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Madden NFL 16 at E3 - Message From Rex Dickson In Game Creative Director Stuck
Posted on June 13, 2015 at 12:15 PM.

OS Readers

On Monday June 15th, we will be unveiling additional Madden 16 information at the EA E3 press conference. The Madden 16 gameplay deep dive blogs will be posted online after the press conference. We had a very big year and we can't wait to show you the full scope of everything we went after.

From Tuesday through Thursday Madden 16 will be playable at the EA booth on the show floor. If any OS readers are lucky enough to be attending the show, please drop by the booth and ask for us. For the rest of you, the team will be monitoring the OS boards throughout the week so please let us know what you think.

The team worked extremely hard to make Madden 16 the greatest game in franchise history and I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished. Looking forward to hearing your reactions throughout the week.
Enjoy all the news announcements and we hope to see or hear from some of you at the show!

Rex Dickson
In Game Creative Director
Madden NFL 16
# 1 therizing02 @ Jun 13
Boom baby! Looking forward to hearing all about it.
# 2 jpdavis82 @ Jun 13
This is what I've been waiting for and to see the response of the OS community.
# 3 ShaiLeGran @ Jun 13
Say what you want about EA, but Rex (and most certainly Clint too) is very open about Madden since last years edition. Even though the images dont really scream 'new' to me, I am still very curious to see what they did with this years edition. Hopefully better gameplay, better modes, better cleats and better presentation are on the list too.
# 4 jpdavis82 @ Jun 13
I will echo the sentiments of Simfballcritic about Rex, people will start to see how serious he is about creating a simulation football game this year.
# 5 SolidSquid @ Jun 13
Any new equipment?
# 6 kjcheezhead @ Jun 13
I hope you allow recording at the booth. That's the only way to see that things like passing inaccuracies actually work as advertised.
# 7 blind10 @ Jun 13
No canned animations, no ghost animations, if anyone on defense in the secondary turns around and faces an oncoming pass intercept the #[email protected]$ ball. This is the NFL the best of the best. It is extremely rare that a cornerback misses a wide open in your face interception. It happens multiple times in every game of Madden. Unacceptable. I visit forums and it shocks me that these obvious discrepancies each year aren't discussed. Fix The Obvious Trash and the hate might go away. This is not rocket science.
# 8 yardz23 @ Jun 13
As long as he doesn't look right in the camera and tell 2K to "come at me" and make a football game.

As if the exclusive agreement doesn't exists. What a load of bull that was. Still steamed he said that last year.
# 9 slashpg88 @ Jun 13
Hey Rex,

Glad to see that you guys are monitoring the forums and looking for input. The game looks great but we're not here for looks anymore. We need gameplay enhancements, the game is lacking the fun factor that brings gamers back for more. Franchise mode has taken a hit with CC, I personally believe they should be separate game modes, similar to what 2K does with MYPlayer and Association. NFL MYPlayer needs to happen. Franchise mode also needs some realism, maybe include a scouting combine we can actually attend and watch the events or use real attributes like 40 time, come speed instead of clicking through options to find a players speed rating. Just some thoughts. Also, what are your thoughts of Joe Montana 16? Do you consider it a real competetion to Madden? It's funny that OS was once a place where gamers could discuss what we want in a video game but now we are restricted to discuss a game that could be real or not, but should it matter? Scares me to think that OS has gone soft or is picking favorites to promote over others. I guess we will see what happens, I think we all just want the best game available and I still say that hasn't happened yet. Why hesitate? Why hold back?
# 10 SmittyD81 @ Jun 13
Come Monday, many will see the difference between a shortened dev cycle (Madden 25/Madden 15) and a full dev cycle in Madden 16 and what they're able to do with adequate time. Can't wait for all to be unveiled.
# 11 jpdavis82 @ Jun 13
Thanks Smitty, see guys I'm not the only one who feels this way
# 12 MAGboyswifT27 @ Jun 13
New equipment and the ability to edit or upgrade players via facial hair, sleeves, etc would be nice... A small necessary detail that keeps getting ignored.
# 13 jpdavis82 @ Jun 13
I understand your frustration about CFM, at least for this year Bucky, but brighter days are ahead for CFM. Ultimately everyone just has to form their own opinion about Madden 16, whether I say it is great or not isn't what matters, it's whether or not it's great for each person. That will mean different things to different people, so I try to keep that in mind when people get frustrated and will try to be better about that in the future.
# 14 CM Hooe @ Jun 13
I will be at E3, so this me making an RSVP to chat up Mr. Dickson and the Tiburon team :-) I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the game.
# 15 N51_rob @ Jun 13
I hate that I am so jaded, but I remember the "Nagasaki" E3 news that was the physics engine, I remember the Gen4 E3, video of RGIII....E3 is not for the OS crowd that is for the casuals and to win IGN awards like best in show. Lets see how these improvements and changes look in October and November.

Funny, this is the first time I heard that Madden 15 was on a shortened dev cycle....

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