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Friday, October 1, 2010
Posted on October 1, 2010 at 09:53 PM.
San Diego State loses a close one in Provo, 18-17.

Turnovers were a big issue for the Aztecs all game, ending with 4 in total. It proved to be a huge factor in the outcome as BYU only had 1 turnover. San Diego State had a 7-6 lead after the 1st quarter, and would stay like that at the half. BYU would add a FG in the 3rd, while SDSU would put up another TD to go up 14-9.

BYU would get their first trip to the end zone early in the 4th on a 13 yard pass to Ashworth, but would fail of their 2-pt try and only lead by 1, 15-14. San Diego State would drive down the field but would have to settle for a FG attempt. SDSU's Kicker Abel Perez had already missed a FG from about the same distance early in the game, but he would drive this one in to take a 17-15 lead with under 2 minutes to go. BYU would put together a great drive getting them into field goal range. They would avoid a near disaster when Riley Nelson nearly threw an Int on a 3rd and 10 play, but the SDSU defender was not able to hold on to the ball. BYU would attempt a 37 Yard FG and convert it. Mitch Payne was 4 for 4 in FG kicking for the Cougars and would be the player of the game after kicking the winning FG and help BYU win 18-17.

The Aztecs would fall to 3-2(0-1) in the season, and will host 2-4(0-3) Air Force next week.

NCAA Scoreboard - San Diego State (3-1) at BYU (3-2)
October 2, 20101234F
San Diego State707317
Top Performers
San Diego State - Stats
Ryan Lindley - 22/30 248 yards 1 TD
Vincent Brown - 6 catches 63 yards 1 TD
BYU - Stats
Mitch Payne - 4/4 FG long of 43
Luke Ashworth - 6 catches 58 yards 1 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2115
3rd Down Efficiency5-83-11
4th Down Efficiency0-01-1
Total Yards508374
Passing Yards248184
Rushing Yards160126
Penalties-Penalty Yards4-504-40
Time of Possession17:3714:23
Scoring Summary
First QuarterSDSUBYU
BYU5:08FG BYU: M. Payne, 38 Yd FG03
SDSU2:11TD SDSU: V. Brown, 4 Yd pass from R. Lindley (A. PErez Kick)73
BYU0:12FG BYU: M. Payne, 42 Yd FG76
Second QuarterSDSUBYU
BYU5:07FG BYU: 38 Yd FG79
SDSU2:34TD SDSU: D. Brown, 19 Yd run (A. Perez kick)149
Fourth QuarterSDSUBYU
BYU5:59TD BYU: L. Ashworth, 13 Yd pass from R. Nelson (2-pt. failed)1415
SDSU1:43FG SDSU: A. Perez, 32 Yd FG1715
BYU0:27FG BYU: M. Payne, 37 Yd FG1718
San Diego State
Ryan Lindley22/3024810
Ronnie Hillman14725.10
Brandon Sullivan14584.10
Davon Brown33210.61
Vincent Brown66310.51
DeMarco Sampson55310.60
Alston Umoulo55911.80
Dominique Sandifer23718.50
Dylan Denso2189.00
Jose Perez7000
Miles Burris7000
Darryn Lewis5000
Marcus Yarbrough4000
Brandon Davis6000
Andrew Preston3000
Logan Ketchum3100
Neil Spencer3000
Leon McFadden3010
DJ Shields2000
Ernie Lawson2100
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Davis578019
Davon Brown117017
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Larry Parker1505
Abel Perez1/22/2532
Brian Stahovich28341.50
Riley Nelson18/2518411
JJ Di Luigi161086.70
Riley Nelson661.00
Bryan Kariya11212.00
Luke Ashworth6589.61
McKay Jacobson461.50
JJ Di Luigi22914.50
Devin Mahina23718.50
Spencer Hafoka24221.00
Andrew Rich8000
Shane Hunter10000
Jordon Atkinson8000
Brian Logan6000
Steven Thomas7000
Jameson Frazier3000
Zac Stout4000
Romney Fuga5000
Robbie Buckner4000
Matt Putnam3000
Brandon Bradley5000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
ONeill Chambers236020
JJ Di Luigi116016
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Spencer Hafoka21207
Mitch Payne4/40/01243
Riley Stephenson314147.00

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Posted on September 23, 2010 at 05:23 PM.
Aztecs wins 3rd game of the year, but only after an OT thriller

Aztecs were the favorite going into the game, but the Utah State Aggies would not just give them the win. San Diego State would score first, late in the 1st quarter on a 2 yard run by back-up HB Davon Brown. Utah State would answer back on their next drive early in the 2nd quarter with a 1 yard run by Michael Smith. San Diego State would add a FG, with Utah State getting another TD with a 6 yard pass. San Diego Would would manage to get into FG range right before half time to cut it to 14-13. that FG would prove to be huge in the end.

The 3rd quarter was a little slow for both teams, Utah State did score a TD late in the 3rd on a 7 yard pass, taking a 21-13 lead. San Diego State had a real nice drive going early in the 4th, but fumbled the ball in the red zone. They would get another chance late in the 4th however, and capitalizing on that drive with a 9 yard pass to Brandon Sullivan. They had to go for 2 , they would be successful and force OT.

In OT, Utah State got the ball first. They got 1 first down but would come up short of the end zone and have to try a FG on a 4th and goal. They would take a 24-21 lead. San Diego State would get a chance to win it with a TD, and they would indeed get a TD after a 20 yard pass, then a 5 yard scramble by Ryan Lindley.

Aztecs would win 27-24 and move to 3-1 in the season. very good non-conference record before heading into Mountain West conference play. Next Week the Aztecs will have a bye week before traveling to Provo and facing the BYU Cougars for the MWC opener.

NCAA Scoreboard - San Diego State (2-1) at Utah State (2-1)
September 18, 20101234OTF
San Diego State7608627
Utah State01470324
Top Performers
San Diego State - Stats
Ryan Lindley - 12/21 150 yards 2 total TDs
Ronnie Hillman - 13 carries 101 yards
Utah State - Stats
Jeff Fischer 16/23 215 yards 2 TDs
Matt Austin - 6 catches 124 yards 1 TD
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1612
3rd Down Efficiency6-135-10
4th Down Efficiency1-21-1
Total Yards352359
Passing Yards150215
Rushing Yards13757
Penalties-Penalty Yards2-257-75
Time of Possession21:4211:24
Scoring Summary
First QuarterSDSUUSU
SDSU1:21TD SDSU: D. Brown, 2 Yd run (A. Perex kick)70
Second QuarterSDSUUSU
USU6:27TD USU: M. Smith, 1 Yd run (P. Caldwell kick)77
SDSU3:41FG SDSU: A. Perez, 40 Yd FG107
USU1:56TD USU: M. Austin, 6 Yd pass from J. Fischer (P. Caldwell kick)1014
SDSU0:00FG SDSU: A. Perez, 39 Yd FG1314
Third QuarterSDSUUSU
USU1:01TD USU: D. Speight, 7 Yd pass from J. Fischer (P. Caldwell kick)1321
Fourth QuarterSDSUUSU
SDSU0:19TD SDSU: B. Sullivan, 9 Yd pass from R. Lindley (2-pt)2121
USU--FG USU: P. Caldwell, 17 Yd FG2124
SDSU--TD SDSU: R. Lindley, 5 Yd run2724
San Diego State
Ryan Lindley12/2115010
Ronnie Hillman191015.30
Brandon Sullivan13352.60
Ryan Lindley3-2-0.61
Dominique Sandifer34214.00
Alston Umuolo2115.50
Brandon Sullivan2147.01
Doug Deakin12424.00
DeMarco Sampson11212.00
Darryn Lewis7000
Miles Burris7000
Marcus Yarbrough5000
Brandon Davis4010
Neil Spencer4100
Ernie Lawson4200
Andrew Preston3000
Colin Shumate2000
Jose Perez2000
Romeo Horn2000
Jerome Long1000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Davis234020
Davon Brown117017
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Larry Parker2808
Abel Perez2/21/1741
Brian Stahovich14343.00
Utah State
Jeff Fischer16/2321521
Michael Smith9434.71
Jeff Fischer9-1-0.10
Matt Austin242.00
Matt Austin 612420.61
Eric Moats44711.70
Stanley Morrison22713.50
Michael Smith263.00
Kellen Bartlett144.00
Walter McClenton8000
Kyle Gallagher7000
Daniel Gurrola6000
Rajric Coleman7000
Maxim Dinka MBA4000
Chris Randle4000
Levi Koskan3100
Junior Keiaho3000
Curtis Marsh2000
Nathan Royster2000
Bobby Wagner4000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Michael Smith357021
Kerwynn williams119019
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Stanley Morrison111110
Peter Caldwell1/13/3617
Peter Caldwell311438.00
Sunday, September 19, 2010
Posted on September 19, 2010 at 10:43 PM.
Aztecs come home after a 31-10 beating from Missouri

