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2014-15 Regular season 
Posted on June 9, 2013 at 06:50 PM.
As I enter my 3rd season with Nashville the roster has really begun to take shape and look dangerous. The addition of Nyquist to the top line should make for a much better offensive unit along with the continuing development of Forsberg and co. Josi and Weber are forming a very strong defensive pairing and with 2 good young goalies another Stanley Cup run won't be far away.

The board is expecting playoffs, I'm expecting at least a Conference Final.

Nashville Predators 2013-14 Schedule
Oct 4at Chicago (0-0-0)Lost, OT 3-2
Oct 6at St. Louis (0-0-0)Won, 3-0
Oct 7vs Dallas (0-1-0)Lost, 3-1
Oct 9vs Vancouver (1-0-0)Won, 4-1
Oct 11vs Detroit (1-1-1)Won, 4-1
Oct 13vs St. Louis (2-3-0)Won, 3-1
Oct 15vs Winnipeg (2-1-2)Won, 4-3
Oct 17vs NY Rangers (3-3-0)Lost, 6-3
Oct 19vs Tampa Bay (3-3-1)Won, 5-2
Oct 21at Calgary (3-5-0)Lost, 2-1
Oct 22at Dallas (4-3-1)Lost, 2-1
Oct 24at Los Angeles (4-5-0)Lost, 4-1
Oct 25vs Chicago (6-4-1)Lost, 1-0
Oct 27vs Chicago (7-4-1)Won, 6-3
Oct 30at New Jersey (5-7-1)Won, 3-2
Nov 1at Boston (4-5-4)Won, 4-0
Nov 3at Philadelphia (7-7-1)Lost, 2-1
Nov 5vs Colorado (5-6-2)Won, 3-2
Nov 7vs Phoenix (9-6-2)Won, 2-1
Nov 9vs San Jose (5-9-2)Won, 5-1
Nov 11at Detroit (8-7-1)Lost, 3-2
Nov 14at Dallas (9-7-2)Won, 3-0
Nov 16at Edmonton (10-7-1)Lost, OT 3-2
Nov 18at Minnesota (12-6-3)Won, 4-2
Nov 20vs Carolina (11-5-4)Won, 4-2
Nov 22vs Florida (13-10-0)Won, OT 3-2
Nov 24vs Pittsburgh (14-8-1)Won, 5-2
Nov 27at Phoenix (12-12-2)Won, 4-2
Nov 29at Vancouver (14-10-1)Won, 3-2
Dec 1at San Jose (9-13-3)Lost, OT 2-1
Dec 3at NY Rangers (15-12-0)Won, 2-1
Dec 5at Buffalo (19-5-7)Won, 4-1
Dec 7at Pittsburgh (17-10-1)Won, 4-2
Dec 10vs Anaheim (14-12-5)Won, 2-1
Dec 12vs Los Angeles (16-16-3)Won, 5-3
Dec 14vs Columbus (16-12-7)Won, 3-2
Dec 16vs Columbus (16-13-7)Won, 5-2
Dec 19vs Edmonton (18-15-1)Won, 3-1
Dec 21vs Minnesota (20-14-3)Won, OT 2-1
Dec 23vs Vancouver (19-17-1)Won, 4-1
Dec 28at St. Louis (18-22-2)Won, 4-1
Jan 2at San Jose (15-19-5)Won, 5-1
Jan 9vs Columbus (22-16-7)Won, 5-1
Jan 11vs Calgary (29-18-2)Won, 3-0
Jan 13vs Los Angeles (23-21-4)Won, 5-0
Jan 15at Chicago (23-19-7)Won, 2-1
Jan 17at Columbus (24-18-7)Lost, 5-1
Jan 20vs Edmonton (26-20-3)Lost, 3-1
Jan 22vs San Jose (19-21-6)Lost, 4-1
Jan 24vs St. Louis (23-27-2)Lost, 3-0
Jan 31at Anaheim (25-23-5)Won, 3-2
Feb 2at Los Angeles (24-27-4)Lost, OT 2-1
Feb 3at Minnesota (30-22-4)Lost, 3-2
Feb 5at Calgary (34-21-3)Lost, SO 3-2
Feb 8at St. Louis (26-28-2)Won, 6-2
Feb 9at Colorado (22-25-9)Won, SO 3-2
Feb 14vs Detroit (29-24-7)Won, 5-1
Feb 17at Anaheim (27-28-5)Won, 6-3
Feb 18at Vancouver (31-27-3)Lost, 2-0
Feb 19at Edmonton (32-25-4)Lost, 3-1
Feb 20at Colorado (25-27-10)Won, 3-1
Feb 21at Columbus (29-24-9)Lost, 4-0
Feb 23at Columbus (30-24-9)Lost, OT 2-1
Feb 27at Phoenix (30-27-5)Lost, 3-1
Mar 4at Chicago (28-28-8)Lost, 3-2
Mar 6at Detroit (33-26-8)Won, 2-1
Mar 8at Montreal (34-25-7)Won, 4-1
Mar 10at Ottawa (34-28-6)Won, 5-4
Mar 12at Toronto (37-26-8)Won, 2-1
Mar 14vs Detroit (35-28-8)Won, 4-2
Mar 16vs St. Louis (30-38-2)Won, 6-0
Mar 19vs Anaheim (33-32-6)Won, 4-0
Mar 21vs Dallas (31-36-7)Won, SO 1-0
Mar 23vs Minnesota (41-28-5)Won, 2-1
Mar 26at Detroit (38-30-8)Won, 4-1
Mar 28vs Calgary (44-28-6)Won, OT 3-2
Mar 30vs Colorado (30-36-11)Won, 2-1
Apr 1vs Phoenix (39-30-6)Won, 5-1
Apr 4vs New Jersey (28-42-8)Won, 1-0
Apr 6vs NY Islanders (41-32-6)Won, 5-2
Apr 8vs Washington (42-28-9)Won, 3-1
Apr 10vs Chicago (36-33-11)Lost, 3-2

