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Thursday, June 20, 2013
Posted on June 20, 2013 at 06:08 AM.
After such a strong season in 2014-15 I feel I should begin targetting players via trade and free agency to fill the holes on the roster. There are plenty of prospects coming through, but still a fair way off being good enough.
Looking at the draft class, Connor McDavid was the only really decent prospect available so I considered trading away the New Jersey pick for future 1st round selections, until I won the draft lottery!

NHL Draft 2015
1Erie (OHL)Connor McDavid 76 4.5*C1.8883.1
31USAMartin Haskins 60 3.5*D1.98101.7
56Niagara (OHL)Mack Lemmon 54 3.5*RW1.8086.7
86Kazakhstan Boris Zinovjev 57 2.5*D1.9695.3
91Linkopings HC (Elitserien)Teemu Laakkonen 56 2.5*D1.9694.4
116Moose Jaw (WHL)Torrin White 54 2.5*RW1.8076.3
146Shawinigan (QMJHL)Patrik Koys 52 2.5*RW1.8082.2
176Kitchener (OHL)Brent Pedersen 53 2.5*LW1.9191.3
206Spokane (WHL)Tyler King 53 2.5*D1.8690.8

G. Nyquist $8.810/5 years
F. Forsberg $4.220/8 years
T. Toffoli $0.780/2 years 2 way
C. Wilson $3.245/8 years
G. Bourque $3.105/8 years
M. Fisher $2.575/2 years
C. Smith $5.060/8 years
J. Puustinen $0.585/3 years 2 way
M. Hellberg (tendered)
A. Watson $0.965/2 years
J. Shalla $0.580/1 year 2 way
M. Salomaki $0.580/3 years 2 way
M. Gortz $0.570/2 years 2 way
R. Panik $0.925/1 year 2 way
C. McDavid $0.925/3 years 2 way (entry)

S. Valentine
T. Aronson
B. Ryan

Free Agents
Jan Hejda (D 81) $2.895/4 years
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Posted on June 19, 2013 at 04:09 AM.
After a very successful regular season focus now shifts to the road to the Stanley Cup and the Columbus Blue Jackets (39-32-11) in the 1st round.
The series went to 7 games before being lost in OT (W1-4, L2-1, L2-5, W4-1, W2-3, L3-2(OT)).
Very disappointing to go out so early after such a good season but this team is far from done.

F. Palazzese - Vezina Trophy & William M. Jennings Trophy

Nashville Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWG. Nyquist 84->89F. Forsberg 82->83N. Spaling 80->79T. Toffoli 75->77
CC. Wilson 81->81C. Smith 81->83M. Fisher 81->81A. Watson 75->77
RWM. Halischuk 83->83D. Legwand 82->82G. Bourque 78->80R. Panik 77->78
D #1R. Josi 88->85V. Bartley 77->75M. Ekholm 76->78
D #2S. Weber 90->90J. Blum 84->83K. Klein 78->77
GT. Kozun 80->83F. Palazzese 79->85

Milwaukee Admirals Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWC. Sissons 64->68T. Beck 73->77J. Puustinen 73->73M. Gortz 62->66
CR. Graham 70->77W. Karlsson 67->70J. MacLellan 73->73B. Andrews 58->62
RWJ. Shalla 70->73H. Shinkaruk 62->64M. Salomaki 62->69B. Ryan 74->74
D #1J. Jarvinen 77->76S. Valentine 67->70O. Maatta 62->65
D #2B. Orban 64->67T. Aronson 65->67S. Rover 62->65
GJ. Smith 75->72M. Hellberg 65->68B. Whitney 49->53

CHL/Unsigned Prospects Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWB. Potomak (CHL) 57->60N. Pancel (US) 54->56L. O'Brien (US) 53-54
CM. Klimchuk (CHL) 57->59P. Machac (US) 54->56
RWL. Marcotte (US) 56->59D. Conroy (US) 54->55
D #1N. Zadorov (CHL) 58->61J. Kostalek (CHL) 58->60
D #2A. Gudbranson (US) 55->56
GW. Hoflin (CHL) 49->53T. Jarry (US) 46->48

Going into the 2015 offseason I will be looking to strengthen the defence as I feel it is looking weak at the moment. Otherwise I believe Nashville is in good shape and should have another run at the playoffs again next season.
Sunday, June 9, 2013
Posted on June 9, 2013 at 06:50 PM.
As I enter my 3rd season with Nashville the roster has really begun to take shape and look dangerous. The addition of Nyquist to the top line should make for a much better offensive unit along with the continuing development of Forsberg and co. Josi and Weber are forming a very strong defensive pairing and with 2 good young goalies another Stanley Cup run won't be far away.

The board is expecting playoffs, I'm expecting at least a Conference Final.