The Aztecs played competitive for about a quarter and a half, and even lead 3-0 at one point, but Missouri's offense eventually come on strong and pulled away. San Diego State's offense struggled all game and could never get into a rhythm. They were able to score a TD late in the 4th, but beyond that, the offense was not there.

Aztecs drop to 2-1 and will travel to play Utah State next week.

NCAA Scoreboard - San Diego State (2-0) at Missouri (1-1)
September 11, 20101234F
San Diego State030710
Top Performers
San Diego State - Stats
Ryan Lindley - 14/24 145 yards 1 TD
Leon McFadden - 2 tackles 1 Int
Missouri - Stats
Blaine Gabbert - 23/27 290 yards 3 TDs
L Damian Washington 3 catches 93 yards 2 TDs
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1514
3rd Down Efficiency4-102-6
4th Down Efficiency1-10-0
Total Yards346382
Passing Yards154290
Rushing Yards6748
Penalties-Penalty Yards1-1010-90
Time of Possession15:0816:22
San Diego State
Ryan Lindley14/2414511
Ronnie Hillman14362.50
Brandon Sullivan4215.20
Davon Brown2105.00
Dylan Denso3165.31
DeMarco Sampson3186.00
Vencent Brown273.50
Dominique SanDifer22110.50
Alston Umuolo24422.00
BJ Williams6000
Marcus Yarbrough5000
Ernnie Lawson7100
Mile Burris6000
Darryn Lewis7000
Brandon Davis4000
Andrew Preston3000
Jose Perez2000
Vincent Brown1000
Leon McFadden2010
Ronnie Hillman1000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Davis5106027
Davon Brown122022
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Larry Parker2605
Abel Perez1/11/1443
Brian Stahovich29748.51
Blaine Gabbert23/2729031
Devion Moore12443.61
Blaine Gabbert7-7-1.00
Brandon Gerau11111.00
TJ Moe7517.20
Jerrell Jackson67011.60
L Damian Washington39331.02
Devion Moore33311.00
Rolandis Woodland2199.51
Jasper Simmons7000
Luke Lambert6000
Aldon Smith4100
Kenji JAckson4000
Zavier Gooden4000
Carl Gettis3000
Jacques Smtih2000
Dominique Hamilton3000
Andrew Gachkar3000
Rolandis Woodland2000
Tristen Holt2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Marcus Murphy244023
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Marcus Murphy0000
Grant Ressel1/14/4721
Matt Grabner29246.01
Friday, September 17, 2010
Posted on September 17, 2010 at 08:45 PM.
San Diego State wins 2nd game, this time against New Mexico State 27-10

The Aggies would get the ball first, but would fumble on their opening drive. San Diego State would move the ball a little, but would settle for the FG and lead 3-0. NMSU would take no time to answer right back with a great drive capped off with a 20 yards TD pass to Marcus Allen to take a 7-3 lead. San Diego State would put up 14 points before the end of the 1st quarter with a 35 and 46 yard runs by Ronnie Hillman and Brandon Sullivan. 17-7 going into the 2nd quarter.

The 2nd quarter would be a lot slower and quieter than the first, with only San Diego State getting a FG as time expires to go into the half with a 20-7 lead. The Aztec would extend that lead with a TD in the 3rd and go up 27-7. New Mexico State would late answer with a 35 yard FG, but that would be the end of the scoring in the game and The Aztecs would take a 27-10 win.

San Diego State Aztec will go on the road for the first time this season, and it wont be an easy trip. They will have to face the 1-1 Missouri Tigers and their fast pace spread offense.

NCAA Scoreboard - New Mexico State (0-0) at San Diego State (1-0)
September 4, 20101234F
New Mexico State703010
San Diego State1737027
Top Performers
New Mexico State - Stats
Marcus Allen - 4 catches 54 yards 1 TD
BJ Adolpho - 4 tackles 1 Int
San Diego State - Stats
Ronnie Hillman - 14 carries 126 yards 1 TD
Ernie Lawson - 6 tackles 2 sacks
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1112
3rd Down Efficiency1-94-8
4th Down Efficiency0-20-0
Total Yards309379
Passing Yards216142
Rushing Yards17177
Penalties-Penalty Yards5-552-10
Time of Possession13:3114:29
Scoring Summary
First QuarterNMSUSDSU
SDSU4:26FG SDSU: A. Perez, 36 Yd FG03
NMSU3:00TD NMSU: M. Allen, 20 Yd pass from M. Christian (T. Stampler kick)73
SDSU1:26TD SDSU: R. Hillman, 35 Yd run (A. Perez kick)710
SDSU0:59TD SDSU: B. Sullivan, 46 Yd run (A. Perez kick)717
Second QuarterNMSUSDSU
SDSU0:00FG SDSU: A. Perez, 28 Yd FG720
Third QuarterNMSUSDSU
SDSU3:15TD SDSU: D. San Difer, 14 Yd pass from R. Lindley (A. Perez kick)727
NMSU0:41FG NMSU: T. Stampler, 35 Yd FG1027
New Mexico State
Matt Christian15/2720711
Jeff Fleming1/1900
Seth Smith15463.00
Matt Christian5-29-5.80
Marcus Allen45413.51
Todd Lee46616.50
Taveon Rogers34214.00
Darrius Preston33913.00
Kyle Nelson11212.00
Donte Savage5000
Darien Johnson5000
BJ Adolpho4010
Boyblue Aoelua4000
Frank Padilla3000
Alphonso Powell5000
Davon House3000
John Finau3100
Kawika Shook1000
Jonte Green1010
Pierre Fils1000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Seth Smith354020
Marcus Allen118018
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Marcus Allen1404
Tyler Stampler1/11/1436
Tanner Rust410526.20
San Diego State
Ryan Lindley11/2314212
Ronnie Hillman141269.01
Brandon Sullivan7598.41
Ryan Lindley2-8-4.00
Alston Umuolo58316.60
Brandon Sullivan294.50
DeMarco Sampson22211.00
Dominique San Difer11414.01
Vincent Brown11414.00
Marcus Yarbrough6000
Jose Perez5000
Miles Burris5000
Logan Ketchum3100
Ernie Lawson6200
Romeo Horn2000
BJ Williams3100
Brandon Davis3000
Andrew Preston4000
DJ Shields2000
Neil Spencer1000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Davis239021
Davon Brown116015
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Larry Parker3604
Abel Perez2/23/3937
Brian Stahovich311638.62

week 2 notable results:
#1 Alabama 52 - #21 Penn State 24
#14 Oklahoma 54 - #23 Florida State 23
#2 Ohio State 24 - #18 Miami 6
Posted on September 17, 2010 at 04:12 PM.
San Diego State wins home opener 27-7 against San Jose State

San Diego State took on an old rival for their season opener of the 2010 season. On the First drive for the Aztecs, they took it down the field and into the red zone. However, it ended in a turnover as Ryan Lindley threw an Int to Pompey Festejo. That would be the only turnover in the game for the Aztecs though, and they would score first on their 2nd drive with a 25 yard FG.

