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# 22
HAWK23 @ Sep 3, 2018
Originally Posted by Scott
Thank you!
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# 21
HAWK23 @ Sep 3, 2018
Would you be able to point me in the right direction (preferably through a link) to be able to download the roster editing program for Madden 19 PC? I think I downloaded the wrong one (MAdden AMP for Madden 2008). I've also been looking at Footballidiots with no luck. Any help would be appreciated!
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# 20
Bravescountry123 @ Mar 28, 2018
You doing a n equipment edit spreadsheet this year for the show
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# 19
mrm4481 @ Apr 30, 2017
I don't ever post in the forums, but always read them. After reading them I just want you to know that I appreciate all the work you guys do on the rosters every year. I use these for seasons on end in my franchise and it's one reason I play seasons on end because everything about these rosters is so accurate. To me it's always worth the wait no matter how long it takes. Thanks in advance.
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# 18
rouss35 @ Jun 2, 2016
Hi Scott,

Please forgive me, as I can not send a PM for some reason. I was doing some google searching for a show roster editor and came across a thread for a Potential editor for 14. Do you know if anything came about for this?

I'm guessing not since there are so many threads with roster edits for 16. LOL

I work with some data guys and I'm wondering if you can get me a roster file from 16 (I don't currently own the game) as I would like to see if there is something they can do with it, (no guarantees).

Thanks in advance

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# 17
chudy22 @ Jun 24, 2014
hello, please i wd need help im new in the game nd from europe, so its quiet difficult for me. Im already familiar with the hitting and pitching but still have problems with the fielding controls nd especially baserunning...stealing mets etc., what is the optimal settings for it please in the options, how wd u recommend me to set it i have quiet mess in it, i play on experienced for better control. I already discussed with some ppl a franchise i want to start. Still didnt decided which franchise ill start, i like cubs, twins, brewers, royals and indians, i wnt it to b a challenge nd fun. If u cd recommend me some of the teams nd to tell me which way to go with the particular team, itll mk it easier for me. thanks in advance
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# 16
Legaci3 @ Aug 2, 2012
Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you and your team have done on these rosters. Keep up the work and you deserve more credit and thanks then your getting.
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# 15
KHarmo88 @ Apr 16, 2012
Hey Scott. Quick question for you. The roster updates you are doing, what exactly are they including? I was trying to find out the best pitch edit updates for my Pittsburgh Pirates franchise which is what is holding me back from starting. Are you doing the pitch edits?
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# 14
Senor_Herbatron @ Jan 17, 2010
Would you like to give me a scrimmage game for the Online franchise?
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# 13
countryboy @ Aug 16, 2009
Happy Birthday!!!
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 # 12
Ty commenting on #2 came prepared, Guitar Hero... picture @ Apr 6, 2009
Lol, that's awesome!
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# 11
Marino @ Dec 27, 2008
I hope to see you on this evening, as this is a great chance to get your ratio up.
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# 10
Marino @ Dec 26, 2008
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# 9
Marino @ Dec 23, 2008
CoD5 tonight?
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# 8
Marino @ Dec 20, 2008
You want to play CoD5?
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# 7
Marino @ Dec 20, 2008
You down for some CoD5?
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# 6
Marino @ Dec 2, 2008
Yea I am going to take a shower then jump online
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# 5
Marino @ Nov 25, 2008
Yea I'll be there. 10pm CST?
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# 4
Pared @ Nov 21, 2008
You're gonna love the new update. Everything is much faster.
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# 3
Marino @ Nov 21, 2008
I sent you a game request
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# 2
Motown @ Nov 13, 2008
Daaayum Scott...she's effin' smokin' :P
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# 1
trobinson97 commenting on T.I. ft Rihanna - Live Your... video @ Nov 10, 2008
Lovin' that song.
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