Nashville Predators 2013-14 Schedule
Oct 4at Chicago (0-0-0)Lost, OT 3-2
Oct 6at St. Louis (0-0-0)Won, 3-0
Oct 7vs Dallas (0-1-0)Lost, 3-1
Oct 9vs Vancouver (1-0-0)Won, 4-1
Oct 11vs Detroit (1-1-1)Won, 4-1
Oct 13vs St. Louis (2-3-0)Won, 3-1
Oct 15vs Winnipeg (2-1-2)Won, 4-3
Oct 17vs NY Rangers (3-3-0)Lost, 6-3
Oct 19vs Tampa Bay (3-3-1)Won, 5-2
Oct 21at Calgary (3-5-0)Lost, 2-1
Oct 22at Dallas (4-3-1)Lost, 2-1
Oct 24at Los Angeles (4-5-0)Lost, 4-1
Oct 25vs Chicago (6-4-1)Lost, 1-0
Oct 27vs Chicago (7-4-1)Won, 6-3
Oct 30at New Jersey (5-7-1)Won, 3-2
Nov 1at Boston (4-5-4)Won, 4-0
Nov 3at Philadelphia (7-7-1)Lost, 2-1
Nov 5vs Colorado (5-6-2)Won, 3-2
Nov 7vs Phoenix (9-6-2)Won, 2-1
Nov 9vs San Jose (5-9-2)Won, 5-1
Nov 11at Detroit (8-7-1)Lost, 3-2
Nov 14at Dallas (9-7-2)Won, 3-0
Nov 16at Edmonton (10-7-1)Lost, OT 3-2
Nov 18at Minnesota (12-6-3)Won, 4-2
Nov 20vs Carolina (11-5-4)Won, 4-2
Nov 22vs Florida (13-10-0)Won, OT 3-2
Nov 24vs Pittsburgh (14-8-1)Won, 5-2
Nov 27at Phoenix (12-12-2)Won, 4-2
Nov 29at Vancouver (14-10-1)Won, 3-2
Dec 1at San Jose (9-13-3)Lost, OT 2-1
Dec 3at NY Rangers (15-12-0)Won, 2-1
Dec 5at Buffalo (19-5-7)Won, 4-1
Dec 7at Pittsburgh (17-10-1)Won, 4-2
Dec 10vs Anaheim (14-12-5)Won, 2-1
Dec 12vs Los Angeles (16-16-3)Won, 5-3
Dec 14vs Columbus (16-12-7)Won, 3-2
Dec 16vs Columbus (16-13-7)Won, 5-2
Dec 19vs Edmonton (18-15-1)Won, 3-1
Dec 21vs Minnesota (20-14-3)Won, OT 2-1
Dec 23vs Vancouver (19-17-1)Won, 4-1
Dec 28at St. Louis (18-22-2)Won, 4-1
Jan 2at San Jose (15-19-5)Won, 5-1
Jan 9vs Columbus (22-16-7)Won, 5-1
Jan 11vs Calgary (29-18-2)Won, 3-0
Jan 13vs Los Angeles (23-21-4)Won, 5-0
Jan 15at Chicago (23-19-7)Won, 2-1
Jan 17at Columbus (24-18-7)Lost, 5-1
Jan 20vs Edmonton (26-20-3)Lost, 3-1
Jan 22vs San Jose (19-21-6)Lost, 4-1
Jan 24vs St. Louis (23-27-2)Lost, 3-0
Jan 31at Anaheim (25-23-5)Won, 3-2
Feb 2at Los Angeles (24-27-4)Lost, OT 2-1
Feb 3at Minnesota (30-22-4)Lost, 3-2
Feb 5at Calgary (34-21-3)Lost, SO 3-2
Feb 8at St. Louis (26-28-2)Won, 6-2
Feb 9at Colorado (22-25-9)Won, SO 3-2
Feb 14vs Detroit (29-24-7)Won, 5-1
Feb 17at Anaheim (27-28-5)Won, 6-3
Feb 18at Vancouver (31-27-3)Lost, 2-0
Feb 19at Edmonton (32-25-4)Lost, 3-1
Feb 20at Colorado (25-27-10)Won, 3-1
Feb 21at Columbus (29-24-9)Lost, 4-0
Feb 23at Columbus (30-24-9)Lost, OT 2-1
Feb 27at Phoenix (30-27-5)Lost, 3-1
Mar 4at Chicago (28-28-8)Lost, 3-2
Mar 6at Detroit (33-26-8)Won, 2-1
Mar 8at Montreal (34-25-7)Won, 4-1
Mar 10at Ottawa (34-28-6)Won, 5-4
Mar 12at Toronto (37-26-8)Won, 2-1
Mar 14vs Detroit (35-28-8)Won, 4-2
Mar 16vs St. Louis (30-38-2)Won, 6-0
Mar 19vs Anaheim (33-32-6)Won, 4-0
Mar 21vs Dallas (31-36-7)Won, SO 1-0
Mar 23vs Minnesota (41-28-5)Won, 2-1
Mar 26at Detroit (38-30-8)Won, 4-1
Mar 28vs Calgary (44-28-6)Won, OT 3-2
Mar 30vs Colorado (30-36-11)Won, 2-1
Apr 1vs Phoenix (39-30-6)Won, 5-1
Apr 4vs New Jersey (28-42-8)Won, 1-0
Apr 6vs NY Islanders (41-32-6)Won, 5-2
Apr 8vs Washington (42-28-9)Won, 3-1
Apr 10vs Chicago (36-33-11)Lost, 3-2