San Jose State would quickly answer with a 56 yard pass that brought them to the goal line, it was just short on the end zone. Brandon Rutley would punch it in the very next play. Spartans takes a 7-3 lead. A long drive by the Aztecs would end with a 15 yard pass from Lindley to Sampson to retake the lead, 10-7.

San Jose State QB Jordon La Secla would suffer a terrible injury in the 2nd quarter, a broken tibia. He will likely miss the majority of the 2010 season. The Spartan Offense would not be the same afterwards. Back-up QB Matt Faulkner would proceed to throw 2 Ints late in the 2nd quarter, which would give the Aztecs 10 additional point before halftime. 20-7 at the break. True Freshman Aztec HB Ronnie Hillman had a great first game, 17 carries for 101 yards.

Neither team's offense would do a whole lot in the 2nd half, San Diego State did add another TD late in the 3rd to extend the lead to 27-7 and would finished out the game with that score. San Diego State hosts New Mexico State next week.

NCAA Scoreboard - San Jose State (0-0) at San Diego State (0-0)
August 28, 20101234F
San Jose State07007
San Diego State3177027
Top Performers
San Jose State - Stats
Pompey Festejo - 9 tackles 1 Int
Brandon Rutley - 80 all-purpose yards 1 TD
San Diego State - Stats
DeMarco Sampson - 4 catches 62 yards 2 TDs
Jose Perez - 5 tackles 1 Int
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs716
3rd Down Efficiency3-93-8
4th Down Efficiency0-20-0
Total Yards270396
Passing Yards160156
Rushing Yards22184
Penalties-Penalty Yards5-683-35
Time of Possession9:3518:25
Scoring Summary
First QuarterSJSUSDSU
SDSU0:14FG SDSU: A. Perez, 25 Yd FG03
Second QuarterSJSUSDSU
SJSU5:59TD SJSU: B. Rutley, 0 Yd run (H. Waid Kick)73
SDSU2:40TD SDSU: D. Sampson, 15 Yd pass from R. Lindley (A. Perez kick)710
SDSU1:59TD SDSU: V. Brown, 19 Yd pass from R. Lindley (A. Perez kick)717
SDSU0:55FG SDSU: A. Perez, 46 Yd FG720
Third QuarterSJSUSDSU
SDSU2:28TD SDSU: D. Sampson, 10 Yd pass from R. Lindley (A. Perez kick)727
San Jose State
Jordan La Secla4/69200
Matt Faulkner6/157102
Brandon Rutley10212.11
Matt Faulkner530.60
Lamon Muldrow1-2-2.00
Chandler Jones35016.60
Noel Grigsby22512.50
Lamon Muldrow22211.00
Kyle Nunn15656.00
Jalal Beauchman166.00
Pompey Festejo9010
Duke Ihenacho7000
Alex Germany6000
Tiuke Tuipulotu6000
Ronnie Yell4000
Brandon Driver3000
Peyton Thompson2000
Pablo Garcia2000
Jarodd Watson3000
Travis Johnson1000
Ryan Otten1000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Driver353019
Brandon Rutley237020
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brandon Rutley0000
Harrison Waid0/01/110
Harrison Waid312341.01
San Diego State
Ryan Lindley11/1815631
Ronnie Hillman171015.90
Davon Brown7304.20
Brandon Sullivan4225.50
Dominique San Difer4389.50
DeMarco Sampson46215.52
Vincent Brown23417.01
Alston Unuolo12222.00
Miles Burris7000
Ernie Lawson4100
Rob Andrews2000
Colin Shumate2100
Marcus Yarbrough3000
Jose Perez5010
Khalid Stevens2000
BJ Williams2000
Andrew Preston1000
Neil Spencer4100
Leon McFadden1010
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Davon Brown122022
Brandon Davis123023
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Larry Parker21109
Abel Perez2/33/3947
Brian Stahovich14444.01

some notable week 1 results:
#19 Utah 34 - #21 Pittsburgh 10
#7 TCU 59 - #23 Oregon State 42
#5 Virginia Tech 27 - #12 Boise State 18
Thursday, September 16, 2010
Posted on September 16, 2010 at 07:49 PM.
After much thought, I've finally decided I'll run with SDSU for my offline single player dynasty. I thought about doing a single player online dynasty, but I would miss out on the conference invites and I did not want to swap out SDSU and put them in a BCS conference off the bat, nor do I want to spend the entire dynasty stuck in a non-BCS conference.

I love using low rated teams in dynasty mode, and SDSU is a 1* star team. they actually have some talent though, so it's not the worst team available, but they do play in probably the toughest non-BCS conference(Mountain West). I also love their uniforms, nice classic type of uniform. Also, they have a big stadium (Qualcomm Stadium, same place as the San Diego Chargers).

Starting out, I'll be using SDSU offense and defense that they run in real life. so on offense more of a pro-style offense with a 3-3-5 on defense. I do plan to move to either a 3-4 or multiple D(has 4-3 and 3-4 defenses) the 2nd season.

For the schedule, I left it mostly the same. I just took out the FCS team and replaced them with San Jose State, they are listed as a rival for SDSU and were not scheduled. In conference rival for SDSU are UNLV and BYU. I believe Fresno State are also a rival, but I do not play them this season. I'll try to keep BYU on the schedule all the time, even when/if I move to a BCS conference. then another rival I'll rotate from year to year, but that wont be for a long time.

2010 Schedule: (bold = conference game, * = rival)

San Jose State *
New Mexico State
@Utah State
@BYU *
Air Force
@New Mexico
Colorado State

