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Posted on September 26, 2011 at 08:06 PM.
I'm going to go Jordan reasons :

  • 6 Championships
  • Slam Dunk Winner
  • Best team mate ever
  • and his love for the game
What do you guys think???
# 1 Jakeness23 @ Sep 26
I don't know if I'd say best teammate ever after hearing some stories about him at practice and stuff. But obviously Jordan is the GOAT for many more reasons than that, DPOTY, multiple MVPs, etc. Kobe by the end of his career (I think) will be able to make a very good case though. LeBron is out of the conversation now since he teamed up with Wade & Bosh (though still a tremendous talent).
# 2 flamangatang2k5 @ Sep 26
Really? 5 time REg MVP. 6 time FINALS MvP (6 for 6 in the finals by the way). Defensive player of the year and MVP in the same season as a 6'6 guard. not sure thats ever been duplicated. One of the all time steals, scoring, and points leaders. And he did it in the best eras basketball has ever had to offer without a bunch of rule changes.
But besides the stats, just watch MJ play. Make sure you have a DVR so you can rewind certain plays and see the thought process of MJ during his hey day.
If you're going to compare MJ to someone let it be Magic, Bird, Kareem, Russell, Wilt.

Kobe is in a different tier. Not quite at those guys levels, but ahead of LBJ. Kobe has ONE Mvp. Hell even LBJ has two of those. Kobe has a couple scoring titles, MJ had 7 in a row. Kobe has 5 finals series wins, only being the MvP twice. He also has lost 2 seperate times in the finals, Mike never lost a NBA finals series.
Kobe is more comparable to Tim Duncan, Shaq, and KG right now. He still isn't better than any of them in my opinion. KG may be the only debateable one. But he was more dynamic, and better teammate and could control the game without the ball. Kobe just happen to have Shaq and Phil Jackson.

LBJ is not in this convo at all. Wade is in it before he is.
# 3 Jakeness23 @ Sep 26
I guess I meant he'll at least have a good argument for best SG ever. Though, it'll obviously go to Jordan due to his many accomplishments, rings, etc. But Kobe has a chance at another ring with (more than likely) another Finals MVP to go with it. I really think Kobe deserved more than the 1 MVP trophy, but that may be my personal bias. AND he may end up retiring as the all-time leading scorer which would go a long way for him in his legacy (which is already that of a sure hall of famer).
# 4 jreezy18 @ Sep 27
Kobe Bryant.
# 5 Gramps91 @ Sep 27
what flamangatag said MJ is THE BEST. Kobe is great but not MJ. and LBJ is not even in the picture. come back after you've won a couple titles and MAYBE we''' talk
# 6 The Bad Man @ Sep 27

erase those two.

it's not even close. smh.
# 7 groovycrazyjoe @ Sep 27
Somehow I'm feeling like iverson iz being left out of da picture no title but still he's one of da best scorers to Eva play da game enuff said
# 8 SdotThaDon @ Sep 27
Mj by far, the other two do not belong. When it comes to Kobe and Lebron, Bean has the better career but Lebron is the better player.
# 9 hoop xyience @ Sep 27
#2 shut the whole discussion down...didn't say any bias statement, and well said..
# 10 lone_wolf74 @ Sep 27
Until LeBron goes to Oz and gets a heart...not even in the discussion. Great talent; just needs to see the Wiz.

And MJ by far GOAT
# 11 kydice @ Sep 27
Kobe did it being second fiddle. Where as MJ did it as the headliner. LeBron needs to work on his offensive game. He lacks the scoring versatility that MJ and Kobe has. However LBJ is more versatile than those two but MJ stands alone and Kobe is the closest thing to him. Kobe has won only two rings and Shaq won the other three. Mutual respect for LBJ neither MJ or Kobe did it alone, they both has great players on their team, two of the top 50 greatest players.
# 12 brian05fubu @ Sep 28
To say that Kobe is the closest to MJ is like saying Lebron is the greatest ever. No disrespect to those players but they are trash when compared to the GOAT. To all the KB riders, Kobe probably is the closest in terms of style but that's it. His midrange, fadeaways, efficiency, steal, block, off the ball movement, clutchness, dribbling, athleticism, basketball iq...basically everything is trash compare to the GOAT period.
# 13 jreezy18 @ Sep 28
Hey kydice I think you just contradicted yourself in your second and third sentence. By your logic, LeBron James lacks the versatility of Kobe and Jordan but then he doesn't?
# 14 piccolomair @ Sep 28
lebron is a better passer, a better rebounder, and is more athletic!!!!!
Let me know when Lebron gets 6 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!!
Is that Your only argument?!?!


# 15 brian05fubu @ Sep 29
@cnthomas8 LMAO ******* prove it then

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