NHL Standings - Updated: Apr 12, 2015
St. Louis3543474212246
San Jose40311191223218
Los Angeles3839581210227
St. Louis3543474212246

Nashville Predators Stats - 2014-15
G. Nyquist82354681+2914
G. Bourque82252449-112
F. Forsberg82252247+198
S. Weber82143347+23110
C. Wilson70153146+2364
M. Halischuk81153146+298
R. Josi6892736+1414
T. Toffoli75181735+614
C. Smith7382533+2327
D. Legwand77151328+1916
M. Fisher6381927+443
J. Blum6122224+236
A. Watson78101323-214
V. Bartley7431821+3412
M. Ekholm8211819+512
R. Panik698513+212
K. Klein8211112074
N. Spaling557512+16
K. Berglund35381104
K. Wellwood533710+34
F. Palazzese6532531.633829:11154393.264
T. Kozun203332.201118:4052592.120

Waivers/Free Agents/Trades
K. Wellwood (C 76) $0.815 3 years 2 way
T. Pyatt (C 76) $0.710 3 years 2 way
K. Berglund (D 77) $0.810 3 years 2 way
P. Cehlin claimed by PHI
J. Muzzin (D 76 2.5*) claimed from LA
T. Spelling to NJ for 2015 2nd & 4th round picks

S. Weber - 1st defensive pair
F. Palazzese - Backup goalie

A great season was had, winning the Presidents' Trophy for best overall record as the Predators dominated most of the season. Gaining Gustav Nyquist was huge for the side as he strengthened a previously weak first line and posted solid numbers. Franky Palazzese exceeded all expectations in net, absolutely dominating at times. The prospects continue to grow and play well too.
This season will have gone to waste however if we don't win the Stanley Cup, so hopefully the regular season form carries over to the playoffs and Nashville lifts Lord Stanley for the first time!

31-36-9 (173-224)
Conference: 14th
Division: 4th

Milwaukee Admirals Stats - 2014-15
C. Sissons74172845-1320
J. Shalla65172643-98
J. MacLellan67142438-425
H. Shinkaruk72132538-1418
R. Graham66161834031
T. Beck6192130-1618
W. Karlsson69121729-2614
J. Puustinen7662026-212
T. Aronson7651823-746
B. Ryan76111122-710
M. Gortz7651217-612
O. Maatta7612416-2239
M. van Guilder305914+219
J. Muzzin4111011-469
B. Winchester302911-541
B. Andrews735611-913
M. Salomaki702810-114
B. Orban46516-1034
S. Valentine38156-116
S. Rover55505-1229
J. Smith37161432.502067114492.483
B. Whitney41142253.142371117689.463
M. Hellberg41011.101648296.340
Posted on June 9, 2013 at 10:07 AM.
The main aim of this offseason is to continue to add prospects to the roster while trimming a bit of fat. Otherwise I'm happy with the direction the roster is heading. Rinne and Gaustad have been trade blocked.

*Draft day*
Gaustad to Calgary for picks 56 & 176
Rinne & pick 59 to Edmonton for pick 3 & G W. Hoflin (49 4*)

NHL Draft 2014
3Vancouver (WHL)Blake Orban (60 4*)D1.8891.7
29Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)Robbie Graham (70 3.5*)C1.8875.4
56Moose Jaw (WHL)Brandon Potomak (57 3.5*)LW1.8678.5
98Rimouski (QMJHL)Jan Kostalek (58 2.5*)D1.8883.1
117Rouyn-Noranda (QMJHL)Liam O'Brien (53 2*)LW1.8893.5
119Brampton (OHL)Patrick Machac (54 2.5*)C1.7879.9
128Prince Albert (WHL)Dakota Conroy (54 2.5*)RW1.8889.9
149P. E. I. (QMJHL)Louick Marcotte (56 2.5*)RW1.8681.3
176Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)Alex Gudbranson (55 2.5*)D1.8894.4
179Sudbury (OHL)Nathan Pancel (54 2.5*)LW1.8084.9
209Edmonton (WHL)Tristan Jarry (46 2.5*)G1.8881.3

D. Legwand $2.920 3 years
S. Kostitsyn $2.390 2 years
P. Hornqvist $2.955 3 years
J. MacLellan $0.575 3 years 2 way
J. Smith $0.795 3 years 2 way
T. Beck $0.660 3 years 2 way
V. Bartley $0.865 3 years 2 way
J. Jarvinen $0.810 3 years 2 way
M. Ekholm $0.780 2 years 2 way
R. Graham $0.790 3 years Entry
B. Ryan Tendered
R. Panik Tendered
M. Salomaki Tendered
M. Gortz Tendered
S. Valentine Tendered
T. Aronson Tendered
J. Puustinen Tendered
B. Whitney $0.525 3 years 2 way (UFA G 60 3.5*)
B. Orban $0.630 3 years Entry
B. Potomak $0.525 3 years Entry
J. Kostalek $0.525 3 years Entry
T. Jarry $0.525 3 years Entry