2010 Depth Chart - Name - overall rating - class(Fr, So, Jr, Sr). * = red shirting this season

San Diego State - 2010 Depth Chart - Regular Offense
WRVincent Brown-86-SrDominique Sandifer-77-SoDylan Denso-69-FrMarcus Russell-68-Fr*
TEAlston Umuolo-80-SrDJ Shields-70-SoJosh OBrien-68-Sr*Gavin Escobar-68-Fr*
LTTommie Drahem-83-JrRiley Gauld-69-Jr
LGMike Matamua-74-JrJapheth Gordon-64-Fr
CTrask Iosefa-77-SrAlec Johnson-72-SoZack Dilley-68-Fr*
RGEmillio Rivera-70-JrNik Embernate-68-SoJimmy Miller-67-So
RTKurtis Gunther-72-JrKellen Farr-69-Jr
WRDemarco Sampson-84-SrOsmond Nicolas-72-FrDoug Deakin-69-SrEzell Ruffin-66-Fr*
QBRyan Lindley-85-JrJake Bernards-72-FrRyne Clark-72-Fr
FBBrandon Sullivan-76-SrChad Young-72-Fr
HBRonnie Hillman-76-FrWalter Kazee-72-SoDavon Brown-72-Sr
San Diego State - 2010 Depth Chart - Base 3-3-5 Defense
LDEErnie Lawson-70-SrJJ Autele-67-JrEron Moses-59-JrEverett Beed-64-Fr*
NTJerome Long-70-JrNeil Spencer-70-JrDontrell Onuaho-69-Fr
RDEBJ Williams-77-SrPerry Jackson-74-JrJacob Tauanuu-72-SrCody Galea-69-Fr*
LOLBMiles Burris-80-JrDemetrius Barksdale-70-Jr
MLBMArcus Yarbrough-74-SrRob Andrews-70-SoJake Fely-68-Fr
ROLBLogan Ketchum-72-JrColin Shumate-68-SoNick Tenhaeff-65-Fr
CBJose Perez-72-SrRomeo Horn-68-JrLarry Parker-65-JrKing Holder-62-Fr*
SSBrandon Davis-72-SrDarryn Lewis-66-SrGabe Lemon-57-So
FSAndrew Preston-68-SrKhalid Stevens-63-SoRene Siluano-62-Fr
SSDey Juan Hemmings-68-SrMarcus Andrews-62-FrColin Lockett-53-Fr
CBLeon McFadden-70-SoJosh Wade-66-SoMahbu Keels-65-Fr*
San Diego State - 2010 Depth Chart - Special Teams
KAbel Perez-82-Jr
PBrian Stahovich-84-Jr
PRLarry ParkerLeon McFadden
KRDavon BrownBrandon Davis
LSAlec JohnsonTrask Iosefa

look forward to playing this dynasty.
Saturday, June 26, 2010
Posted on June 26, 2010 at 04:02 PM.
The Blue Raiders prevail against a great Michigan team, 13-10.

Close game between the #1 and #6 ranked teams. The Blue Raiders took the lead late in the 1st quarter, by way of a 29 yard FG. Early in the 2nd quarter, The Blue Raiders would extend that lead with their only TD of the game, 16 yard pass from Jason Johnson to Martin Miller. Michigan would close the gap on their next drive and get into the endzone a TD of their own with a 7 yard run by Brian Charles. MTSU leads 10-7 at the half.

Neither team could score on the first drives of the 2nd half. The Blue Raiders were the first to score in the 2nd half late in the 3rd quarter, with a 41 yard FG. Michigan would answer on their next drive early in the 4th with a 35 yard FG. The Blue Raider had a chance to extend the lead with another FG, but Matt Woods would mess the FG attempt. MTSU would go on to win 13-10.

MTSU moves on to 2-0, remains ranked #1. Michigan was the only top 10 team to lose this week, they would fall to 12th and 7th through 11th would all move up one spot.

NCAA Scoreboard - Middle Tennessee State (1-0) at Michigan (0-0)
September 4, 20211234F
#1 Middle Tennessee State373013
#6 Michigan070310
Top Performers
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Jason Johnson - 17/28 209 yards 1 TD
Jarrett Denman - 117 rush yards, 17 receive yards
Michigan - Stats
Brian Chales - 194 all-purpose yards 1 TD
Luther Fisher - 11 tackles
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2112
3rd Down Efficiency3-104-11
4th Down Efficiency2-20-1
Total Yards445326
Passing Yards209178
Rushing Yards17654
Penalties-Penalty Yards3-402-19
Time of Possession19:3910:03
Scoring Summary
First QuarterMTSUMich
MTSU1:42FG: M. Woods, 29 Yd FG30
Second QuarterMTSUMich
MTSU5:24TD: M. Miller, 16 Yd pass from J. Johnson (M. Woods kick)100
Mich3:50TD: B. Charles, 7 Yd run (M. Foreman kick)107
Third QuarterMTSUMich
MTSU2:06FG: M. Woods, 41 Yd FG137
Fourth QuarterMTSUMich
Mich6:53FG: M. Foreman, 35 Yd FG1310
Middle Tennessee State
Jason Johnson17/2820911
Jarrett Denman251174.60
Morris Allen8455.60
Jason Johnson4143.50
Tyler Hughes44912.20
Damon Pearson4379.20
Martin Miller47318.21
Jarrett Denman2178.50
Jack Sims11515.00
Terrance Oliver7100
Darryl Thompson4200
Derrick Bishop4000
Joe Swain4000
Rod Marshall3000
Keith Givens3000
Anthony Dorsey3000
Craig McCoy2000
Blake Davis2000
Jack Sims2000
Todd Richardson2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Morris Allen352021
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes1808
Matt Woods2/31/1741
Kellen Mooney14343.00
Kelvin Odom15/3017800
Brian Charles12685.61
Kelvin Odom6-14-2.30
Brian Charles44511.20
Tyler Watson3279.00
Walter Rouse33612.00
Ryan Moore3258.30
Chase Wheatley24522.50
Luther Fisher11000
Kendrick Rutledge9000
Travis Barnett8000
Brandon Jones7000
Clint Lyles7000
Corey Roberts6200
Williams Clark6000
Mike Booth5010
A.J. Walker4000
Kenny Riley4000
Brian Stanford3000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brian Chalres381030
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Skyler Carter113013
Michael Foreman1/21/1436
Michael Foreman415538.70

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Posted on June 12, 2010 at 11:02 PM.
Middle Tennessee State opens the year with a convincing 28-3 victory over Utah

The Defending BCS champs opened the 2021 College football season at home against Utah. Utah came into the game pre-season rank 30th, while MTSU came in as the #1 team. Utah would struggle all game on 3rd downs, only converting once in 11 tries. 4th down was not any better, finishing 1 of 5.

MTSU Senior Halfback Jarrett Denman was player of the game, getting 97 rushing yards 3 TDs on 24 carries. Senior QB, but first year starter, Jason Johnson had a decent first start and would finish 16/23 for 241 passing yards 1 TD, but 2 Ints. MTSU's defense played a great game, only allowing 3 points and 166 total offensive yards. MTSU would easily go on to win 28-3.

Next week should be a true test for the Blue Raiders, Traveling to Michigan to play the 6th ranked Wolverines. It'll be the season opener for Michigan. The Blue Raiders won the match-up last year 20-10.

NCAA Scoreboard - Utah (0-0) at Middle Tennessee State (0-0)
August 8, 20211234F
#1 Middle Tennessee State7140728
Top Performers
Utah - Stats
Antonio Gibson - 12 tackles 2 sacks
Dustin Simon - 6 tackles 2 Ints
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Jarrett Denman - 97 rush yards 3 TDs, 37 receive yards
Darryl Thompson - 5 tackles 2 sacks
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1018
3rd Down Efficiency1-118-13
4th Down Efficiency1-50-0
Total Yards308407
Passing Yards116241
Rushing Yards50109
Penalties-Penalty Yards0-00-0
Time of Possession11:4118:08
Scoring Summary
First QuarterUtahMTSU
Utah4:36FG: B. Mills, 23 Yd FG30
Second QuarterUtahMTSU
MTSU1:46TD: J. Denman, 4 Yd run (M. Woods kick)37
MTSU6:08TD: D. Pearson, 46 Yd pass from J. Johnson (M. Woods kick)314
MTSU0:03TD: J. Denman. 1 Yd run (M. Woods kick)321
Fourth QuarterUtahMTSU
MTSU6:21TD: J. Denman, 3 Yd run (M. Woods kick)328
Jason Johnson16/2324112
Jarrett Denman24974.03
Morris Allen7284.00
Jason Johnson4-16-4.00
Martin Miller47218.00
Jarrett Denman33712.30
Damon Pearson36321.01
Austin Joseph33311.00
Charles Bellamy22010.00
Craig McCoy9000
Thomas Morris8000
Kyle Bean7000
Rod Marshall6000
Zach MxBride5000
Darryl Thompson5200
Terrance Oliver5000
Anthony Dorsey3100
Matthew Ross3000
Derrick Bishop3000
Todd Richardson2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes119019
Morris Allen129029
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes1900
Matt Woods0/14/440
Kellen Mooney313545.00
Middle Tennessee State
Charles Neal13/2111400
Brandon Slaughter0/1000
Brandon Slaughter19643.30
Charles Neal7-18-2.50
Ray Campbell177.00
Matt Smith5306.00
Shawn Hunter34113.60
Jerome Brown22613.00
Ray Campbell22613.00
Brandon Slaughter1-7-7.00
Antonio Gibson12200
Lee Webb7000
Dustin Simon6020
Adam Whitaker6000
Chad Moore6000
Dustin Wright6000
Jim Walters6000
Johnny Mathhews5200
Wesley Williams5000
Mike Tyler3000
Brad Smith3000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Shawn Hunter5126031
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Ben Jones216012
Beau Mills1/10/030
Beau Mills416340.72

