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Did EA Sports dupe Us on Madden...? 
Posted on June 6, 2014 at 10:16 AM.
I seemed to recall the trailer for Madden14, and how "awesome" it looked; but the game didn't look or play anything like the trailer

Now, looking at the Madden15 trailer; and being told that this is in game footage.
I feel, I was duped?
Follow me for a second; the trailer footage for M15, looks like the trailer graphics from M14; which we thought we were getting in M14 (graphics), but clearly wasn't the case in game!
So the Madden team basically gave Us a snippet of what M15 was going to look like in the M14 trailer! the plot thickens...
With the M15 trailer having a graphical touch-up, showing tattoos, and tighter jerseys with wrinkles.
To me, the M14 game was a straight port over from the X360; and they called it next gen! IMO
What are your thoughts?
# 1 Eski33 @ Jun 6
I agree on Madden 25 / 14. However, with what we are seeing with UFC and NHL, I believe that screenshot is representative of what the game will look like. I feeling is that EA has been working on this years games for two years.

Although last year was a port, I enjoyed the game. I think we will see better AI along with graphics. With E3 staring us in the face I can't wait to see EAs conference. Hope they drop a demo in July since NCAA is gone.
# 2 Cardot @ Jun 6
Meh,I haven't trusted EA since the '06 Strahan/McNabb preview.
# 3 bxphenom7 @ Jun 7
You're probably right
# 4 D Apocalypse @ Jun 7
Mossman84 there was franchise mode in M25 for PS4. It's called CCM or Connected Careers Mode.
# 5 inkcil @ Jun 8
Just remember that "all is fair in marketing" among most marketing execs when it comes to what they need to do to reel in consumers.

CG trailers and screenshots from cut scenes and replays...whoever bites is hooked.
# 6 Caius101 @ Jun 8
It is the same, especially when playing alone. Difference being, Player/Franchise/Owner mode are just combined into the same front. If you choose to play as a coach (Franchise mode) you develop your coach and players as normal, if playing as a player, you develop your skills as normal. Only real difference is that Owners can set prices, have to worry about a budget (you need built up cash to pay signing bonuses in the offseason and to upgrade your stadium), along with the rosters. You hire your staff, etc much like the old owner mode they (stupidly) removed.

Same thing, different name. You can even jump from one to the other if you really wanted, by making a second member and retiring your original (or keeping it for 2 different aspects at the same time).
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