R. Clune
D. Bang

Hornqvist & 2014 1st round pick to Detroit for G. Nyquist (RW 84 4.5*)
Kostitsyn & Harrison to Tampa Bay for Shinkaruk (LW 62 4.5*)

Nashville Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWG. Nyquist 84F. Forsberg 82N. Spaling 80T. Toffoli 75
CC. Wilson 81C. Smith 81M. Fisher 81A. Watson 75
RWM. Halischuk 83D. Legwand 82G. Bourque 78R. Panik 77
D #1R. Josi 88V. Bartley 77M. Ekholm 76
D #2S. Weber 90J. Blum 84K. Klein 78
GT. Kozun 80F. Palazzese 79

Milwaukee Admirals Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWC. Sissons 64T. Beck 73J. Puustinen 73M. Gortz 62
CR. Graham 70W. Karlsson 67J. MacLellan 73B. Andrews 58
RWJ. Shalla 70H. Shinkaruk 62M. Salomaki 62B. Ryan 74
D #1J. Jarvinen 77S. Valentine 67O. Maatta 62
D #2J. Foss 67T. Aronson 65S. Rover 62
GJ. Smith 75M. Hellberg 65

CHL/Unsigned Prospects Depth Chart - 2014-15
LWB. Patomak 57N. Pancel* 54L. O'Brien* 53
CM. Klimchuk 57P. Machac* 54
RWT. Spelling* 62L. Marcotte* 56D. Conroy* 54
D #1N. Zadorov 58J. Kostalek 58A. Gudbranson* 55
GW. Hoflin 49T. Jarry* 46

Posted on June 9, 2013 at 06:47 AM.
Nashville Predators 2013-14 Schedule
Apr 14vs MinnesotaWon, 4-1
Apr 16vs MinnesotaWon, 1-0
Apr 18at MinnesotaLost, OT 3-2
Apr 20at MinnesotaLost, 3-1
Apr 22vs MinnesotaWon, 5-3
Apr 24at MinnesotaWon, 2-0
Apr 29vs Los AngelesWon, 5-1
May 1vs Los AngelesWon, 4-0
May 3at Los AngelesWon, 4-3
May 5at Los AngelesWon, 4-1
May 13vs VancouverWon, 5-1
May 15vs VancouverWon, 2-1
May 17at VancouverWon, 5-2
May 19vs VancouverWon, 4-3
May 21vs NY IslandersLost, 3-2
May 23vs NY IslandersLost, 3-2
May 25at NY IslandersLost, 4-1
May 27at NY IslandersWon, 5-2
May 29vs NY IslandersWon, 4-1
May 31at NY IslandersLost, 3-2

Heartbreak at the very end, but a very good showing from this young Predators outfit.

Nashville Predators Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWM. Halischuk 82 -> 83P. Hornqvist 80 -> 81F. Forsberg 80 -> 82B. Butler 75 *traded*
CC. Smith 80 -> 81C. Wilson 80 -> 81A. Watson 74 -> 75M. Fisher 80 -> 81
RWD. Legwand 82 -> 82S. Kostitsyn 80 -> 80N. Spaling 79 -> 80G. Bourque 77 -> 78
D #1R. Josi 82 -> 88V. Bartley 75 -> 77J. Jarvinen 73 -> 77
D #2S. Weber 90 -> 90J. Blum 82 -> 84K. Klein 76 -> 78
GP. Rinne 87 -> 87J. Smith 70 -> 75

Milwaukee Admirals Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWT. Toffoli 72 -> 75J. Shalla 67 -> 70M. Salomaki 62 -> 66C. Sissons 61 -> 64
CP. Gaustad 76 -> 77J. MacLellan 73 -> 73W. Karlsson 64 -> 67J. Rask 64 *traded*
RWJ. Puustinen 73 -> 73T. Beck 70 -> 73P. Cehlin 67 -> 69M. Gortz 58 -> 62
D #1M. Ekholm 72 -> 76S. Valentine 65 -> 67S. Rover 58 -> 62
D #2J. Foss 67 *AHL*T. Aronson 63 -> 65A. Bitetto 63 *traded*
GF. Palazzese 65 -> 79M. Hellberg 63 -> 65A. Nittymaki 72 *traded*

CHL/Other Prospects Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWB. Ryan 69 -> 74R. Clune 66 -> 67C. Gelinas 57 *traded*
CR. Harrison 59 -> 65M. Klimchuk 55 -> 57B. Andrews 55 -> 58J. Caron 49 *traded*
RWD. Bang 66 -> 66B. Brassart 58 *traded*T. Spelling 57 -> 62R. Panik 74 -> 77
D #1N. Zadorov 55 -> 58O. Maata 59 -> 62
GT. Kozun 70 -> 80

A succesful season both on the ice and in player progression with a lot of gains without anybody going backwards
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Posted on May 7, 2013 at 04:54 AM.
*I'm tracking the results in tables and will post them at end of the regular season.*

After last seasons success, the board has asked for playoffs this season. I feel I had a decent offseason and the development of some of the prospects has helped to strengthen the roster.
Offensively the side is a bit weak on the top lines but the 3rd and 4th offer some good depth. Defensively the roster is looking good and same with the Goalie options.