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Sunday, June 6, 2010
Posted on June 6, 2010 at 04:36 PM.
Blue Raiders Off-season Activities

The Blue Raiders had 15 players graduate from their team after the 2020 season, none of the player left early to go pro or transfer. while there weren't many players that left, there were several key players that did, most notably 4-year starter and Heisman Trophy winner QB Lance Williams.

Graduated players(ovr rating) - Career Stats
QB Lance Williams(93) - 163.0 Rating, 787-1187(66.3%) 10,544 yards, 97 TDs 29 Ints, 528 carries 2721 rush yards 37 TDs - 2018, 2020 Maxwell winner, 2020 O'Brien winner, 2020 Heisman winner
QB Glen Smith(83)
WR Tyler Nelson(93) - 194 catches 2920 yards 28 TDs
WR Brandon Banks(93) - 140 catches 1806 yards 20 TDs
WR Kevin Weldon(88) - 64 catches 932 yards 7 TDs
TE Richard Mason(88) - 71 catches 746 yards 6 TDs
LG Daniel Bridges(92)
LE Mike Mansfield(90) - 136 tackles 29 sacks, 3 FF, 3 FR 2019, 2020 Lombardi winner
LE Matt Green(87)
RE Rashad Foster(89) - 51 tackles 6 sacks 1 FF 2 FR
DT Kevin Potts(86) - 5 tackles 1 sack
ROLB Corey Morgan(90) - 123 tackles 1 sack 1 Int 2 FR
CB Aaron Hines(95) - 107 yards 1 Int 3 FF 3 FR
CB Tony Griffin(93) - 172 yards 2 Ints 1 FR
CB Mike Smith(91) - 106 tackles 1 Int 3 FF 2 FR

The Blue Raiders pulled in the 5th ranked recruiting class with 16 new recruits. MTSU pulled in 3 total QBs, one of which is a Juco transfer. with only 1 returning QB, it was a needed addition.

2021 recruiting class
5*(#1 ATH) Martin Miller 6'3" 205 lbs (playing as WR)
5*(#2 HB) Roland Arnold 6'1" 213 lbs
5*(#1 MLB) Leon Johnson 5'11" 249 lbs
4*(#5 QB) Jason Simmons 6'4" 205lbs
4*(#8 QB Juco) Isaac Williams 6'5" 204 lbs
4*(#11 QB) Joey Walter 6'3" 199 lbs
4*(#2 WR) Eric Hill 5'10" 198 lbs
4*(#3 WR) Jonathan Collins 6'1" 173 lbs
4*(#8 TE) Drew Thibodeaux 6'7" 250 lbs
4*(#9 G) Eric Hale 6'2" 310 lbs
4*(#3 DE) Darryl Thompson 6'1" 236 lbs
4*(#23 CB) J.T. Pratt 6'1" 197 lbs
4*(#28 CB) Dan Hogan 6'0" 176 lbs
4*(#32 CB) Doug Hall 6'0" 169 lbs
3*(#25 DE Juco) Mike Hayden 6'1" 246 lbs
3*(#28 DE) Jerry Smith 6'3" 248 lbs

MTSU's 2021 Depth Chart: Name - class - overall rating *=reshirted in the past +=redshirting this season
Middle Tennessee State - 2021 Depth Chart - Regular Offense
WRAustin Joseph - Sr* - 91Damon Pearson - Jr* - 86Jack Sims - So* - 84Eric Hill - Fr+ - 80
TECharles Bellamy - Sr* - 90Ed Stephens - So* - 83Drew Thiboddeaux-Fr+-81
LTJon Hargrove - Jr* - 88Marcus Byrd - Fr* - 79Kevin Bell - So* - 79
LGRyan Tyler - Jr* - 90Courtney Wilson - Fr* - 79Eric Hale - Fr+ - 84
CJoe Morris - Sr* - 94Jared Smith - Jr* - 91
RGJason Lamb - Sr* - 93Bobby Barrett - Fr* - 78Antwan Champman-So*-76
RTCornelius Triplett - Sr* - 94Matt Butler - Jr* - 89Manny White - So* - 81
WRTyler Hughes - So* - 89Matrin Miller - Fr - 84Jonathan Collins - Fr - 76
QBJason Johnson - Sr* - 92Joey Walter - Fr - 82Issac Williams - Jr - 76Jason Simmons - Fr+ - 83
FBBobby Gunn - So - 90Brandon Brown - Sr* - 83
HBJarrett Denman - Sr* - 98Morris Allen - Jr* - 90Jerome Wade - Jr* - 89Steve Murphy - Fr* - 86
Middle Tennessee State - 2021 Depth Chart - Base 3-4 Defense
LDEDarryl Thompson -Fr- 81Joel Moore - Fr* - 74Jerry Smith - Fr+ - 78
NTZach McBride - Sr* - 90Tim Lacey - So* - 84Terrance Keyes - So* - 82Gary Smith - Fr* - 81
RDEAnthony Dorey - Fr* - 81Andy Herron - So* - 80Mike Hayden - So - 71
LOLBMatthew Ross - Sr* - 93Todd Richardson - Jr* - 90Brandon Scott - So* - 84
LILBCraig McCoy - Sr - 95Bob Concepcion - Jr* - 84Leon Johnson - Fr+ - 82
RILBJoe Swain - Jr - 94Vincent Baker - So* - 80
ROLBTerrance Oliver - Jr* - 96Rob Richardson - Jr* - 93
CBKeith Givens - Sr* - 92Doug Phillips - Jr* - 82Dan Hogan - Fr - 76J.T. Pratt - Fr+ - 76
SSRod Marshall - Jr* - 89Derrick Bishop - Jr* - 89Zach Scott - Fr* - 83
FSThomas Morris - Jr - 89Blake Davis - Jr* - 86Corey Parker - So* - 81
CBKyle Bean - Fr* - 86Michael Hopkins - So* - 81Doug Hall - Fr - 74
Middle Tennessee State - 2021 Depth Chart - Special Teams
KMatt Woods - So - 82Kellen Mooney - So* - 79
PKellen Mooney - So* - 79Matt Woods - So - 82
HJoey Walter - Fr - 82
PRTyler Hughes - So* - 89Morris Allen - Jr* - 90Austin Joseph - Sr* - 91Thomas Morris - Jr - 89
KRTyler Hughes - So* - 89Morris Allen - Jr* - 90Austin Joseph - Sr* - 91Thomas Morris - Jr - 89
LSJoe Morris - Sr* - 94Cornelius Triplett - Sr* - 94Jason Lamb - Sr* - 93

The Blue Raiders had to replace some key positions in the off-season, but things look great for MTSU going into the 2021 season. The Preseason Poll has MTSU at #1. The 2021 schedule looks good for the Blue Raiders, they finish up the home/home with both Michigan and Louisville. They begin the Season at home versus Utah, and will close the year at Kansas State. SEC play will see the same teams as last year.

