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EA Access for XB1, i got 1 hour left already...? 
Posted on August 22, 2014 at 01:33 AM.
First my rant: "This is too bleeepin short! C'mon EA!"
I have played only two games (8min qtrs accel clock), and a bunch of the skill challenges; quit the trial, went out for dinner, then went for a bike ride with the family, had dessert, put the kids to bed, had a drink (adult beverage), turned back on my console, logged into EA Access Hub, clicked on Madden 15, and now it's telling me I have less than a hour left!!!! WTH!!!

Timeline: started playing the game around 3pm - 5pm stopped for dinner and activities!

Intentions: play for an hour later (break up the 6 hours)

***time management***

Play an hour a day for the next "3" days!?!

I get back on to my XboxOne at 10pm, and now I only have "1" hour left!!!!
Gimme a break! And I get no feel for the game?

Has anybody else run into this problem??? holla back at me!

EDITED: Sunday, 24th of August, 11pm. @TLizChozen; I clearly did close my app for EA Access Hub; as I highlighted the app and selected "Quit Game" from the drop down menu! thank you very much! Plus if I didn't close it properly I would have had no time left to play the game accord to my timeline I typed out earlier!

UPDATE: Second Rant: "i was pissed, so I called up EA, and was unable to get a CSR to help me; so I sent an email explaining my situation! EA surprisingly sent me back an email, " Sorry for your inconvenience, (gamertag)... -We have allotted you an extra '2 hours' for Madden NFL 15 Trial period... blah, blah, blah. Thank you EA / EASports community development staff.

I was shocked, that they would have sent anything back! So I turned on my console this evening, getting ready to play my last hour of Madden 15, and was surprised that the Trial notification read, "You have less than 3 hours left".

Am I happy? Still, "No"; as the trial is still too short; but happy on the other hand that EA actually did something for me!
# 1 WarlordZMaster @ Aug 23
I have been concerned about that as well. I have been turning off the console after each game. Going out of town this week, so I won't get my retail game until Friday. Cannot wait to open my MUT pro packs!
# 2 TLizChosen @ Aug 24
you did not close out the app properly I am sure.
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