Nashville Predators 2013-14 Schedule
Oct 4at WinnipegLost, 5-1
Oct 6at FloridaWon, 4-1
Oct 8at New JerseyLost, SO 3-2
Oct 10vs AnaheimLost, 3-1
Oct 12vs Los AngelesWon, 2-0
Oct 14at Detroit (3-3-1)Won, 5-0
Oct 15at Chicago (4-1-0)Won, 5-1
Oct 17at St. Louis (3-2-0)Lost, SO 3-2
Oct 18vs Boston (3-3-1)Lost, 2-0
Oct 20vs Montreal (3-3-0)Lost, 4-1
Oct 22vs NY Islanders (4-3-1)Lost, 4-2
Oct 24at Calgary (8-1-0)Lost, 3-0
Oct 26at Dallas (5-5-1)Won, 4-1
Oct 28at Dallas (5-6-1)Won, 3-1
Oct 30vs Chicago (7-6-0)Lost, 3-1
Nov 2at Colorado (7-6-2)Won, OT 2-1
Nov 4at Edmonton (5-8-0)Won, 6-3
Nov 6at San Jose (8-7-1)Lost, 3-0
Nov 9at Detroit (9-7-1)Won, 3-0
Nov 13vs Buffalo (10-3-5)Lost, OT 2-1
Nov 15vs New Jersey (8-9-2)Won, 4-1
Nov 17vs Ottawa (10-9-2)Lost, 2-0
Nov 19vs Columbus (13-9-0)Lost, 5-4
Nov 21vs Detroit (10-10-3)Lost, 3-2
Nov 23vs Calgary (17-6-0)Lost, 3-2
Nov 25vs Los Angeles (12-12-3)Won, OT 2-1
Nov 28at Chicago (18-8-1)Lost, 3-2
Nov 30vs Colorado (10-12-5)Won, OT 4-3
Dec 2vs Phoenix (17-10-2)Won, 5-2
Dec 4vs Vancouver (17-7-1)Won, 4-0
Dec 6vs St. Louis (15-13-1)Won, 4-3
Dec 8vs St. Louis (15-14-1)Won, 4-0
Dec 10at Carolina (19-12-3)Won, 4-2
Dec 12at NY Rangers (14-11-6)Won, 6-1
Dec 14at Philadelphia (18-15-2)Won, 2-1
Dec 16at St. Louis (16-17-1)Won, 7-5
Dec 18at St. Louis (16-18-1)Won, 3-2
Dec 21at Anaheim (22-15-3)Won, 3-1
Dec 23at Vancouver (23-11-1)Won, 4-2
Dec 27at Edmonton (13-18-3)Won, 4-3
Dec 30vs Columbus (26-14-3)Won, 6-2
Jan 3vs Edmonton (17-19-3)Won, 2-1
Jan 5vs Phoenix (19-17-6)Lost, 2-1
Jan 7vs Vancouver (23-13-4)Won, 6-2
Jan 10vs St. Louis (20-21-3)Lost, OT 2-1
Jan 12at Anaheim (27-19-3)Lost, 3-0
Jan 14at Colorado (17-22-7)Lost, 2-1
Jan 17at Columbus (30-17-3)Lost, 3-2
Jan 21at Phoenix (22-21-7)Won, SO 5-4
Jan 23at San Jose (29-17-4)Won, 2-1
Jan 31at Pittsburgh (31-16-4)Lost, 4-3
Feb 2at Washington (28-15-7)Lost, OT 2-1
Feb 4at Tampa Bay (24-20-8)Won, 3-1
Feb 7at Calgary (41-11-2)Won, 3-1
Feb 9at Minnesota (28-17-8)Lost, OT 3-2
Feb 11at Vancouver (30-19-4)Lost, 4-3
Feb 14at Columbus (32-22-4)Won, 4-1
Feb 17vs Anaheim (34-23-4)Won, 6-1
Feb 19vs Calgary (44-13-2)Won, SO 4-3
Feb 21vs Dallas (22-29-9)Won, OT 2-1
Feb 23vs Chicago (31-25-4)Won, OT 3-2
Feb 25vs Detroit (25-28-8)Won, 6-3
Feb 27vs Colorado (27-26-8)Won, OT 5-4
Mar 1vs Minnesota (32-22-8)Won, SO 4-3
Mar 3vs San Jose (35-24-5)Lost, 5-2
Mar 5at Chicago (33-26-5)Won, 5-2
Mar 8at Los Angeles (37-23-7)Won, SO 3-2
Mar 10at Los Angeles (37-23-8)Won, 3-0
Mar 12at Minnesota (33-25-9)Won, 4-3
Mar 14vs Detroit (29-31-8)Won, SO 2-1
Mar 17at Phoenix (30-32-10)Lost, 4-3
Mar 21at Columbus (40-28-4)Won, OT 3-2
Mar 23at Detroit (30-32-10)Won, 4-2
Mar 25vs Dallas (29-33-12)Won, 9-3
Mar 27vs Edmonton (30-34-10)Lost, 4-1
Mar 29vs NY Rangers (37-26-14)Won, 3-0
Mar 31vs Pittsburgh (46-26-4)Won, SO 3-2
Apr 2vs Toronto (34-36-7)Lost, 3-1
Apr 5vs Minnesota (38-30-11)Lost, SO 4-3
Apr 7vs San Jose (45-29-6)Lost, SO 4-3
Apr 9vs Chicago (39-33-8)Won, 7-3
Apr 11vs Columbus (46-30-5)Won, 6-3