QB Jason Johnson has big shoes to fill trying to replace Lance Williams. Jason only had limited time of play so far, but he is a 5th year player, so he knows the system well. The offense could change a little with Johnson at the helm, as he is not as mobile as Lance Williams. HB Jarrett Denman is expected to do big things this season, he comes into the year as the team's biggest returning offensive threat. He'll likely get the bulk of the carries this year, unlike last year were it was a 3-way split between Williams, Wade and himself. WR Austin Joseph is the most experienced WR in the group, but only 50 catches in 4 playing seasons. MTSU has a lot of potential talent on offense, but not a lot of actual game experience. The offensive line, however, is very experience and very talented.

Defensively, The Blue Raiders are lacking up front, starting a true freshman, and a redshirt freshman at the DEs, but a good solid DT to be the NT. MTSU is stacked at the LB positions though, definatly the strength of the defense.

MTSU's 2021 Schedule:
8/28 - Utah
9/4 - @#6 Michigan
9/11 - Louisville
9/18 - Ole Miss
9/25 - @Georgia
10/2 - @#10 South Carolina
10/9 - @LSU
10/14 - Mississippi State
10/23 - Florida
11/6 - @Vanderbilt
11/13 - #17 Tennessee
11/20 - @Kansas State
2021 Pre-season Poll: school name - ovr, off, def, spt letter grades
2021 NCAA Football Rankings - Coaches Poll
1.Middle Tennessee State - A+, A+, A, B- -
2.Florida State - A+, A-, A+, C-
3.Oklahoma - B+, B+, A-, A-
4.Georgia Tech - B+, B+, A-, B+-
5.Notre Dame - A+, A, A, B--
6.Michigan - B+, B, A, C-
7.Wisconsin - B+, B, A, B--
8.BYU - B, B-, A-, C-
9.USC - A-, B, A, B--
11.Boise State - B+, B-, A, C-
12.Virgina Tech - B+, B+, A-, C--
13.Ohio State - A, B+, A, A--
14.West Virginia - B+, B, A-, B-
15.Texas - B+, B-, A+, B--
16.Arkansas - B, B-, A-, C-
17.Tennessee - B, B-, B+, B+-
18.Maryland - B, B-, A-, C+-
19.Oklahoma State - B+, B, B+, B- -
20.TCU - B, B-, B+, C-
21.Indiana - B-, C+, B, B--
22.Oregon - B, C+, A-, C+-
23.Auburn - B, B-, B+, C--
24.USF - B, C+, A-, C-
25.UCF - B-, C+, B, C--

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Posted on June 1, 2010 at 08:06 PM.
It was a very good season for Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, finishing 13-1 and wining both the SEC Conference and BCS National Championship, the first for MTSU. Lance Williams became the first Blue Raider to win the Heisman Trophy, he would also win the O'Brein and Maxwell awards. Lance Williams would also break school records for career passing yards(10,544) and career passing touchdowns(97).

Schedule and scores(with final coaches poll rankings):
@Louisville W 27-3
North Texas W 42-16
#10 Boise State W 23-13
@Florida W 13-6
#2 South Carolina W 24-7
@Ole Miss W 52-31
@Miss St W 38-24
Auburn W 42-22
Vanderbilt W 51-30
Georgia W 38-20

@#19 Tennessee L 20-26
#12 Michigan W 20-10
SEC Title - Ole Miss W 33-14
BCS - #8 Georgia Tech W 12-9

Middle Tennessee State Leaders - 2020 Season
Passing YardsYardsPassing TDs/Ints thrownTD/Int
1. Lance Williams28961. Lance Williams24/5
2. 2.
3. 3.
Rushing YardsYardsRushing TDsTDs
1. Jarrett Denman9971. Lance Williams12
2. Lance Williams8352. Jerome Wade9
3. Jerome Wade7373. Jarrett Denman5
4. Morris Allen 1014. Bobby Gunn1
5. Austin Joseph175.
Receiving YardsYardsReceiving TDsTDs
1. Tyler Nelson10191. Tyler Nelson13
2. Brandon Banks5722. Brandon Banks6
3. Austin Joseph4773. Austin Joseph3
4. Richard Mason3244. Tyler Hughes1
5. Kevin Weldon2285. Richard Mason1
Total TacklesTacklesSacksSacks
1. Craig McCoy771. Mike Mansfield15
2. Thomas Morris762. Zach McBride9
3. Terrance Oliver673. Rashad Foster5
4. Joe Swain644. Matthew Ross2
5. Derrick Bishop625. Joe Swain1
InterceptionsIntsFGs Made/FGs AttemptFGM/FGA
1. Thomas Morris21. Matt Woods26/32
2. Zach McBride22.
3. Matthew Ross23.
4. Aaron Hines14.
Total KR/PR yardsPunt Attempt/Punt Yard AveragePA/Ave
1. Tyler Hughes5881. Kellen Mooney19/39.1
2. Morris Allen3552. Matt Woods2/48.0
3. Tyler Nelson793.
4. Ed Stephens144.
5. Bobby Gunn 165.

2020 NCAA Football Rankings - AP Top 25
1.Middle Tennessee State213-11625
2.South Carolina310-31427
6.Florida State511-31027
8.Arkansas 1210-3987
9.Georgia Tech110-4985
11.Boise State610-3952
13.Michigan 199-4773
14.Notre Dame1811-2749
20.Oklahoma State--9-4487
21.West Virginia259-4476
22.Virginia Tech--9-4439
24.Ohio State209-4338

NCAA Football Leaders - 2020 Season
NCAA - QB RatingRatingNCAA - Passing YardsYards
1. Lance Williams - MTSU169.21. Mark Hudson - Tulsa4148
2. Lawrence James - Boise153.12. Lawrence James - Boise4030
3. Ricky James - Ohio St152.23. Robert Singleton - SMU3974
4. Mark Hudson - Tulsa152.04. Norris Robinson - BYU3819
5. Michael Hopkins - Sou Car149.25. Adam James - Indiana3597
NCAA - Passing TDsTDsNCAA - Completion %Comp %
1. Lawrence James - Boise391. Lance Williams - MTSU71
2. Norris Robinson - BYU342. Ricky James - Ohio St66
3. Robert Singleton - SMU333. Mark Hudson - Tulsa65
4. Adam James - Indiana324. Lawrence James - Boise64
5. George White - NIU325. Adrian Stanley - Ok St63
NCAA - Rush YardsYardsNCAA - Rush TDsTDs
1. Chris Monroe - GT17191. Lynn Walker - ND15
2. Paris Bracken - UCLA15072. Benjamin Douglas - TCU14
3. Kyle Golden - Or St14033. Roy Dobzinski - UCF13
4. Roy Dobzinski - UCF13994. Kyle Golden - Or St13
5. Glen Wood - Wisconsin13695. Pete Harris - VT13
NCAA - Receiving YardsYardsNCAA - Receiving TDsTDs
1. Travis McCloud - Tulsa17601. Nick Powers - SMU18
2. Sam Lester - Ok St16592. Darryl Nichols - BYU15
3. Nick Powers - SMU15513. Carl Raymond - OU15
4. Brandon Pitts - Ohio13744. Earl Williams - Indiana14
5. Darryl Nichols - BYU13445. Sam Lester - Ok St14
NCAA - TacklesTacklesNCAA - SacksSacks
1. Willie Hill - Mizzou1241. Mike Mansfield - MTSU15
2. Justin Faulk - Purdue1182. Nick Johnson - Baylor12
3. Devon Carlton - SJSU1183. Brian Johnson - LSU12
4. Ricardo McNiel - OU1164. Mike Smith - Rutgers12
5. Demetrius Mangum - Nevada1155. Justin Charles - Syracuse12
NCAA - IntsIntsNCAA - Field Goal Percentage%
1. Nelson Rhodes - KSU81. Kiel McCray - Arizona93
2. Brandon Crenshaw - Miami U72. Matt Fellows - Ohio St89
3. Brent Bryant - Michigan73. Jovon Dukes - WVU88
4. Marcus Johnson - Rutgers74. Ricky Johnson - Colorado86
5. Shane Jackson - Aub65. Bobby Benson - Troy86

