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No EA Sports DEMO's, No worries...? 
Posted on August 11, 2014 at 11:45 AM.
After reading that EA Sports has no plans to release a demo for Madden 15; it is quite obvious that M$ is trying to push sales of their next gen consoles! With the introduction of EA Access a couple of weeks ago, and the "timed" exclusivity to the XboxOne.
This clearly gives the PS4 owners something to ponder this year, about either a blind purchase of Madden 15, or a 'word of mouth' reference from the Xb1 EA Access owners. (Reviews as we already know it are very tainted, and bias)
I say no worries to the XB1 holders; and I feel for the PS4 sports gamers how are clearly getting the shaft from EA, right "Now"! but who is to say that EA won't have this "EA Access' available to the PS4 next year, or earlier?
IMO, I wouldn't worry too much about the demo, as PS4 consumers will have plenty of game play to check out via YouTube and it's big commentators, who have both consoles!
So do you really feel upset about not having a Madden 15 demo? Sound off!

cheers from an XB1
# 1 stefangrey @ Aug 11
Access isn't a timed exclusive to XB1. Sony has deemed it a poor value for their consumers and won't have it on their system.
# 2 bxphenom7 @ Aug 11
I always go by reviews, you just need to know which reviewers to follow. Plus metacritic scores can be a little inflated since there always seems to be that(those) reviewer(s) that give(s) a game a 100 or 95, while the average is in the 70s. (Just an example, though this holds true for Madden 25). So no worries for me as a PS4 owner. The good reviewers usually stay in the same range of scores for a game, but it's always better to read the reviews than just look at scores.
# 3 MAGboyswifT27 @ Aug 13
At first it bugged me but I can see why EA would do it. Either way I'll still pick it up on the first day and I'm anxious for the game since I didn't have NCAA this year to keep me busy.
# 4 Eski33 @ Aug 14
I have both consoles and prefer third party on the PS4. However, I wonder if there will be a shift for those that own both consoles to purchase the X1 version since, with Access, it saves your progress?

Also, with the PS Share I can but the X1 version for single player but can still play my PS friends without having to own a copy for the PS4. Interesting dynamic.
# 5 DBMcGee3 @ Aug 14
Gamefly baby.....Gamefly.
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