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NFL's Finest at Every Position 
Posted on October 10, 2010 at 07:57 PM.
It ain't all about stats. It's about talent, presence, importance, intelligence, AND stats. Here is where I'll give my input on who I believe to be the best at every NFL position. Who do YOU think are the best?

QB- Peyton Manning IND
HB- Adrian Peterson MIN
FB- Tony Richardson NYJ
WR- Andre Johnson HOU
TE- Antonio Gates SD
LT- Joe Thomas CLE
LG- Steve Hutchinson MIN
C- Nick Mangold NYJ
RG- Jahri Evans NO
RT- Jamaal Brown WAS

43 DE- Julius Peppers CHI
43 DT- Kevin Williams MIN
43 OLB- Jon Beason CAR
43 ILB- DeMeco Ryans HOU

34 DE- Haloti Ngata BAL
34 DT- Jay Ratliff DAL
34 OLB- DeMarcus Ware DAL
34 ILB- Patrick Willis

CB- Darrelle Revis
FS- Ed Reed
SS- Troy Polamalu

K- Robbie Gould
P- Matt Scrifes
KR/PR- Josh Cribbs

Agree or disagree, post your comments here!
# 1 LHSLax_D24 @ Oct 10
Haha, just like the other blog! Personally, I would put Ray Lewis over Willis, Nnamdi Asomugha over Revis, and Vince Wilfork over Ratliff. There are some other ones that I wouldn't put, but don't bother me.
# 2 JordanC @ Oct 10
I'm thinking Clady for LT and Polite of the dolphins for FB
# 3 RockDatBeat @ Oct 10
To JordanC

OK, I'll give you Polite over T-Rich. He is, after all, the best run blocking FB in the NFL. It's just that, Tony Richardson is the most versatile FB in the league, despite his age. But Thomas over, I'm not too sure I can deal with that lol. He's a top 5 LT in the league but Joe Thomas is just awesome! I mean, you can't get better pass protection than that! And you know, left tackles are supposed to be very good pass blockers and seeing as Thomas is arguably one of the best pass blocking linemen in the NFL, I'd say Thomas is the best choice at LT.
# 4 RockDatBeat @ Oct 10
To LHSLax_D24

OK, I'll take Wilfork over Ratliff and Aso over Revis, even though I don't agree. But please explain to me how Ray Lewis is anywhere near Willis' level, at this point. Don't get me wrong, Lewis is an all-time great and Willis won't be as successful and prolific as Ray is. But Da Godfather is getting up there in age. He's no longer in his prime and Willis is well...beastly.
# 5 Kenji Saitama @ Oct 11
I agree with you especially on HB. I think Adrian Peterson is better than Chris Johnson because CJ lacks power rushing.

And I'll take T.Gonzales over Gates, Jake Long over Thomas.
# 6 Leon Sandcastle @ Oct 11
Tony Richardson got released by the JETS I thought?
# 7 RockDatBeat @ Oct 11
To MiiiLe HigH I don't see why they would. He's still with the team to the best of my knowledge.
# 8 RockDatBeat @ Oct 11
To Kenji Saitama

Exactly! CJ2K has no power game. AP is the most well-rounded HB in the NFL as far as running the ball goes. He is very elusive especially for his size but we can't forget about all the defenders he has ran over. Just ask Al Harris, William Gay, and many others. They'll tell you lol

OK, both Gonzalez over Gates and Long over Thomas are legit arguments I guess. Throughout their careers, I think Tony Gonzalez has a slight edge over Gates. But at this point, Tony G is just too old. He's on his way out the NFL and to be honest, it's starting to show.
# 9 LHSLax_D24 @ Oct 11
@ RockDatBeat

I can agree with you with Willis, but ....I can't think of a reason that can't be countered, maybe just Lewis as a playmaker (but Willis is too), so I can go with either one.
# 10 RockDatBeat @ Oct 11
OK, Lewis is the bigger presence on the field. But I think there is a big difference between presence and playmaker.
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