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lDyNoMiTel is offline
# 31
lDyNoMiTel @ Oct 16, 2018
Hi Russell, please consider my idea for a commissioner mode option within franchise. It is on page 23 - post 181. I have lots of ideas and would love to share with you and the team.
statum71 is offline
# 30
statum71 @ Apr 5, 2017

I really enjoy using fast play. My only issue is it eliminates the HR trot. Can we please get that in? I know Hybrid play is a faster option too. But its still a 45 min game instead of a 30 min game.

Or maybe an option to see the trot after a HR. ?????
The Left Shark is offline
# 29
The Left Shark @ Mar 24, 2017
Hey, why is that Old Comiskey is never a Classic Stadium? Anyway it can make it in next year?
SmilesLikeJoker is offline
# 28
SmilesLikeJoker @ Apr 8, 2016
I have no idea who to contact. I can't find any support contact.

It's been almost a year. Can someone please approve my account so I can post in the forums? Thanks!
nicxios is offline
# 27
nicxios @ Sep 27, 2015
Can you post a motions/stances animation for create a player in MLB 15? I see the MLB 14 one and that is great! Thanks
mrb27 is offline
# 26
mrb27 @ Sep 16, 2015
in mlb 15 the 6th generic homerun follow through swing for right handers doesnt work during gameplay on the ps3. on a no doubter the bat just hangs in the air instead of doing what its supposed to do
mrb27 is offline
# 25
mrb27 @ Sep 8, 2015
mlb 15 is so fun to play or at least the idea is. until i start plying a couple games i start to get annoyed by all of the features they left out. forget adding stuff they took **** out. not cool. it puts a damper on such a great all around game. like they simplified analog controls where you cant stride anymore, so u cant time it right or get the leg kick started a little sooner if the guy throws hard. they too out 2 handed swings where like nobody swings with 2 hands and took the option out so u are just stuck with a stance you cant edit, cant edit cleats, batting gloves helmets or anything that last years game had. so much potential but it seems like im playing a demo game. its fun but frustrating. in know that u can get licensed equipment online, but not everyone has internet or simply just dont know how.
mrb27 is offline
# 24
mrb27 @ Aug 23, 2015
oh i forgot and the pitchers arm motions are really slow and deliberate at least for the new additions
mrb27 is offline
# 23
mrb27 @ Aug 23, 2015
i was just watching mlb highlight and most batters swing with 2 hands yet in ur game everyone seems to swing 1 hand by default. removing features is not cool. and when u do it should be in bold letters on the package or in commercials etc so we know that is not the same as we know it
mrb27 is offline
# 22
mrb27 @ Aug 23, 2015
2 handed swig needs to be added i feel like i got ripped off and haven't been able to enjoy my game that i bought
wizfan2 is offline
# 21
wizfan2 @ Jul 7, 2015
Hey Russell is there one more patch coming?
crossfit93 is offline
# 20
crossfit93 @ Apr 13, 2015
Russell, this game is fantastic. The only thing I hate, is you can't have broadcast mode vs. Cpu on online franchise. Half my games are vs. Users and I get the fast play there. But facing the CPU I like to see the broadcast. Please consider this. Thank you. The rest of the game is wonderful
cultbuscus is offline
# 19
cultbuscus @ Apr 9, 2015
Hey Russell, quick question. I was wondering if there could be more uniform slots in game, like to get the home teal and the black away for the Mariners added in (preferably keeping the current alternates). I know games like NBA 2K15 have up to 10+ different alternates and retro uniforms per team, so I was wondering why MLB the Show has restrictions.
Bremser_Rules is offline
# 18
Bremser_Rules @ Mar 20, 2015
I know you get this a lot you think we will see cloth physics in this generation of the game? Thanks!
BULLKID is offline
# 17
BULLKID @ Feb 22, 2015
Hey Russ can you comment on the new jumbotron movies this year?
no1acepitcher2124 is offline
# 16
no1acepitcher2124 @ Sep 14, 2014
Hey Russell I've been regularly checking to see if a name requests page has been posted. I got mine in two years ago which is awesome but there's two other last names I would like to it too late to do that? Thanks!
NJ2NC is offline
# 15
NJ2NC @ Aug 29, 2014
Great game! I'll be playing until next years drops. I have one request. Can you see if Adam Warren of the Yankees and Rene Rivera of the Padres can get updated ratings? Thanks
champsbasketball is offline
# 14
champsbasketball @ Jun 9, 2014
The Show is great on ps4, Nba The Life can be just as great. Can you guys bring Nba The Life back?
champsbasketball is offline
# 13
champsbasketball @ Jun 9, 2014
Hay you guys do a great job with The Show can you guys being back nba the life for ps4. I feel you guys will be greater or just as great as 2k. So will you guys being Nba The Life back?
Maynard46 is offline
# 12
Maynard46 @ May 15, 2014
I had a suggestion for next year. For sounds of the show allow a "random user song" option for walk ups, pitcher intros, HR, ect ect. Right now users have 3 selections for a player, but what if there is an option to use a random user song....remember to thank me at the next staff meeting
canadian merlin is offline
# 11
canadian merlin @ Apr 17, 2014
Hi Russell, without clogging up the posts...any idea if/where I can forward my opinions on MLB14? thanks alot! Merlin
FSUSF is offline
# 10
FSUSF @ Apr 16, 2014

