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Paul Pierce_OS's Chalkboard
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# 24
A.Hirzalla @ Sep 1, 2013
ello can you help me because i havent red mc full
please my brother

click here

FIBA 2K13 Mod v1.1 (20 International Teams)

and plz edit roster by red mc full and change teams names example
nets will bacome JORDAN
No will become TUNISIA

and upload roster plz
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# 23
Mr_Riddick @ Nov 24, 2012
Tried hitting your inbox but its still full.
BIGSHAQDADDY32 is offline
# 22
BIGSHAQDADDY32 @ Oct 1, 2012
I also sent you a friend request. And yes I would like to create players, missing players
BIGSHAQDADDY32 is offline
# 21
BIGSHAQDADDY32 @ Sep 29, 2012
Are you guys done making 2k13 rosters?
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# 20
TJVMagicUconn @ Sep 2, 2012
please check my forum out and see if u will help heres the link
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# 19
dj123456705 @ Sep 2, 2012
Never mind I got it thanks!!!!
dj123456705 is offline
# 18
dj123456705 @ Sep 1, 2012
OK THANKS it understandable, but the link is not working for me? can you send another link or uploaded to 2kshare?
TJVMagicUconn is offline
# 17
TJVMagicUconn @ Aug 30, 2012
if u could could replace a few nba teams with created teams for me i would be grateful i want it for use in mp
dj123456705 is offline
# 16
dj123456705 @ Aug 27, 2012
I don't how to delete something for your chalkboard but used the nba2k13 number file if you do it
dj123456705 is offline
# 15
dj123456705 @ Aug 27, 2012
Here the new link for sorry again
dj123456705 is offline
# 14
dj123456705 @ Aug 27, 2012
My bad bro I gave you the wrong file that wasn't completed. I was so pump trying to give out my first roster to the people. I'm sorry for hounding you so much. You are the only person who is willing to help me that has the REDitor full version (unless you can get somebody else for me). This is the last time I will bother you about this 2k12 mess. Can you import the awards & staff and copy, paste the Bobcats blue jersey into this file that I'm sending you please? I just doing this until 2k13 comes out and I'm trying to get some people off your back. Here's the offline link for it. When your done with it can u upload to 2kShare asap sir? Thanks
Phenomicks is offline
# 13
Phenomicks @ Jul 30, 2012
HI Paul Pierce
Weeks is offline
# 12
Weeks @ Jul 14, 2012
Hey Paul, you're inbox is full...
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# 11
LHSLax_D24 @ Jun 1, 2012
I tried to send you a PM, but your box is full.
WhoDatNation86 is offline
# 10
WhoDatNation86 @ May 17, 2012
hey i read all the blogs from hokupguys arena and i did all the steps for hex edit correctly but when i tried to put on my xbox 360 it says the file is damamged or corrupted...all im trying to do is change the knicks/celtics/nets arena names....nets team name...and change a few logos from the regular nba logos to some of the generic logos
Paul Pierce_OS is offline
# 9
Paul Pierce_OS @ May 10, 2012
I just wanted to say thanks to Slimm44 and Twista308 excellent job guys!
MACNXX3 is offline
# 8
MACNXX3 @ Mar 30, 2012
how do i help to make these roster? I would like to help.
Fonrolalexexnay is offline
# 7
Fonrolalexexnay @ Mar 27, 2012
Hey PP, couldn't get through to you via messaging because your inbox is full. Anyways I think that we should use your roster and start from there. For the players missing from the game, would you like to make a cyberface look alike for them or a cap. Would you mind if I put in some of my cyberfaced players from my roster with their real portraits?
mjbird123 is offline
# 6
mjbird123 @ Nov 27, 2011
Do you have an offline association, and if you do who is it with?
mjbird123 is offline
# 5
mjbird123 @ Nov 22, 2011
HOw can I use the rosters if I don't have XBL?
StankonYa is offline
# 4
StankonYa @ Oct 4, 2011
Have the game yet? Could you upload a Team file for 91 warriors and 02 Kings for me.
Paul Pierce_OS is offline
# 3
Paul Pierce_OS @ Sep 25, 2011
Who I'm Running with in Create a Legend Mode: The Truth, Kobe, D-Wade
Paul Pierce_OS is offline
# 2
Paul Pierce_OS @ Sep 25, 2011
Cant Wait for NBA 2K12
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Paul Pierce_OS
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