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Three Keys for NCAA Football 14 in 2013 Stuck
Posted on January 8, 2013 at 11:57 AM.

Let's just get this out of the way right now, before we start talking NCAA Football 14 -- last year's edition of the game was a downer in so many ways. There were none of the improvements in NCAA that Madden received, in fact there weren't many improvements at all -- making NCAA 13 feel like NCAA 12.5.

Coming up this year, there are a lot of things that NCAA Football 14 simply needs to do in order to recapture the magic of a series that was once, just a few short years ago, the most innovative and risk taking series in our genre. Here are three things for 2013 for the NCAA Football series:

1. Refined Infinity Engine - NCAA Football 14 not only needs the infinity engine, but it needs the version that will be refined in Madden NFL 14 from last year's quirky version. I feel pretty good that this year's edition of the engine will delve deeper into line play and change the entirety of how that portion of the game works. Thus, NCAA needs the improved line play and the new tackling system -- both of which will make the game feel 2x fresher than this year's version ever began to approach.

2. Revamped Dynasty Mode - Dynasty mode is stale. The menus haven't changed much, you aren't really feeling like a coach anymore, and there's just so much more about running a program and the passion that goes into that than what we are given. NCAA Football 14 needs a better representation of running your own program. Personally, I'd rather connected careers stay a long way away from NCAA if it means we're going to take a step back in features. We don't need that, we need a mode that actually brings a focus and style this year that doesn't feel entirely plastic and generic.

3. An Actual Presentation - From commentary to the camera angles, NCAA Football's presentation is the worst amongst the major sports games by a long shot. It neither feels like a TV broadcast or an in-stadium experience but rather a hybrid which accomplishes neither well. The crowds need to be more alive, the camera angles need to be more real and we need to get a whole slew of new lines or even completely new guys in the booth. Nothing short of a complete overhaul can be considered acceptable at this point.

So what about you? What are your three keys for NCAA Football 14 this year? Do you see any other glaring issues you'd put above the three I mentioned? Sound off with a comment!

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# 1 MAGboyswifT27 @ Jan 8
There were some good things in NCAA 13.. Key word is "some"... The first things that I'd like to see is the EA Sports staff stop lying to us as customers. Don't promise us that you'll update uniforms every week and then only end up with Adidas and Under Armour uniforms.. That's only an example of one of the many lies that EA Sports staff give to us EVERY YEAR! The second thing I'd like to see is better access or more access to customization with uniforms, cleats, accessories, helmets, etc. I know with all the court stuff going on about EA and their sports game that it might be tough but it's worth a try at least for us as fans of college football and the only college football product available to us as gamers. The third thing I'd like to see is what was mentioned in this thread. Fix the presentation, commentary, etc and don't make it into a NCAA 12.5 or NCAA 13.5...
For us that have been playing these games for years remember when NCAA used to be innovative and fun!? We couldn't wait to play and buy the product every year. I hope EA will get it together and give us something that'll bring us back to the NCAA line but knowing EA's NCAA staff they'll lie to us again and give us another mediocre product.
# 2 Dazraz @ Jan 8
Although NCAA 13 didn't get the improvements that Madden received the flip side of this is it didn't lose a bunch of features either. I play both games & I have to say I'm enjoying NCAA more. I hope we see the improvements you've listed but not if it means losing the depth the game already has. We can all appreciate the advancements of Maddens on field game but beyond that the Career mode is awful in about every which way possible. It's full of bugs, lacks depth, looks bland & has some crazy logic in the stat screens (When looking at Team Stats why do I have to scroll to the top of each page to find out which team is leading the individual categories?).
# 3 BreaksoftheGame @ Jan 8
Playbook creativity. There is a lot of interesting things going on with the X's and O's with college football. I would love a full play/playbook editor. Especially for the defensive side of the ball.
# 4 statum71 @ Jan 8
Agree with all. But for me number 3 is huge!!

You hit the nail on the head. EVERY other sports game is so so so far ahead of NCAA in TV Broadcast presentation.

Even big brother Madden has the feel of a game on CBS. NCAA feels like just a video game with ESPN graphics. Its not alive at all.

Presentation, presentation, presentation!!!!
# 5 asu666 @ Jan 8
Great article. I totally agree with all three points.
# 6 josephid @ Jan 8
Simple things, save anytime in game, user camera zoom in or out option, let us set up the controller like we like. Simple playoff tree with no dynasty crap to do. Let us be able to play as both teams, offense only or D when playing the computer. An option to hide the scoreboard overlay.

