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The Intangibles: Miami Marlins 
Posted on January 7, 2012 at 08:49 PM.
Today, I am continuing my look at all thirty teams in Baseball and the things that make them either great for starting a franchise, or lousy for playing one. This is "The Intangibles," a series of games that look at the aesthetic side of Baseball.

I grade my selections on these criteria...
  • Stadium Playability- This has to do with how well the stadium plays in the game
  • Stadium Aesthetics- Basically, how pretty the stadium is.
  • Team Logo- Is it unique or is it just another run of the mill baseball with circular text?
  • Uniforms- Are they classic, are they eye-poping, or do they induce depression?
  • Overall- Not an average, but a sumation of the experience that I have with the team.
I will play with thirty teams in their stadiums, and I hope to have this done by the next baseball season. That was the plan at least, until the Florida Marlins threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing. The Marlins are one of the '93 National League expansion teams, and are arguably the best expansion baseball team ever. The Marlins won the World Series four years after entering baseball, and won a second World Championship in 2003 in just their tenth year. Still, the Marlins have never had a long-run consistent team, and have had to play in a weird configuration for baseball. This year will bring a number of changes, and unfortunatly I can't play a game with the new look team, so for this one I will have to use internet information instead of MLB the Show.

The Marlins have changed just about everything for their team, switching to the Miami Marlins. Their previous logo, which was a marlin superimposed on a baseball worked on many levels. Their new logo is an abstract marlin splashing out of the letter "M". It's actually not that bad, but there is little detail in the workings. It works on an Art Deco level, but it just doesn't represent a baseball team. The only other identifying mark in their package is the wordmark, which again works with the logo but not with the idea of a baseball team.

In addition to their new logo, the uniforms have been updated. The new colors include "Sunkist Orange," black, blue, and yellow. There are going to be, in addition to their home whites and road greys, two colored jerseys in orange and black. To be honest (as a traditionalist), I actually like their new uniforms. The colors might be something new on the table, but it doesn't blind anybody. While I would have loved for them to keep the teal and black while adding orange, the new colors work well and will be interesting to see on the field. One of the things I don't like are the lack of "Marlins" on the home whites (it should always have the nickname, not the location name), but that leads me to believe that the Orange jerseys will see a lot of action while they are at home.

There is also a new home for the Marlins in what is now called Marlins Ballpark. It will be a retractable roof, although this will not be an issue when it comes to the Show. The stadium is going to feel like a mid-market ballpark with the number of seats, and I assume in the first few years the park will feel barren in amenities. Without playing in the ballpark, I just can't give much of a grade on the looks.

As for playability; that will be something that will have to be seen again in the game. The foul territory looks like it will play very small, and has the type of dimensions of Kaufman Stadium does in foul ground (again, abit small though). The outfield is going to play deep, with center field going out as far as 416 feet, but this will probably be negated by both the heat and humidity of Miami, and the possibility of the Show making it play neutral in its first year.

Grading the whole thing...
  • Stadium Playability- (INC)
  • Stadium Aesthetics- (C+)
  • Team Logo- (B+)
  • Uniforms- (A)
  • Overall- (B)
It will be interesting to see how the ballpark and new identity will play out in the Show, but for now it's guess and see. Whatever the new stadium may bring, OS should light up with all sorts of dynasties with this team, and for good reason. It's a great time for new baseball in Miami.
# 1 josh44 @ Jan 8
Miami will be a fun team to do a franchise with. Especially with new uni's and a new stadium along with a lineup that looks like a lot of fun to play with on The Show.

I've used the Brewers my last 2 franchises. Thinking about doing a Padres of Mariners one for MLB 12 but the new uni's and stadium may persuade me to use the Marlins
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