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The All-Madden Project... M19 Edition 
Posted on December 31, 2018 at 05:23 PM.
M19 / AM Set for offline CFM / Post-May Patch 1.24 / Tuner (Play Call Data Update file) is optional

Roster: Stock 75-man preseason OOTB roster (recommended)
Starting Point: Choice, though this set has been optimized for S2 and beyond gameplay
Draft Classes: Auto-generated (recommended) / custom classes are fine also, depending on ratings

*denotes settings that are not default

Difficulty: All-Madden
Game Mode: Simulation
(MM / CFM)

QB Accuracy: 60*
Pass Blocking: 70*
WR Catching: 60*
Run Blocking: 50
Fumbles: 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50
Interceptions: 50
Pass Coverage: 50
Tackling: 50

QB Accuracy: 7*
Pass Blocking: 30*
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 50
Fumbles: 40*
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50
Interceptions: 50
Pass Coverage: 50
Tackling: 50

ALL Special Teams 50 / 50

Offside: 50 / 50
False Start: 50 / 50
Offensive Holding: 50 / 50
Defensive Holding: 50 / 50
Face Mask: 30 / 30*
Illegal Block In The Back: 50 / 50
Roughing Passer: 50 / 50
Defensive Pass Interference: 70 / 70*
All Others: On

Injuries: 10 / 20*
Fatigue: 50 / 50
Player Speed Parity Scale: 65 / 65

Auto subs all @ 60 / 80 in MM and CFM

XP all @ default 100% or TDawg's (listed below)

Game Options
Flip: Off
Auto Strafe: Off
Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defense Switch Assist: Off
Ball Hawk: Off
Coin Toss: Receive / With Wind
Quarter Length: 10 minutes
Play Call Style: Slim
Camera Toggle: Off
Coaching Tips: Off
Game Speed: Normal / Normal
Play Clock: On
Accelerated Clock: Off
Special Moves: Manual
Progression: Weekly
Pre-existing Injuries: On

Custom play books are OPTIONAL for this setup.

Gameplay Suggestions (optional):

(1) Set Pass Rush coach adjustment (in-game) to aggressive as needed. I typically do this when the CPU moves into the red zone / during the final 4:00 minutes of a half / if trailing in the 4th quarter.

Other Stuff:

CFM roster transactions if you utilize the stock 75-man roster (optional): 10 big trades (post-shipment of the game... Khalil Mack, Teddy Bridgewater, Amari Cooper, Dem Thomas, Golden Tate, Dante Fowler, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Damon Harrison, Eli Apple, Josh Gordon); rating edit bumps to Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill... rating edits for others as you see fit.

**Important note: After your game, but prior to advancing to the next week, reset the sliders in CFM so they are all @ 50. After you have advanced to the next week, import the sliders prior to playing your game. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Side note: I import the sliders for the first time when I have advanced to week 1 of the regular season.

Thatís it... game on!

Thank you!
* Shout out to DaReal Milticket
* Courtesy: Trojan Man / KingV2k3 / awffltony77 / JoshC1977 / TDawg3782
* Last, but not least, special thanks to the valuable contributors to the OS community. I'm not going to list everyone, but there are a ton of great people on OS, with one common goal - to make Madden better than what EA gives us.

TDawg's XP Sliders
QB: 73%
HB: 130%
TE: 160%
WR: 70%
FB: 100%
T: 220%
G: 220%
C: 190%
DE: 90%
DT: 75%
MLB: 90%
OLB: 70%
CB: 85%
FS: 80%
SS: 75%
K: 175%
P: 180%
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