It's being reported and observed that several of the accessory edits for current players has been locked out or listed as being N/A on the PS3 version under the accessory edit menu. Specifically, several of the options to change the color scheme of a players cleats is locked. In addition, trying to load a saved roster file that has has some accessory edits done, won't show in a game after the edited roster has been saved and loaded.
Can you please look into this since this was never a problem in years past.

Thank you.
torpidbeaver is offline
# 9
torpidbeaver @ Feb 26, 2014
MLB 13's Challenge of the Week just disappeared. Any chance someone can turn it back on to the last challenge with St. Louis & Boston? Right now it just says "No Current Challenge" and kicks you back out into the minimodes screen.

Don't need any prizes or anything, I just liked the mode. Thanks.
MLB Bob is offline
# 8
MLB Bob @ Feb 17, 2014
MLB 14. Well done. I wanted to say the next generation for the franchise is looking fantastic. I have a baby coming soon, in honor of your hard work I am naming it after you. GF is upset though, due to the fact we are having a girl. #TheShow4Life
aguero90 is offline
# 7
aguero90 @ Nov 5, 2013
Russell, as a visually impaired player, I just want to thank you for always having auto fielding as an option. That's the only part I have trouble with, I have no problem throwing, pitching and batting. For someone who only has a little vision out of my left eye, I have a very good eye at the plate! I was really hoping for a new play-by-play man in mlb 14, any chance? If not, I have an idea that I hope you'll like. If you make the play-by-play a "radio style broadcast," it will enhance the presentation by leaps and bounds. Think of it like this, baseball radio announcers paint the best picture because you can't see what's going on, so you get the best of both worlds when you have radio audio with video. I got the idea from using the audio overlay option on ps3. Thanks!
corndog86 is offline
# 6
corndog86 @ Mar 27, 2013
Appreciate all you guys do! Can't wait to start my RTTS and franchise once these MiLB rosters are out! Can't wait to see The Show 14 on PS4 (maybe even PC)??? Thanks again!
thegna4 is offline
# 5
thegna4 @ Mar 7, 2013
Hey Russell I was just wondering if you guys are working on a patch to fix the stutter issue in MLB 13: The Show. For me at least the game is completely unplayable. Every 1 or 2 seconds the game is stuttering
BrickieWR18 is offline
# 4
BrickieWR18 @ Jan 8, 2013
Thanks a lot!
BrickieWR18 is offline
# 3
BrickieWR18 @ Jan 8, 2013
Thanks a lot!!
BrickieWR18 is offline
# 2
BrickieWR18 @ Jan 7, 2013
On huge home runs.. if it isn't a critical part of the game..hitters don't stop and stare every single time. I know its too late for 2013 but please consider this. It adds a lot of realism to the game.. and also consider interviews similar to NBA 2k to *** to the players character.. I know I rambled. But I hope you consider this. I sincerely thank you for your time. Keep up the good work . I would love to her back from you
BrickieWR18 is offline
# 1
BrickieWR18 @ Jan 7, 2013
Hey Russel. I have been a fan of the show for a long time. and I have made several attempts to communicate this message clearly and nobody takes me seriously.. I'm asking for a minute of your time.. I think one of the most important aspects of life and sports is character.. and certain teams, for example in the NFL, the Colts. Won't draft certain players based on their selfishness and poor character. I think your should be able to customize celebrations and your demeanor.. certain gms should have preferences of the type of player they want. I'm tired of the lavish and repetitive celebrations after walk off hits. A lot of people don't act foolishly.
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