after 12 season as Head coach of MTSU:
Career Record: 127-38
Winning Seasons: 12
Longest Winning Streak: 12
Record vs. Top 25: 22-17
Record vs. Rivals: 12-4
Bowl Record: 6-6
Conference Titles: 8(1 Sunbelt, 6 C-USA, 1 SEC)
National Titles: 1(2020)
Category: Dynasty
Monday, May 31, 2010
Blue Raiders win defensive BCS National Championship 12-9

The nations number 1 and number 2 ranked rushing offense squared off in the BCS National Championship game in Miami. Both team's offenses struggled to get down the field, Georgia Tech managed to strike first, with a 21 yard FG as time expired in the 1st quarter, thanks largely to a 25 yard pass play that setup the FG.

The Blue Raiders would be able to tie the game on their next drive with a 29 yard FG. The Blue Raider got a big play late in the 2nd quarter on an option play and Lance Williams was able to break out on a 64 yard run. That lead to a 32 yard FG as time expired in the 1st half to lead 6-3. The Blue Raiders would start the 2nd half where they left off the 1st, with a 24 yard FG to take a 9-3 lead. Georgia Tech would be able to put together a great drive, but falls short of the endzone and will have to settle for another FG. 9-6 MTSU leading.

After forcing MTSU to punt, Georgia Tech puts together another drive to get them into FG range. They would not be able to get into the endzone yet again and would have to settle for a 29 yard FG to tie the game at 9-9. The Blue Raiders drive down the field, convert on a 4th and 2 to keep their drive going. They were able to get inside the 5 yard line and would line up for the potential game-winning FG attempt with :03 remaining. Georgia Tech would try to "ice" MTSU's kicker by calling 3 consecutive timeouts, but it would be no use. Matt Woods would be able to kick it threw for the game-winner. The Blue Raiders become the 2020 BCS National Champions!

NCAA Scoreboard | Middle Tennessee State (12-1) at Georgia Tech (10-3)
January 7, 20211234F
#2 Middle Tennessee State063312
#1 Georgia Tech30339
Top Performers
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Lance Williams - 13/20 132 yards, 87 rush yards
Matt Woods - 4/4 FGs
Georgia Tech - Stats
Harold Ortiz - 3/3 FGs
George Martin - 10 tackles
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs169
3rd Down Efficiency5-133-12
4th Down Efficiency1-11-1
Total Yards376252
Passing Yards13250
Rushing Yards167118
Penalties-Penalty Yards1-152-25
Time of Possession17:3510:25
Scoring Summary
First QuarterMTSUGT
GT0:00FG: H. Ortiz, 21 Yd FG03
Second QuarterMTSUGT
MTSU4:23FG: M. Woods, 29 Yd FG33
MTSU0:00FG: M. Woods, 32 Yd FG63
Third QuarterMTSUGT
MTSU5:34FG: M. Woods, 24 Yd FG93
GT3:22FG: H. Ortiz, 24 Yd FG96
Fourth QuarterMTSUGT
GT4:49FG: H. Ortiz, 29 Yd FG99
MTSU0:00FG: M. Woods, 22 Yd FG129
Middle Tennessee State
Lance Williams13/2013200
Jarrett Denman17513.00
Jerome Wade12312.50
Lance Williams88510.60
Tyler Nelson44010.00
Austin Joseph44511.20
Brandon Banks2178.50
Kevin Weldon11616.00
Richard Mason199.00
Craig McCoy9000
Joe Swain7100
Tony Griffin6000
Thomas Morris5000
Derrick Bishop5000
Rashad Foster4000
Aaron Hines3000
Matthew Ross3000
Terrance Oliver3000
Keith Givens2000
Mike Mansfield2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes355020
Morris Allen114014
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes3804
Matt Woods4/40/0120
Kellen Mooney415538.71
Georgia Tech
Edgar Perry5/135000
Thomas Smith0/1000
Edgar Perry15453.00
Stanford Harrell10474.70
Chris Monroe5265.20
Chris Monroe210.50
Stanford Harrell155.00
Matt McNeil11919.00
Joshua Wright12525.00
George Martin10000
Tim Sherman8000
Matt Fernandez8000
Alex Ray7000
Ralph Bradford7000
Ted Parker6100
Pedro Sullivan6000
Richard Lewis6000
Casey Ewing5000
Kevin Ginn4000
Adam Flowers4000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Matt McNiel366024
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Alex Ray31807
Harold Ortiz3/30/090
Harold Ortiz522144.22

Get more tables at

Other BCS bowls:
Rose Bowl - Indiana 34 Oregon State 20
Sugar Bowl - BYU 22 Florida State 18
Orange Bowl - South Carolina 27 USF 13
Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma 38 Boise State 28

I'll post a post season review later on. have not decided if I want to do another season yet.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Posted on May 29, 2010 at 02:39 PM.
Middle Tennessee State walks off with a 33-14 victory over Ole Miss

A rematch of week 8's match-up, The Blue Raiders faced Ole Miss in the SEC Championship game. The Blue Raider won the first match-up 52-31. this game wouldn't be as high scoring, but would see a similar dominance by the Blue Raiders.

The Blue Raiders started out strong, scoring the first 10 points of the game. Ole miss was finally able to score early in the 2nd quarter, but would miss the XP. MTSU would close out the 1st half with 10 more points to lead 20-6 at the half. The Blue Raiders dominated the clock, more than doubling the time of possession. In the 2nd half, it was more of the same. MTSU would add 7 points to their lead in the 3rd to lead 27-6. Early in the 4th, MTSU would add a FG to lead 30-6. Ole Miss with one last attempt to close the gap would get back to the end zone with another TD, and would get the 2-pt attempt, closing it to 30-14. after a failed onsides kick, Ole Miss held MTSU to a FG, but Ole Miss was never able to do anything with the ball on their next drive. MTSU would go on to win 33-14.

