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Puzzled Gamer.. 
Posted on September 29, 2009 at 04:20 PM.
Ok I need some help deciding on these two games...And I dont want any biased opinions. After playing both demos, and seeing videos about the game, I can't decide which game I want.

Here is what I want in a basketball game. I want to be able to play the game over and over again. Yet, I want a fantastic dynasty. One where I can take over all 30 teams, and edit draft classes, and play any game I want.

So theres Live.....IMO fantastic gameplay. Gameplay that I could play for a long time. Ive never been more impressed with a game gameplay wise since the last gen days. I mean the DNA, new dribbling system, new passing system, and new rebounding. Yet their dynasty mode is plain awful. I can only be one team, and it isnt deep at all. Yes there is dynamic season, but I want rookies and progression.

Then theres 2k....IMO not so great gameplay. The defensive aspect of the game IMO is just terrible. My CPU teammates get beat off backdoors all game long. Isomotion is extremely complicated compared to Lives controls, and all the CPU seems to do is take jumpers instead of driving on you. Yet there is there association. It is a beast! I can take over all 30 teams, edit draft classes, progress the players myself, and theres dynamic commentary!

So from a puzzled gamer, I need help! Who should I go with? The fantastic gameplay with a crappy dynasty mode, or the mediocre gameplay with an amazing dynasty mode? Live or 2k?
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Sep 29
I still think that 2k10 is the best choice this year. Live you only can control 1 team and the season has to be 84 games. That might not be a big deal for some but, I prefer to have the option of a 54 game season etc..
# 2 Mayo32 @ Sep 29
switched to 2k in 07 never going back i have played the live demo tho and i can say it made strides but im a franchise guy so 2k for me
# 3 SaintsNATION32 @ Sep 29
2k10 simply cause...the realism of the NBA is in their game & the entertaining factor is off the chain! just about everything Live is missing 2k have...the only thing Live have ova 2k is the cool knew controlls...other than that Live have lots of work to do....! The thing about 2k games they always seem to push the bar & wow you wit there creativeness....the broadcasting alone makes Live seem outdated & stale...2k for me.
# 4 dat boi Q @ Sep 29
if u want lasting play go with 2k
their are people still playing 2k9 right now me being one
see it u can find anyone playing live 09
# 5 D Apocalypse @ Sep 29
I've played every single 2K game since the dreamcast. After playing both demos of 2K10 and Live 10, I am now convinced that Live 10's gameplay this year is better than 2K imo. Funny how 2K10 seems more arcadish now compared to Live 10 that plays more sim. Complete reversal from both EA and 2K. Mike Wang has made a difference already in 1 year with EA.
# 6 iltd @ Sep 30
dat boi Q @ Sep 30 (8 Hours Ago) if u want lasting play go with 2k
their are people still playing 2k9 right now me being one
see it u can find anyone playing live 09
Thats not right, we can safely generalized that 2k9 was better than live09, of course people will play 2k9 more and would still be playing 2k9.

IMO, both games are solid, wait for the reviews. People tend to stick with what they are familiar with. When gamers shift from live -> 2k10 or 2k10 -> live, or when 2k09 players still stick with 2k10, that should help you decide. Of course there will always be fanatics, but still, there will also be unbiased gamers who will vouch for games that they feel is better. In the end, monitor the flow, and reviews.
# 7 Redskinsfan26 @ Sep 30
After playing both versions of the games for years and having played both of the demos..... I would definitly go with 2k. I disagree with you that lives gameplay is better than 2ks. Lives controlls and movements feel stiff and fake. 2k it actually feels like you are watching a real basketball game, and I feel it has a much longer play value. So, I would go with 2k.
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