NHL Standings - Updated: Apr 12, 2014
St. Louis4233791228217
San Jose47296100245215
Los Angeles4528999203177
St. Louis4233791228217

Nashville Predators Stats - 2013-14
R. Josi82134154+1910
C. Wilson82163349+2218
S. Kostitsyn82231942+118
S. Weber6973340+1838
M. Halischuk82211940+218
D. Legwand77231740+212
F. Forsberg81162339+915
C. Smith82132538+214
P. Hornqvist69231538+134
M. Fisher72122638+2352
J. Blum7910223206
G. Bourque8221930+1214
V. Bartley8292029+1025
N. Spaling55141125+234
K. Klein8251823+2812
J. Jarvinen8231114+2222
P. Gaustad335813-223
A. Watson522911+34
T. Beck375510+310
J. Shalla25279+24
J. Smith66321062.163769:14160391.524
P. Rinne2511822.061222:0642290.052

A very good season for the Preds, finishing a lot better than expected. The stats of some of the players is very encouraging too with youngsters like Bourque, Forsberg and Josi featuring regularly in the scoring columns.

J Caron & B. Brassart to Pittsburgh for O. Maatta (TWD 59 4*)
30-Nov, B. Butler & 3rd round pick to Tampa Bay for R. Panik (RW SNP 74 4*)
TDD, A. Nittymaki to Washington for 4th round pick
J. Rask and C. Gelinas to Boston for 2015 1st round pick
A. Bitetto to Phoenix for 4th & 5th round picks

Hornqvist - 4th RW
J. Smith - Backup Goalie


26-45-5 (176-257)
Conference: 15th
Division: 5th

Milwaukee Admirals Stats - 2013-14
R. Panik72263258-3020
J. MacLellan76242751-3259
W. Karlsson76123042-2020
T. Toffoli54112536-2312
M. Elkholm7692635-2965
P. Cehlin76102333-3114
M. Salomaki7651924-2214
C. Sissons76101121-2214
J. Foss769413-2291
T. Aronson533912-4135
B. Winchester402911-2254
M. Gortz707411-44
R. Clune143710010
H. Samuelsson11189-510
S. Valentine74257-2863
B. Andrews43246-126
B. Ryan49325-1116
S. Semenov22235-239
M. van Guilder30134-40
S. Rover70224-3246
F. Palazzese73244253.204298:06218489.512
M. Hellberg31102.4099:494490.910

A tough year for the Admirals, but it's to be expected as I plan to use them to get game time into prospects.
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Posted on May 4, 2013 at 04:00 AM.
NHL Draft Recap
21Regina (WHL)Morgan Klimchuk (55 4*)C1.8683.5
24Rogle BK (Elitserien)Thomas Spelling (57 3.5*)RW1.8881.3
37HV 71 (Elitserien)William Karlsson (64 3.5*)C1.8379.9
54Calgary (WHL)Brady Brassart (58 3*)RW1.8683.1
68Everett (WHL)Ryan Harrison (59 3.5*)C1.8089.0
81London (OHL)Nikita Zadorov (55 3.5*)D1.96104.0
111Kamloops (WHL)Taran Kozun (70 3.5*)G1.8061.7
118Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)Jean-Philippe Caron (49 3.5*)C1.7579.4
141Sudbury (OHL)Franky Palazzese (65 3.5*)G1.8873.1
171Niagara (OHL)Shayne Rover (58 2.5*)D1.91102.6
201Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)Carl Gelinas (57 2.5*)LW1.8384.4

B. Andrews $0.525/3 years (entry)
R. Clune (tendered)
J. Puustinen (tendered)
J. Smith (tendered)
B. Ryan (tendered)
J. MacLellan (tendered)
V. Bartley (tendered)
R. Josi $2.700/3 years
P. Hornqvist $2.805/4 years
J. Blum $3.360/3 years
M. Halischuk $4.345/3 years
N. Spaling $2.990/4 years
B. Butler (tendered)
D. Bang (tendered)
M. Salomaki (tendered)
M. Gortz (tendered)
T. Kozun $0.790/3 years (entry)
F. Palazzese $0.655/3 years (entry)
M. Klimchuk $0.525/3 years (entry)
N. Zadorov $0.525/3 years (entry)
S. Rover $0.525/3 years (entry)
W. Karlsson $0.630/3years (entry)

