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Santa Claus 
Posted on December 16, 2008 at 09:50 AM.
My youngest son is 9 and still believes in Santa. He thinks this year we should leave a note in addition to the cookies. It's really heart warming. I was thinking last night that this year could be the last year of Santa in our house and it made me a little sad.

Around that age I remember my oldest son asking me the question for the first time, "Is there really a Santa Claus, Dad?" I knew by his tone he wasn't sure. So what do you say? Fortunately, I was thinking quick on my feet that day and replied, "Well, what do you think?" He said yes and the Christmas magic was alive for one more year. The next year he didn't have to ask.

My daughter, now 12, never asked. I know she hasn't believed for a few years. I think she never asked because she thought if we know she knows she will get less gifts!

My older kids must also know how special believing in Santa is. They never spoiled it for their younger siblings.
# 1 rudyjuly2 @ Dec 16
I think most kids are good about not spoiling it for other kids. It's a great and magical time for the young ones. Eventually you start thinking, how the heck does Santa Claus have enough time and room on his sled to do all this?

My kids are 4 and 1.5 and they will believe for quite awhile.
# 2 matt8204 @ Dec 16
It blows when you find out because Christmas is never quite the same. Yeah, it's still a fun time of year but it loses that magical feeling. I was nine or ten when I stopped believing and I think I found out because I recognized my father's handwriting on the letter that Santa allegedly wrote, lol.
# 3 matt8204 @ Dec 16
Sometimes I wonder how many kids are traumatized for life when they find out the truth about Santa. Possible explanation for why so many people are screwed up, lol?
# 4 Pared @ Dec 16
It's sad what the Christmas spirit is to some now. Not many people believe in the spirit of giving. And that means to more than just your family.... there are many out there less fortunate than you that really could use your help.
# 5 Steve_OS @ Dec 16
My daughter is 6, unfortunately her "friends" have already told her Santa doesn't exist. Oh well, what can ya do. She'll be getting everything she wants anyways. (Which isn't much, she's easy to please.)
# 6 Fresh Tendrils @ Dec 16
I think the spirit of giving and caring, which is personified through Santa Claus, should still be emphasized (and moreso) when a child stops "believing."
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