The option play does not feel right. Put a lot of time into improving the pitch. As for camera, fine, but zoom in more at times when throwing down field or running and after the play.

When playing a rain, snow or wind game, exaggerate the conditions more. Make it even more difficult to pass or cut or fumble. Exaggerate the personality of the teams, all teams feel the same, make Texas Tech throw every down or Oregon faster tempo.

Remember it is a video game not a televised game we are watching. When I am playing enough with the presentation after every play. Just give me a game that makes me feel like I am on the field and not on the sidelines, stands or couch watching.
# 7 josephid @ Jan 8
One more thing, the problem with presentation is they always go to a cut scene after the play. No matter how good the clip is they don't realize that that are taking us off the field.

I am playing the game then the cut scene is the perspective of someone else. If I run the sideline into my bench zoom closer to me and have my teammates or coach jump up and down. When I score zoom closer then pan to the stands. A cut scene, no matter how great will never work.

Cut scenes before the game, after the quarter, fine. I even think they should makes us walk our player down the tunnel on the field. Even warm up passing or kicking before the game A video of a team running on the field, God I can watch that on TV and it could never feel like I am doing it. Again, the key is making us feel like it is us experiencing it as a player.
# 8 LucianoJJ @ Jan 8
Today, in the wake of the BCS National Championship I wondered, "how will NCAA Football 14 turn out? This must be crunch time for Tiburon!" Once again MMChrisS has his finger on the pulse of OS followers.

Better option game, better special teams play, better college environment (visual and audio). We won't see a total, necessary overhaul of the series until the NextGen consoles come along. Bringing the Infinity Engine to NCAA 14 should help.
# 9 BigBadTom @ Jan 8
How about a movement engine revamp?
# 10 khaliib @ Jan 8
The issue is that after all these wish list/suggestions, we really don't know what we somewhat are getting until the DEMO. All of the feedback leading up to this moment has turned out to be alot of hyper subjective analysis that 1-month post release reveals that there is a great disconnect between the pre-analysis and the game that gamers put into their console.

This game, in particular, needs to be analysed in-depth and have "questions posed and answered" around the release of the Demo or with those that get the game early. It is only then that we see what the game is really about. The main issue is that under the current format around this time, the ability to question aspects of the game in detail, is hindered.

We can't get around the NDA, and quite frankly all the pre-analysis before the Demo has turned out not to be what was in my console, so I stop leaning on it as a means of perking some type of excitement (just my $.02). Thus, the community only has the limited window between the Demo and actual release to see what the actual game really is.

Chris, the gaming community has been short changed with this game since making it's way to Next-Gen. The history says that it will have some of Madden's injections and some visual upgrades. I believe this to be even more exact as they prepare for the next console release.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that instead of "Impressions Only Threads" this year, can the community be given the ability analys the game with Q/A with those that get the game early and with Demo release. Unfortunately, these type of threads have not helped me and probably many others in determining what I'm really set to purchase.

Some in-depth analysis is what NCAA 14 needs instead of the usual Marketing analysis.
At least that's what I think.

I agree with alot that you said also.
# 11 TheTruth437 @ Jan 8
Great post. I absolutely agree with those three points. More than anything, My three major problems with the gameplay are Line play, the lack of authentic player movement, and the lack of a good rating system that allows major/considerable differences between players. I want to see a good rating system similar to NBA 2k13 in NCAA Football and Madden. You can really distinguish between excellent players, terrible players, and everything in between in NBA 2K13.

In Dynasty mode, I want to see an addition of coaching ratings or attributes for offense, defense, special teams. And I also want special coaching ratings or attributes like charismatic, tough as nails, hard worker, strategist, etc. I would also like to see coordinators get those same ratings or attributes. Finally, I want to be able to hire and fire my coordinators and have my successful coordinators take head coaching jobs.
# 12 inkcil @ Jan 8
There is no way NCAA presentation is worse than Madden's...anyway, I wonder if NCAA's graphics will be rough and jaggied again on the PS3 or if it will get back to the look of NCAA 11.
# 13 statum71 @ Jan 8
@ inkcil

You are definitely in the minority my man. I play NCAA and it feels like the presentation is 7 or 8 years old.

At least Madden feels like its trying to catch up to the pack.
# 14 RollTide17206 @ Jan 8
they wont make any changes since this is the last year of the 360 being their main console. just gonna make the same game as last year and start working on the next gen.
# 15 sub9er @ Jan 8
I'd like to see madden 13's uniform degradation in this year's game.

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