# 103
Buckeye @ Oct 10, 2010
Can you add me to vets waiting list?
DR Russell is offline
# 102
DR Russell @ Oct 9, 2010
Hello Pared, last year you had some great slider tweaks for NBA2K10, do you have any this year for 2K11?

Although it plays much better out of the box than last year!
stugotsII is offline
# 101
stugotsII @ Jul 20, 2010
Hey...I asked the question about iPhone and managing dynasties...I did a search and there was no answer to my question.

Could you please unlock my thread so someone can answer it? thanks!
stepsix is offline
# 100
stepsix @ Jun 22, 2010
Hey man - sounds like Geoff & Yaw already mentioned that we'd be coming on here...I've actually been on for a couple years already but strictly reading threads. I think you & Geoff discussed waiting to see if Yaw wanted to do an intro for us, but I recall Yaw saying that he'd PM one of the mods and have one of you guys do the intro, so if you wouldn't mind doing so that'd be much appreciated.

Bruce Wayne Jr is offline
# 99
Bruce Wayne Jr @ Jun 10, 2010
Bremser_Rules is offline
 # 98
Bremser_Rules commenting on NBA Live 95 picture @ Apr 13, 2010
Great game however I preferred live 96. Control was a little tighter. Also could create the greats and their vitals would automatically appear.
Bremser_Rules is offline
 # 97
Bremser_Rules commenting on Joe Montana Sports Talk... picture @ Apr 13, 2010
I remember that game, the announcer seemed much more interested in the weather than anything else.
bowdown2shadi is offline
# 96
bowdown2shadi @ Apr 5, 2010
I'm on right now...
Ruffy is offline
# 95
Ruffy @ Feb 19, 2010
I have circumvented my ban to issue an apology to yourself and any others I did wrong. Good luck to you in the future if I am allowed back or not.
M0Y30 is offline
# 94
M0Y30 @ Feb 16, 2010
excuse me . I have changed nba 2k10, I always have the same wrong. I'm playing and when i free throughs or time out, the games stop. I have the ps3 40gb have asked in forums of my country and does not happen to anyone. I updated my ps3 and the game date with the last patch but it s stop.
LHSLax_D24 is offline
# 93
LHSLax_D24 @ Feb 16, 2010
I can understand you closing my thread, but I was showing it in the 2K aspect. Whatever man, it's my own fault.
jhogan3132 is offline
# 92
jhogan3132 @ Feb 9, 2010
When do you want to play?
K_GUN is offline
# 91
K_GUN @ Oct 24, 2009
dude...happy birthday!
iLLosophy is offline
 # 90
iLLosophy commenting on Sheng Long picture @ Oct 3, 2009
That was awesome. I remember this too. How do you warn about an April Fools joke "somewhere in the magazine", and it's right above the warning....
DubTrey1 is offline
# 89
DubTrey1 @ Sep 8, 2009
Hmmm....I really like your new avatar
DTX3 is offline
# 88
DTX3 @ Aug 19, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
Sorry not looking to trade anyone until at least 5 games into the season...
Alright man, let me know if your willing to trade him though.
DTX3 is offline
# 87
DTX3 @ Aug 17, 2009
Yo you interested in trading Ramses Barden?
Mr. Franchise is offline
# 86
Mr. Franchise @ Jul 10, 2009
Add some screenshots, videos, blogs, and reader scores and BOOM, you'd have a 90+ overall.
bowdown2shadi is offline
# 85
bowdown2shadi @ May 23, 2009
Yo Pared,
You going to be doing a Season 3 for 2k9? I know Season 2 just started, but I want in this league badly. If yall decide to do a Season 3 after Season 2, I will be ready for a screening game!
CMH is offline
# 84
CMH @ Apr 7, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
Good post in the avatar thread. It's sad that having a picture of an attractive woman under your name suddenly equates to a masculinity issue.
I know some guys were joking around, but the poster in question knows who he is. I know he was serious because he always runs his mouth about this sort of thing and places blame and judgment on people without realizing he's just as guilty of the immaturity he claims those around him embody.
Tomba is offline
# 83
Tomba @ Apr 2, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
Got your message... things are going well. Some exciting stuff on the horizon. Stay tuned...
I will man. Just been busy and just NOT that interested in the gaming aspect of things,but that's the reality game(I mean sports game for us fanatics) just don't get any good until the college football games start coming out you know?. but either way just wishin ya well...
CMH is offline
# 82
CMH @ Apr 2, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
Avatar = Perfection.
She is beautiful. I don't know any other way to describe her.
Tomba is offline
# 81
Tomba @ Apr 2, 2009
Just checkin in Pared. Hope all is well. been CRAZY busy with my site redesign but CRAZY bored with the gamin since after the 2k debacle and the fact that you can't edit it for SH__! either way man hope all is doin well for u.

Behindshadows is offline
# 80
Behindshadows @ Feb 26, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
No dude, too busy complaining about 2k's baseball game like everyone else!
yeah I just left a post about it, without dogging it out, it's terrible as usual. I'm glad I got a PS3 as well.
Behindshadows is offline
# 79
Behindshadows @ Feb 26, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
Yup. Been playing it a bit... not crazy about and there are things the NBA game does better, unfortunately. I like where they are going with it.

Why would you ask if I got the game when I left a message regarding the rosters you put out?
did you get to read that blog yet?
GSW is offline
# 78
GSW @ Feb 11, 2009
They feel entitled to answers...stuck between a rock and a hard place
bcruise is offline
 # 77
bcruise commenting on MLB09TheShow 42 picture @ Feb 7, 2009

Do I really have to wait until March for that one?
huggerorange73 is offline
# 76
huggerorange73 @ Feb 4, 2009
Originally Posted by Pared
I think I still do have it. If I can't find it I'll just PM you.
Sounds good....enjoy the demo man!
DubTrey1 is offline
# 75
DubTrey1 @ Feb 3, 2009
Thanks again Pared.!!
Skyboxer is offline
# 74
Skyboxer @ Feb 3, 2009
Thanks pared!
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