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Madden 16 / AM Set 
Posted on October 18, 2021 at 01:54 PM.
Madden 16 / AM Set CFM

* All sliders are to be adjusted in CFM only; I don't touch anything in the MM.


QB Accuracy: 50
Pass Blocking: 50
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 50
Fumbles: 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50
Interceptions: 50
Pass Coverage: 50
Tackling: 45


QB Accuracy: 40
Pass Blocking: 40
WR Catching: 40
Run Blocking: 40
Fumbles: 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 40
Interceptions: 40
Pass Coverage: 40
Tackling: 45

FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 50
Punt Accuracy: 75
Kickoff Power: 50

Injuries: 75
Fatigue: 75
Player Speed Parity Scale: 50

Offside: 56
False Start: 56
Offensive Holding: 56
Defensive Holding: 55
Face Mask: 54
Defensive Pass Interference: 60
Illegal Block In The Back: 51
Roughing Passer: 51
OPI: Off
All Others: On

Auto Subs: Default

XP @ 100 for all

Game Options

Game Speed: Slow (Normal also works fine)
Auto Strafe: On
Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defense Switch Assist: On
Ballhawk: On
Coin Toss: Receive / With Wind
Quarter Length: 10 minutes or 15 minutes
Play Clock: On
Accelerated Clock: Off (On if 15 min qtrs are used)
Rundown: leave at 20 seconds if Off / 14 seconds if 15 min qtrs are used)
Play Call Style: Enhanced
Camera Toggle: Off
Coaching Tips: Off
Special Moves: Manual
Progression: Weekly
Injuries: On
Pre-existing Injuries: Off

What does Madden 16 give you? Real sim football. We don't get that with the newer Madden titles. Organic blocking (up front and down the field), and realistic defensive pursuit are both present; multiple defenders will flock to the ball carrier and attempt to make the tackle. Watch a play on Madden 22. As soon as one defender engages in a tackle, the other defenders in the immediate area simply... stop. Ratings seem to matter again - at least much more so than they do in the newer titles. We also get a walk-up to the LOS. And refs. Imagine playing a game of MLB The Show without umpires. Even kicking is more challenging. It feels like football again.

What does this set give you? Realistic in-game fatigue, which leads to rotations, penalties, etc. The set itself balances out the under the hood values between the Human User and the CPU, within the All-Madden difficulty level.

Full Disclosure: This is not an easy set. You must capitalize on CPU mistakes, and you must execute from kickoff through the final whistle. You must find ways to stop the CPU on 3rd down. If you leave anything on the table, you may very well find yourself in the "L" column after the game.

And there it is. Now vintage Madden, at its finest.

Buckle in those chin-straps and ENJOY!

Courtesy: Penalty sliders, INJ, FAT, and threshold all thanks to KingV2K3.
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