C. Mason
J. Piskula
M. Moore
S. Ford
K. Henderson
C. Mueller
S. Karlsson

R. Ellis to Los Angeles for Tyler Toffoli (RW SNP 72 4*)

Nashville Predators Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWM. Halischuk 82P. Hornqvist 80F. Forsberg 80B. Butler 75
CC. Smith 80C. Wilson 80A. Watson 74M. Fisher 80
RWD. Legwand 82S. Kostitsyn 80N. Spaling 79G. Bourque 77
D #1R. Josi 82V. Bartley 75J. Jarvinen 73
D #2S. Weber 90J. Blum 82K. Klein 76
GP. Rinne 87J. Smith 70

Milwaukee Admirals Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWT. Toffoli 72J. Shalla 67M. Salomaki 62C. Sissons 61
CP. Gaustad 76J. MacLellan 73W. Karlsson 64J. Rask 64
RWJ. Puustinen 73T. Beck 70P. Cehlin 67M. Gortz 58
D #1M. Ekholm 72S. Valentine 65S. Rover 58
D #2J. Foss 67T. Aronson 63A. Bitetto 63
GF. Palazzese 65M. Hellberg 63A. Nittymaki 72

CHL/Other Prospects Depth Chart - 2013-14
LWB. Ryan 69R. Clune 66C. Gelinas 57
CR. Harrison 59M. Klimchuk 55B. Andrews 55J. Caron 49
RWD. Bang 66B. Brassart 58T. Spelling 57
D #1N. Zadorov 55
GT. Kozun 70
Friday, May 3, 2013
Posted on May 3, 2013 at 11:45 PM.
47 wins in the regular season got me 4th in the West. After a strong season I'd like to finish with a strong run at the cup. Conference finals would be nice but I'm not expecting too much just yet.

In the playoffs I will be simming the first 2 periods and playing the 3rd to try and keep it interesting for myself.

Nashville Predators 2014 Schedule
Apr 16vs St. LouisWon, 3-2
Apr 18vs St. LouisLost, 5-4
Apr 20at St. LouisLost, 4-0
Apr 22at St. LouisWon, 5-4
Apr 24vs St. LouisLost, 2-0
Apr 26at St. LouisLost, 4-0

Disappointing to go out of the playoffs so easily, but it was a strong season as a whole and can only get better I'm sure. Minnesota won the Stanley Cup.
Milwaukee progressed to the Conference Semi finals before losing in 7 games.

Nashville Predators - Player Progression Depth Chart - 2012-12
LWP. Hornqvist 82->80M. Halischuk 77->82B. Butler 75->75T. Beck 68->70
CC. Wilson 80->80C. Smith 79->80M. Fisher 82->80P. Gaustad 77->76
RWD. Legwand 83->82S. Kostitsyn 81->80N. Spaling 78->79R. Clune 67->66
D #1R. Josi 77->82H. Gill 80->retiredV. Bartley 68->75
D #2S. Weber 90->90J. Blum 81->82K. Klein 78->76
GP. Rinne 89->87J. Smith 67->70

Milwaukee Admirals - Player Progression Depth Chart - 2012-13
LWG. Bourque 76->77J. Shalla 64->67M. Gortz 54->58K. Henderson 65->65
CA. Watson 72->74C. Mueller 73->73J. MacLellan 61->73J. Rask 61->64
RWF. Forsberg 73->80D. Bang 66->66M. Salomaki 59->62J. Puustinen 73->73
D #1M. Ekholm 69->72J. Jarvinen 69->73A. Bitetto 62->63S. Ford 69->69
D #2R. Ellis 72->74S. Valentine 63->65T. Aronson 61->63J. Piskula 70->70
GA. Nittymaki 72->72M. Hellberg 60->63C. Mason 72->72

CHL/Other Progression
C. Sissons 58->61
S. Karlsson 51->53
B. Andrews 52->55
D. Bang 66->66
P. Cehlin 64->67
B. Ryan 61->69
M. Moore 69->69
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Posted on April 25, 2013 at 05:57 AM.
35 wins are expected from the owners, I'd like to aim for about 45 and playoffs.

