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NBA 2k15 MyCareer Review 
Posted on October 10, 2014 at 03:40 PM.
I am using a +/- scale. The more of each is better/worse respectively.
+ = Neat
+ + + + + = AWESOME
- = Tad annoying
- - - - - = TERRIBLE

Upgrading my player. (+ +) The new bucket system is a good way to create well rounded players that can specialize in only a few areas.
Badges (+ + +) . It's fun to see your particular play style rewarded with a badge symbolizing the way you play. Gotta earn it (though I don't know how).
Integrated shoot-around. ( + +) You're never more than one button press away from practice. It's a very easy way to practice your shooting and post moves between games.
Rebounding*. (+) As a big center focused on rebounding, defense, and inside scoring I have learned how to rebound well. This "like" has an asterisk because while I mostly enjoyed the rebounding, there is a LOT of sucking into animations during box outs. Sometimes I completely lose control over who I'm actually getting a body on.
Blocking shots*. (+) See "Shot contest" below. With that said, I feel like I can block the shots I want to block and I don't block the shots I shouldn't be able to. If you're smart you can get 3-4 block a game with a good, defense big.
The NBA2k15 App. (+ + + + +) Holy cow. This is a fun little app. If you haven't downloaded it, do so. It's a ton of fun and you can earn VC while not playing the game.

The face scan. (- - - - -) Never worked for me. Not worth trying on the XBONE.
The servers. (- - - - -) The servers are so unbearably unreliable it makes the whole experience feel like it could fall apart at any time and any/all progress could be lost. Wait... it did fall apart and all my progress was lost.
Team selection. (- -) It wasn't clear to me that I couldn't change my team after my first 10-day contract. As a 10-day contract implies, I should be able to leave after 10-days!! I would have selected a different team at the start. Now I have to wait for a trade opportunity while I enjoy a losing season with the Bucks.
The cut scenes. (- - - - -) These range from passable (albeit boring and awkward) to downright terrible. This isn't on par with the current gaming console generation - not by a long long shot. The idea is cool, but the implementation is very, very poor and unpolished.
Substitution sequence. (- - -) The first time the coach calls you off the bench, there is a cool little interaction where you see your player walk to the scorer's table and wait for the next dead ball. That's the ONLY time this is cool. After the first time you see this sequence you will want to button through it. You cant. And it blows. It's annoying. Not only that, but the graphics are jarringly poor during this sequence.
My player is an annoying douche. (-) That's all there really is to say about.
CPU difficulty. (- -) Granted, I'm with the Bucks, but the CPU wins in a blow out way too often. The games become uninteresting when we are down 25 pts. Nothing felt important.
Shot contest. (- - - - -) If you're a defensive big don't expect to have 100% control over your defensive actions. I thought pressing Y made me jump? Not always. Sometimes it means "Stare at your assignment while he scores... don't do anything, especially jump." Also, I thought NOT pressing Y made me NOT jump. Not always. Sometimes it means "JUMP!! JUMP DAMN YOU!! JUMP AT THE GUY YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU WANT TO JUMP AT!!!" Yes, auto contest is annoying. It's in the game and it sucks. It gives the impression that the user has no control.
The lack of practice modes. (- - - - -) Any modern sports game needs a way to easily practice plays. Scrimmage mode doesn't count. No excuse for leaving this mode out. Not only that, but there is no interactive tutorial for learning new moves. 2k tried to substitute a substantive tutorial with lame videos. It isn't a good substitute and I'm still not certain how to perform basic basketball moves.
Shot meter. (- - -) This still feels like a dice roll. If it is truly a skill based system, a skilled user should be able to hit perfect releases with good frequency. So far I haven't been able to, and I haven't seen any other users (via YouTube) able to either. This is true even in an empty gym when I'm spotting up from 15' with a good NBA player. The "perfect release" is just dumb luck.
2KTV. (- - - - -) Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... Hey guys.... SHUT UP 2KTV!!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!! Does anyone know if I can turn this off?

Verdict: - - - Don't buy it (yet). The game is more annoying/disappointing than exciting/fun. I hope a significant patch is coming soon.
# 1 Fernand126 @ Oct 12
I love everything you said.
Most of the criticism is towards other aspects and I thought I was alone on having these impressions. Great, great job.
# 2 sticks323 @ Oct 12
I thought I was the only one who hated the cut scenes and the substitutions. I don't know why we always have to say something to the coach and then watch a play happen. I finally got the face scan to work but I hate it also. I don't know if I like the bucket system yet because if you improve your defense your blocks and steals will be high no matter the position. Overall good write up, I like the +/- system you used.
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