NHL Standings - Updated: Apr 12, 2015
St. Louis3543474212246
San Jose40311191223218
Los Angeles3839581210227
St. Louis3543474212246

Nashville Predators Stats - 2014-15
G. Nyquist82354681+2914
G. Bourque82252449-112
F. Forsberg82252247+198
S. Weber82143347+23110
C. Wilson70153146+2364
M. Halischuk81153146+298
R. Josi6892736+1414
T. Toffoli75181735+614
C. Smith7382533+2327
D. Legwand77151328+1916
M. Fisher6381927+443
J. Blum6122224+236
A. Watson78101323-214
V. Bartley7431821+3412
M. Ekholm8211819+512
R. Panik698513+212
K. Klein8211112074
N. Spaling557512+16
K. Berglund35381104
K. Wellwood533710+34
F. Palazzese6532531.633829:11154393.264
T. Kozun203332.201118:4052592.120

Waivers/Free Agents/Trades
K. Wellwood (C 76) $0.815 3 years 2 way
T. Pyatt (C 76) $0.710 3 years 2 way
K. Berglund (D 77) $0.810 3 years 2 way
P. Cehlin claimed by PHI
J. Muzzin (D 76 2.5*) claimed from LA
T. Spelling to NJ for 2015 2nd & 4th round picks

S. Weber - 1st defensive pair
F. Palazzese - Backup goalie

A great season was had, winning the Presidents' Trophy for best overall record as the Predators dominated most of the season. Gaining Gustav Nyquist was huge for the side as he strengthened a previously weak first line and posted solid numbers. Franky Palazzese exceeded all expectations in net, absolutely dominating at times. The prospects continue to grow and play well too.
This season will have gone to waste however if we don't win the Stanley Cup, so hopefully the regular season form carries over to the playoffs and Nashville lifts Lord Stanley for the first time!

31-36-9 (173-224)
Conference: 14th
Division: 4th

Milwaukee Admirals Stats - 2014-15
C. Sissons74172845-1320
J. Shalla65172643-98
J. MacLellan67142438-425
H. Shinkaruk72132538-1418
R. Graham66161834031
T. Beck6192130-1618
W. Karlsson69121729-2614
J. Puustinen7662026-212
T. Aronson7651823-746
B. Ryan76111122-710
M. Gortz7651217-612
O. Maatta7612416-2239
M. van Guilder305914+219
J. Muzzin4111011-469
B. Winchester302911-541
B. Andrews735611-913
M. Salomaki702810-114
B. Orban46516-1034
S. Valentine38156-116
S. Rover55505-1229
J. Smith37161432.502067114492.483
B. Whitney41142253.142371117689.463
M. Hellberg41011.101648296.340
# 1 RagingTrav @ Jun 10
*Oct 7* Halischuk will miss about a week. Patric Cehlin will come into the side.

*Oct 13* Panik will miss about a week or so, Cehlin will come in and replace him.

*Oct 15* Spaling will miss a week with back spasms. Brent Andrews will come into the side.

*Oct 22* Blum will miss 3 weeks with a leg injury. Berglund will play in the 3rd pairing.

*Oct 24* Toffoli will miss 3 to 4 weeks. Wellwood will take his place.

*Oct 27* Berglund will be out for 3 to 4 weeks. Rover will replace him.
# 2 RagingTrav @ Jun 11
*Nov 3rd* Legwand has a concussion that will keep him out for a week. Pyatt will dress in his place.
# 3 RagingTrav @ Jun 12
*Nov 18* Wilson will miss 2 weeks with a pulled groin. Wellwood will play.

*Nov 29* Josi has a hip injury and will miss the next month. Bergland will join the defensive pairs

*Dec 3* C. Smith has an MCL sprain and will miss the next 3 weeks. Wellwood will dress.
# 4 RagingTrav @ Jun 14
*Dec 10* Blum will be out for 2 weeks with a neck injury. Rover will join the side

*Dec 12* Watson will miss 2 weeks with a shoulder injury. Pyatt will dress.

*Dec 9* Smith is concussed and will miss a week or so. Pyatt will dress

*Jan 17* Legwand will miss 2 weeks with a knee problem. Wellwood will dress
# 5 RagingTrav @ Jun 17
*Feb 3* Bartley has hurt his groin and will miss a week. Berglund will take his place.

*Feb 8* Fisher will miss 2 months with a MCL sprain. Wellwood will dress

*Feb 9* Spaling will miss the next 3 months with a hernia. Pyatt will come into the team.

*Feb 14* Bartley has a pulled groin and will miss 3 weeks. Berglund comes into the side.

*Feb 17* Wilson will miss 3 weeks with a concussion. Graham has been called up to replace him.
# 6 RagingTrav @ Jun 18
*Mar 10* Panik will miss 2 weeks with an MCL sprain. Berglund will join the 4th line.

*Mar 16* Blum will miss upto a month. Salomaki has been called up.

*Mar 30* Watson will miss a week with concussion. Pyatt will take his place.

*Apr 1* Wilson has hurt his wrist and will miss about a week. Watson returns to replace him.

*Apr 4* Josi will miss upto 2 months with a foot injury. Berglund will come in for him.
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