@Detroit W 3-0
vs St Louis L 2-1
vs Colorado W 2-3
vs Vancouver SO L 3-2
vs Pittsburgh W 1-3
@ Anaheim W 3-1
@ Los Angeles OT L 3-4
@ Phoenix L 1-2
@ Colorado W 3-1
@ San Jose OT L 3-4
@ Chicago L 2-3
@Winnipeg W 2-0
vs Calgary W 0-2
vs St Louis W 1-2
vs Los Angeles W 2-4
vs NY Islanders OT W 3-4
@St Louis L 0-3
@Montreal W 2-1
vs Dallas W 0-1
@ Columbus L 1-4
vs Columbus OT W 2-3
vs Edmonton L 2-0
vs NY Rangers L 1-0
vs Minnestoa W 0-2
@ Edmonton L 1-3
@ Vancouver SO W 2-1
@ Calgary SO L 1-2
vs Calgary L 2-0
@ Toronto L 0-3
vs Detroit W 1-2
vs Tampa Bay W 0-3
@ Carolina L 0-1
@ Tampa Bay W 2-1
@ Florida W 2-1
@ Chicago W 3-0
vs Philadelphia W 0-3
vs Washington L 1-0
@ Dallas W 3-2
@ Phoenix SO W 3-2
@ Detroit W 3-2
@ Minnesota L 2-5
vs Chicago W 3-1
@ St Louis OT L 1-2
vs Columbus W 0-4
vs Dallas W 1-2
@ Columbus W 2-1
vs Chicago OT W 2-3
vs Los Angeles L 2-0
@ Anaheim L 1-2
@ Los Angeles W 3-0
@ San Jose L 0-2
vs Anaheim W 1-3
@ Washington W 3-0
vs Florida W 0-2
vs Phoenix L 2-1
vs Anaheim W 1-4
vs Boston W 0-1
@ Minnesota SO W 1-0
vs Vancouver L 1-0
@ New Jersey OT L 1-2
vs Edmonton SO L 2-1
vs St Louis W 0-4
@ Buffalo W 3-1
vs Ottawa W 1-3
vs Minnesota L 2-1
@ Columbus OT L 1-2
@ Vancouver W 4-0 *changed skill level to Superstar*
@ Calgary W 2-1
@ Edmonton W 3-0
vs Phoenix W 1-3
vs San Jose W 2-5
vs Columbus L 3-2
@ Detroit L 1-2
vs Detroit L 5-1
@ Colorado L 1-2
vs Colorado W 0-4
@ St Louis W 4-2
@ Chicago L 2-5
vs Chicago SO W 2-3
vs San Jose L 1-0
vs Detroit W 1-3
@ Dallas W 4-1

NHL Standings - Updated: Apr 14, 2013
St. Louis49285103223191
San Jose41311092218215
St. Louis49285103223191
Los Angeles36351183198219

Nashville Predators Stats - 2013
D. Legwand82211536+104202647.95
C. Wilson82112435+621610910.09
S. Kostitsyn82211233-44418911.11
S. Weber8262430+17224866.98
C. Smith82101929+9349410.64
M. Fisher8271724+7310977.22
P. Hornqvist82101222+8241646.10
H. Gill8271421+13464714.89
M. Halischuk8213619+121011311.50
N. Spaling8215419+95410614.15
J. Blum8261319+924688.82
P. Gaustad8251217+7218519.80
B. Butler8210515+112128212.20
V. Bartley826814+1245311.32
R. Clune82819+520968.33
T. Beck82538+1032647.81
K. Klein82022+104310.00
P. Rinne74422541.434420112191.4415
J. Smith127011.1955313992.673

Mazanec & Vainonen to Carolina for CAR 2013 1st & 2nd round picks
Leipsic to Washington for COL 2013 2nd round pick
Yip to NY Rangers for FLA 2013 3rd round pick *Deadline*


Rinne - Starting Goalie
Legwand - 3rd line Forward

40-28-8 (198-173)
Conference: 5th
Division: 2nd

Milwaukee Admirals Stats - 2013
G. Bourque76256489+830
A. Watson76354984-255
F. Forsberg76244367+824
R. Ellis76164157+106
C. Mueller76193352+147
J. Shalla76153247-539
M. Salomaki76142539-916
T. Aronson76121325+536
M. Ekholm7681624+142
D. Bang7610919-546
A. Bitetto767613+628
M. Gortz76189-1218
J. Jarvinen76527-15113
J. McLellan76325-419
S. Valentine76134-1926
A. Nittymaki76402722.144541202892.607
M. Hellberg10105.29451881.820
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Posted on April 23, 2013 at 05:12 AM.
I'll be using the deadline day rosters with a few changes. Josi's potential has been raised to 4 stars because I really like him as a player. To even that out Ryan Ellis has been brought back to 3.5 stars. I've also created Filip Forsberg using stats from I'll be playing all the games without injuries and GM firing is off.

Just like in reality, I will look to get some offensive prospects into the side and develop them into a top side. Starting lines will be:
Nashville Predators Depth Chart - 2013
LWHornqvist 82Halischuk 77Butler 75Beck 68
CWilson 80C. Smith 79Fisher 82Gaustad 77
RWLegwand 83Kostitsyn 81Spaling 78Clune 67
D #1Josi 77Gill 80Bartley 68
D #2Weber 90Blum 81Klein 78
GRinne 89J. Smith 67

Milwaukee Admirals Depth Chart - 2013
LWBourque 76Shalla 64Gortz 54
CWatson 72Mueller 73MacLellan 61
RWForsberg 73Bang 66Salomaki 59
D #1Ekholm 69Jarvinen 69Bitetto 62
D #2Ellis 72Valentine 63Aronson 61
GNittymaki 72Hellberg 60

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