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What do you like most about NBA 2K12? 
Posted on October 26, 2011 at 05:57 PM.
1. Realistic Gameplay
2. Good AI
3. Better Legend mode aside from roster problems assigning them to teams
4. Makes you defend harder...

What are yours?
# 1 Gramps91 @ Oct 26
1. Presentation=Best Thing EVER! in Video game history
2. Commentary
3. Gameplay
4. Improvements to my player(although it's broken)
5. Greatest Mode
# 2 aldon_47 @ Oct 26
-Presentation by far!
-Also, the gameplay keeps me coming back, especially since each team plays different which forces me to approach each game a bit differently, such as planning who I need to focus on or who to not let beat me, etc.
-Probably ties in with the presentation but I also really like how each arena looks. Granted I am no expert and have only been to one arena (MN) but I remember going to games last and then coming home and playing the game and being like "hey, I saw that at the game the other night!" Gives some authenticity to the game.
# 3 BRxSKINSx @ Oct 29
Gotta be the presentation.......
Commentary.....they really stepped it up this year....
My Player....the verdict is still out on My Player.....I'm half way through season 2 and I'm not getting endorsements anymore.....kinda like last year.... They took steps forward with the mode though.....I was really hoping for crew to be fixed and added to DLC....oh well, the mode still is nice....
Online Association......I love this mode, BUT would love it more if the admin or owner had more's fun to build your franchise and beat or battle against your friends....
# 4 videlsports @ Oct 29
Great Presentation,Good Gameplay, Controls are pretty good
# 5 Dr. Poe @ Oct 29
I like the greatest mode.
I like that people can make shots when open. This is the NBA. If you leave people open then they should make the shot.
AI is good. The game just plays well.
Presentation is good.
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