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How many of you find yourself going back to first gen games &consoles 
Posted on September 18, 2011 at 11:53 PM.
Today I took a step back into the past and picked up the Original XBoX for $30. That's right $30!!! Talk about Xmas in September!!! Now as I was making the drive home the following thought crossed my mind ...with the way that some current sports title have been released with what appears to be no quality control protocols to identify buggy gameplay pre-launch. How many folks go back to the old games on the first gen consoles. I have the Ps3 that's backward compatible and I just got the boX again and let me tell you, I'm excited to play some old titles. What about you?? Sound off. P.S gonna look for Oddworld where the character's bounty hunter who shot critters at you using a crossbow if I remember correctly. Why this was never made BC for the360 I will never know. A great game.
# 1 RUFFNREADY @ Sep 19
I hooked up my PS2, but didn't due anything to it. I did this after i played a game of Madden12, that P.Oed me soo much. That i wanted to play something else to calm my nerves, knowing that i paid for Madden12. I am creating a video to post on the garbage that i thought was fixed in Madden12, but still very present in the game!
btw, my game of choice for PS2 was going tobe MVP baseball 2007
# 2 Love The Lancer @ Sep 19
Cool we don't care about your opinions, if u wanna cry about madden go to a Madden wishlist thread and instead of whine throw down ideas for future products. And If u want oddworld it's on psn. A couple of them. And never downgraded sports game wise but ps2 madden was Pretty fun. But it hasn't really been upgraded since bout 07 so it's like playing 07 with upgraded rosters In newer ones.
# 3 Raven Nation42 @ Sep 19
LTL, thanks for the Info on OddWorld Stranger's Wrath on the PSN. That's on my To Do List for today.
# 4 hoop xyience @ Sep 19
I only like going backwards to my ps2 for NCAA, Madden, Def jam FFNY, and DBZ games...every thing else is good for me on the current Gen consoles
# 5 MetalCavs @ Sep 19
For sure , for NCAA and Madden , the last year of video football competition is still unparalled gameplay wise, just repurchased NFL2k5 for 95 cents too
# 6 stlstudios189 @ Sep 19
I still play some old school dynasty games now and then on the good old xbox. I play less than I have in the past as Madden 12 and MLB 2k11 really have me hooked this year. Some xbox games that still play real good are NFL 2k4,2k5 and NHL 2k7 MVP baseball 05, 06 and I still throw in NBA 2k5 once in a while
# 7 Mos1ted @ Sep 20
I was in a pawn shop recently, and I swear I must have stood there for 30 minutes debating on whether to buy an OG Xbox or not. I, too, thought about all the good games from that generation that I loved to play. I still have NFL 2K5 and Sniper Elite for the Xbox laying around the house somewhere, but I have no system to play them on. I may get one eventually just to play some football because I'm really not in love with any of the football games this console generation, and yes, that includes All Pro Football, although I still play that game occasionally to this day.
# 8 LucianoJJ @ Sep 20
I go back every few months and hook up the old Xbox. NCAA Football 08 was excellent. I generally grab Arena Football or NCAA MVP Baseball, but the experience is pretty brief. I'm used to the better graphics of the PS3. Although better looking, it's a shame that we have so many buggy games in next gen.
# 9 charter04 @ Sep 21
First of all ps2 and Xbox are not first gen. They are last Gen. I do play old sports games a lot. Tecmo super for NES is one I play a lot still. Genesis, SNES, and PS2 still get some of my time. My 360 gets the most time though. Madden 12 and NCAA 12 have been great fun for me.
# 10 charter04 @ Sep 21
Tecmo Super Bowl. I meant.
# 11 bigdoc85 @ Sep 21
Still play NCAA MVP Baseball 07 (still my favorite baseball game) on PS2 (they didn't make it for XBox) and Madden 09 (with historic teams which I have edited with correct names / numbers) on PS2. I have the 60gb B/W Compatible PS3 but it still seems like the PS2 games look better on the PS2 console (which I have hooked up using component cables rather than the standard A/V cables.
# 12 tril @ Sep 21
PS2-Just for NFL2k5.
Football is the only game that hasnt lived up to its potential on the current gens.
shooters, and every other sports title (except football) have made enough progress in graphics and AI logic, that there isnt really much of a need to go back.
This is not bash on Madden, cause I find EA's football titles enjoyable and playable, but 2k5 is my football game of choice.
# 13 KOV @ Sep 21
Madden/NCAA 11 are the only ps2 games I still play. Everything else I play on current gen. Can't get with the maddens and ncaas this gen. I've bought a few, but besides the graphics , they don't compare.
# 14 Eski33 @ Sep 21
Going back to the first generation of consoles would mean breaking out the Atari and Intellivisions. I would hardly consider the original XBox or PS2 first generation and really the games dont look that antiquated.

In regards to sports games I would never go back. I picked up a copy of 2K5 a few months ago because it was one of my favorite football games. After playing it, it has lost some luster. Still way too easy to cheese the AI. As much as people bitch about NCAA and Madden, these games are miles better than 2K5. Dont get me wrong, I am hoping for 2K's return more for options than anything. But most if not all older sports titles just dont stand the test of time unless it is NBA Jam, Double Dribble or some other arcade-type game.
# 15 Eski33 @ Sep 21
Let me add though that there are many non-sports games that I may go back and play. The Splinter Cell Trilogy is one of the best ever released and will be coming to PSN and 360. Those games had me hooked. I also am looking forward to the Halo reboot.

I often times wish I still had a Dreamcast. The original 2K football games were awesome at the time. Another system I wish I could find is a Commodore 64. It had the best text-based sports sims.

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