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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Posted on December 15, 2018 at 11:33 AM.
Dynasty Setup (Play/Sim)
-Will play 1 non-conference game and 4 conference games during regular season, and Playoff/Bowl games

Dynasty Rules
System: Playstation 3
Rosters: 2013, don't remember name
Difficulty: Heisman
Recruiting Difficulty: Heisman
Sliders: JKits Heisman Sliders (w/ small tweaks)
5 Min Qtrs

Recruiting House Rules

-# of Recruits = Seniors leaving plus 2
-Can only add recruits to board in preseason
-No Scouting
-Visits Limited
-Once we have over 1200 point lead, I take away all points as this acts like a soft commit

Team Prestige Restrictions
-1*-- 1 and 2* in Top 5 and pipeline, 2- 3*, must be 1st and in-state --and only 1 visit
-2*-- 1 and 2* in top 5, 4-3*, must be 1st and in state and only 2 visits
-3*-- 5-3*, top 3 pipeline, 1-4* 1st and in state. 3 visits
-4*-- 7-3*, top 3 pipeline, 3-4* top 3 and pipeline, 1 5* 1st and in state, 3 visits
-5*-- 10- 3*, top 5 national, 5-4* top 3 pipeline, 2-5* top 3 and pipeline 4 visits
-6*-- 7-4* Top 5 National, 3-5* Top 5 National, 5 visits

Scheduling Rules (Liked Knickerbocker91 Rule)
- Non-BCS conference schools must maintain a minimum schedule difficulty of C or C+
- BCS conference schools must maintain a schedule difficulty of A or A+
- Scheduling permitting, out of conference games against teams of equal stature (BCS school vs BCS school, non BCS vs non BCS) must be a home-and-home series
- Winning the conference means ALL non conference opponents next season (schedule/schedule difficulty permitting) must also be conference champions.

Coaching Progression Rules (Knickerboxer91 advancement rules)
-Slowest Speed, and no coaching tree

- The first contract must be completed in full, unless fired
- Any contract extensions must be completed at least halfway before accepting any offers (ex. If I accept a 4 year extension, I can't leave for at least two seasons)
- I can only accept a contract extension when there is one year left on my contract

- To accept a head coaching job, I must achieve the following:
2 star school: Winning Record and Bowl win
3 star school: Above & Conference Championship
4 star school: Above & Finish in Top 25 (both in polls and total off/def ranking nationally)
5 star school: Above & Finish with a Top 25 recruiting class
6 star school: Above & win a BCS bowl game/New Year's Six game

Conference Realignment:

-12 Teams
-6 Power Conference Champions, 5 At large, Best G4 Team
-Top 4 teams get a bye. 5-12 Play first round

First Round Bowls
-Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
-Alamo Bowl
-Capital One Bowl
-Outback Bowl

Qtr Finals
-Orange Bowl
-Rose Bowl
-Sugar Bowl
-Fiesta Bowl

Semi Finals
-Cotton Bowl
- Peach Bowl

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