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The Eater Of Heroes 
Posted on October 1, 2014 at 10:56 AM.
This is my Universe Storyline for Bray Wyatt for WWE 2K15

With my excitement for WWE 2K15 on the PS4 starting early I wanted to share a storyline idea that expands on the John Cena/ Bray Wyatt feud. This feud will be what elevates Bray Wyatt into the main event scene in my Universe but also create multiple dream matches some people may have wanted to see.

The basis for WWE’s pairing of Bray Wyatt and John Cena was that Bray Wyatt was on a mission to destroy the “hero” of WWE and exposing him for having a dark side that he does not want to acknowledge . Bray Wyatt was accomplishing this but due to what many saw as booking errors Wyatt’s potential of becoming a heel that conquers his opponent physically and mentally has all but dissolved when it comes to main event talent.

So assuming that Universe starts after Wrestlemania I will continue the John Cena feud. But instead of Wyatt using cheap parlor tricks to beat Cena at Extreme Rules I will us brute force and mind tricks to accomplish this goal. I will start off by having Wyatt vs Cena in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules rather than a cage match. This will show that Wyatt has the ability to go toe to toe with Cena in a fight.

Then after a Wyatt win I will introduce Hulk Hogan into the feud. I will have Cena challenge Wyatt to a tie breaker match and Wyatt will accept only if Hogan be the special guest referee as Cena will fall in front of his own hero. And the poster hero of WWE will look into the eyes of pure evil and be forced to acknowledge his greatness. As I believe that would leave the WWE fans shaken of the thought that the modern day Hogan couldn’t defeat this particular villain.

During said match Cena will give everything he has against Wyatt but will fall short and Hogan will be forced to count to three and see Wyatt overcome the face of the WWE. Hogan then would be Wyatt’s next target as the Eater of World’s thirst for over taking all that is good in WWE history only gets larger. But Cena again stops Wyatt from getting his hands on Hogan. Instead Hogan offers himself to Wyatt only if he accepts his challenge to have a tag match against himself and John Cena.

Wyatt then picks Luke Harper to be his partner as he puts his own brothers in matches to determine who is worthy to participate in the cleansing of WWE. Harper wins and Rowan accompanies his brothers to the ring. Wyatt and Harper lose a grueling match to Hogan and Cena via Hogan pinning Harper while Cena and Wyatt fight on the outside.

Wyatt laughs at Hogan’s victory and calls Hogan a coward for claiming victory over a man that he himself is afraid to face alone. Wyatt challenges Hogan to an I quit match and if Hogan wins Wyatt will never set foot in the WWE again. Hogan accepts only if Harper and Rowan are banned from the match as well as Cena. Wyatt agrees to the terms of the match.

After another grueling match Wyatt makes Hogan say I Quit and Wyatt claims another hero. Wyatt claims that he has destroyed the very foundation of wrestling as it’s two greatest and cleanest heroes have fallen victim to him and his message. No one with a clean heart can defeat what is already dead.Then a dark shadow appears behind Wyatt. A man with no emotion on his face. A man that no one thought would ever set foot in a WWE ring. The man known as Sting.

Sting then challenges the Wyatt Family to a 6 man tag team match against himself, Hogan and Cena and if they win Sting gets a match against Wyatt himself. Wyatt again accepts. Sting, Hogan and Cena win the match and Sting reveals the match that he wants to fight Wyatt in……………..Hell in a Cell. Sting tells Wyatt that a hero doesn’t always have to bright as the sun but his purpose does. Sting continues to tell Wyatt that the foundation of wrestling will never fall as long as he the Stinger man is still kicking.

Who will win in this dream matchup? Either way……………….IT’S SHOWTIME FOLKS!!!!!
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