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Four Scariest Digital Athletes Stuck
Posted on October 31, 2013 at 10:33 AM.

Lebron James isn't happy with you.

There's a lot of things about Halloween that people celebrate. Ridiculous costumes, trick-or-treating, scary movies -- you name it and people tend to have some fun with this holiday.

I'm going to join in on the fun with the four 'scariest' digital athletes on video game consoles today. These are guys you simply don't want to have to play, especially if a human is on the other end.

  1. LeBron James - Who really wants to have to play the Heat and James in NBA 2K14? You spell unbeatable L-e-b-r-o-n in the game. James is a 99 overall, and is a full five points higher than Kevin Durant who is the second best player in the game. You name it and Lebron does it in the game and well. It's almost like playing, I can't say it.
  2. Robert Griffin III- Running QBs have always been a staple of Madden as being incredibly difficult to stop -- which isn't that far of a leap from real life. Griffin is fast, accurate, and if you aren't careful you'll be ran on for 100 and passed on for 300. RGIII isn't having the best season in the real NFL campaign, but he's still a handful to deal with in Madden NFL 25.
  3. Christian Ronaldo- Personally, I hate going up against Real Madrid because Ronaldo is an amazing striker. In FIFA, the game heavily favors guys who can shoot extremely accurately from any distance and arguably, Ronaldo is the best in the game at attacking the goal. When you get Ronaldo in space, or if he's in space against you -- his speed will absolutely destroy your defense.
  4. Yu Darvish- If you still happen to be playing The Show, raise your hand if you've ever had to face Yu Darvish. Raise your hand if you ever had to face Darvish in the hands of a capable user player. Now raise your hand if said capable user player made you feel absolutely terrible about your in-game skills by using Darvish's absolutely nasty pitch selection to make you look silly. This is probably a homer pick, but I find Darvish to be an absolutely nasty pitcher to have to deal with when facing him in The Show.
Who are the scariest digital athletes you've come up against in this year's sports games thus far?
# 1 cardinalbird5 @ Oct 31
I'd say Dickey, Weaver, Felix, Sale, Scherzer, or Strasburg was more of a chore to face than Darvish. Darvish's fastball is easy to hit.
# 2 DASKCREW1 @ Oct 31
yu darvish for sure
# 3 RaychelSnr @ Oct 31
I thought about Strasburg actually pretty heavily. Tons of good pitchers though, picking just one I'm sure everyone's going to have their opinion.
# 4 cardinalbird5 @ Oct 31
True. Darvish's curve is what makes him good on the game and he barely throws it in real life.
# 5 Gleebo @ Oct 31
Zach Greinke has always been my nemesis in the show....I do not play with guess pitch at all but if I am "looking" for curve still struggle.
# 7 Atax1s @ Oct 31
Have you tried to hit that knuckle ball from Dickey? Might as well put the controller down and hope he walks you.
# 8 ChaseB @ Oct 31
Gerald Green Chris, always remember Gerald Green.
# 9 TheHypeMachine6 @ Nov 1
NBA 2K13 version of Kobe Bryant he always lit me up no matter what defense or who the defender was, double teams, triple teams, he got his everytime vs me
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