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Me vs. FPS whyyyyy? 
Posted on October 2, 2015 at 04:58 PM.
Man there is nothing like the rush of running into a room and plucking off an advisory with one shot, or with a light machine gun lighting him up. Your team mates going crazy because you won the match or took out an opponent and you guys are winning the round. Ahhhhh FPS and how bad Iím at them LMAO!!! I used to be one of the best TPS when Socom Navy Seals was out on PS2 LOL Ė then I got out of the FP/TP shooter games and started to play more sports, Well now 2015 Iím trying to get back and man am I terrible (Donít add me to your squad) LMAO! Ė Iíll get my practice on and get better soon, because everything comes with repetitions but man my aiming is off I swear Iím shooting at a dude and the bullets are doing the cartoon thing going all around him and not hitting him and he just lights me up with two shots (how the hell that happen) Ė LOL, but itís all good Iím going to get better and when I do Iím going to be nasty (this is all blog talkÖI have no clue how my skill set will get) Ė but Iím currently playing the beta for RB6 and have my battlefield 4 handy and Iím getting my practice on, but anyway the reason for this blog was I need to get better at FPS Ė I always want to be the best at what I do even though there will be plenty times where Iím not, but I donít want to be the weak link of the squad Ė so remember this post on this date because when I come back and say Iím a bad *** FPS killing machine Ė I want you to be like maaaan please you were trash 6 years ago LOL Ė well I hope it doesnít take that long but Iím looking to be a beast at this one day then Iíll be like add me to your clique lets go run the land and kick ***. PS and those Maps got damn those maps you need to be a damn architect to read those things LOL.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Oct 3
I have tried fps for years and I have always sucked
They are so fun though
# 2 Shadymamba @ Oct 10
LOL - man i know the feeling I love playing, i'm not sure how the random team members feel about me being on the team lol
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