NCAA Scoreboard | Mississippi (7-5) at Middle Tennessee State (11-1)
December 12, 20201234F
#4 Middle Tennessee State10107633
Top Performers
Mississippi - Stats
Clifton Samuel - 17/23 193 yards 2TDs
Shane Phillips - 7 tackles 3 sacks
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Lance Williams - 18/24 231 yards 2 TDs, 34 rush yards
Matt Woods - 4/4 FG, 3/3 XP
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1219
3rd Down Efficiency2-85-11
4th Down Efficiency1-10-0
Total Yards399433
Passing Yards184231
Rushing Yards26162
Penalties-Penalty Yards1-152-25
Time of Possession8:2422:22
Scoring Summary
First QuarterMissMTSU
MTSU4:27FG: M. Woods, 47 Yd FG03
MTSU1:53TD: B. Banks, 9 Yd pass from L. Williams (M. Woods kick)010
Second QuarterMissMTSU
Miss6:44TD: B. Jackson, 3 Yd pass from C. Samuel (missed XP)610
MTSU5:06TD: A. Joseph, 4 Yd pass from L. Williams (M. Woods kick)617
MTSU0:02FG: M. Woods, 34 Yd FG620
Third QuarterMissMTSU
MTSU5:03TD: J. Denman, 1 Yd run (M. Woods kick)627
Fourth QuarterMissMTSU
MTSU4:57FG: M. Woods, 34 Yd FG630
Miss3:18TD: J. Davis, 24 Yd pass from C. Samuel (2-pt)1430
MTSU1:39FG: M. Woods, 33 Yd FG1433
Clifton Samuel17/2319320
John Flanagan1/3-200
John Flanagan10323.20
Clifton Samuel2-11-5.50
Brendan McKeon4379.20
Nathan Cabral45413.50
John Flanagan34314.30
Derron Golden22914.50
Brian Jackson263.01
Brett Carter14000
David Hicks12000
Ron Morgan11000
James Freeman7000
Shane Phillips7300
Will Mathis6000
Blake Riley6100
Charlie Diggs5000
Tony Hayes4000
Chris Beck4000
William Graham2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Robert Carter7170026
Brendan McKeon124024
Tony McIntire0/00/000
Tony McIntire520040.01
Middle Tennessee State
Lance Williams18/2423120
Jarrett Denman17784.51
Jerome Wade11504.50
Lance Williams10343.40
Tyler Nelson710114.40
Brandon Banks34214.01
Austin Joseph3237.61
Kevin Weldon22713.50
Richard Mason11818.00
Terrance Oliver5000
Thomas Morris4000
Craig McCoy4000
Derrick Bishop4000
Matthew Ross3000
Zach McBride3100
Mike Mansfield3100
Joe Swain3000
Rod Marshall2000
Aaron Hines2000
Mike Smith2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes237020
Joe Swain1101
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes2202
Matt Woods4/43/31547
Kellen Mooney13636.01

Get more tables at

MTSU Awards:
QB Lance Williams wins the 2020 Heisman Trophy Award - 172.5 rating, 216-300(72%) 2764 yards, 24 TDs, 5 Ints, 137 carries 750 yards 12 rushing TDs
Lance Williams also won the Maxwell and Davey O'Brien Awards.

DE - Mike Mansfield wins the Lombardi Award - 52 tackles, 15 sacks, 3 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery

conference Championship games:
SEC - Mid Tenn State 33 Ole Miss 14
ACC - Georgia Tech 17 Florida State 10
C-USA - UCF 10 Houston 0
Big 12 - Oklahoma 28 Iowa State 3
MAC - Central Michigan 27 Ohio 26

BCS Bowl Games:
Rose Bowl - #15 Indiana 10-2(7-1) vs. #14 Oregon State 8-4(8-1)
Sugar Bowl - #4 BYU 10-2(6-2) vs. #5 Florida State 11-2(7-2)
Orange Bowl - #3 South Carolina 9-3(6-2) vs. #10 USF 9-3(6-1)
Fiesta Bowl - #6 Oklahoma 10-3(8-1) vs. #7 Boise State 10-2(8-0)

BCS NC - #2 Middle Tennessee State 12-1(8-1) vs. #1 Georgia Tech 10-3(7-2)

the #1 rushing attack(MTSU) versus the #2 rushing attack(GT), MTSU has the #1 ranked rush defense, while GT has the #13 rush Defense. overall, GT has the better defense, while MTSU has the better offense.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Posted on May 26, 2010 at 11:29 PM.
#15 Michigan leaves Murfreesboro with a heartbreaking 20-10 defeat

Snowy afternoon in Murfreesboro, TN, as #15 Michigan faced #5 Middle Tennessee State. The Blue Raiders were able to hold Michigan on their first drive and force a punt. MTSU's QB Lance Williams broke a long run and scored a rushing TD to take the 7-0 lead in the first quarter. that would be the only score in the first half for either team. both team's QBs would throw a pair of Ints in the first half. MTSU also missed a FG in the 2nd quarter.

The third quarter saw 3 FGs made, 2 by MTSU and 1 by Michigan. MTSU leads 13-3 going into the 4th. The Blue Raiders put together a long drive and capped it off with a 6 yard TD pass to take a 20-3 lead. Michigan would take advantage of a missed coverage by the Blue Raiders and got a huge play that put them in the red zone. Eddie Fernandez would later punch it in from 2 yards out to close the lead to 20-10. MTSU would recover the onside kick and run the clock out to win 20-10.

The Blue Raiders would end the regular season 11-1(7-1), and will face 7-5(5-3) Ole Miss in the SEC Championship game.

NCAA Scoreboard | Michigan (7-3) at Middle Tennessee State (10-1)
November 28, 20201234F
#15 Michigan003710
#5 Middle Tennessee State706720
Top Performers
Michigan - Stats
Walter Rouse - 87 receive yards 9 rush yards
Anthony Jones - 12 tackles 1 Int
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Lance Williams - 17/22 176 yards 1 TD, 67 rush yards 1 TD
Thomas Morris 4 tackles 1 Int
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs1521
3rd Down Efficiency2-95-9
4th Down Efficiency2-30-0
Total Yards419402
Passing Yards254176
Rushing Yards45198
Penalties-Penalty Yards1-150-0
Time of Possession11:1918:53
Scoring Summary
First QuarterMichMTSU
MTSU4:23TD: L. Williams, 26 Yd run (M. Woods kick)07
Third QuarterMichMTSU
MTSU5:45FG: M. Woods, 44 Yd FG010
Mich3:05FG: M. Foreman, 25 Yd FG310
MTSU0:49FG: M. Woods, 44 Yd FG313
Fourth QuarterMichMTSU
MTSU1:40TD: T. Nelson, 6 Yd pass from L. Williams (M. Woods kick)320
Mich1:10TD: E. Fernandez, 2 Yd run (M. Foreman kick)1020
Evan Woodard22/3425402
Eddie Fernandez14342.41
Evan Woodard430.70
Walter Rouse199.00
Walter Rouse58717.40
Brad Culp55511.00
Darius Robinson4338.20
John Moore33511.60
Eddie Fernandez2105.00
Anthony Jones12010
Brent Bryant10000
Brandon Jones8010
Adam Crowder8100
Clint Lyles7000
Mike Booth6000
Daniel Huffman5100
A.J. Walker4000
Kendrick Rutledge4000
Aaron Robinson4000
Mike Coleman3000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Brent Bryant497027
John Moore123023
Michael Foreman1/11/1426
Tyler Pierce311438.02
Middle Tennessee State
Lance Williams17/2217612
Jerome Wade17844.90
Jarrett Denman12473.90
Lance Williams7679.51
Austin Joseph4399.70
Tyler Nelson44912.21
Brandon Banks45714.20
Charles Bellamy2105.00
Kevin Weldon11212.00
Tony Griffin6000
Joe Swain6000
Terrance Oliver6000
Derrick Bishop5000
Mike Mansfield5000
Zach McBride5000
Thomas Morris4010
Aaron Hines3000
Craig McCoy3000
Keith Givens3000
Matthew Ross2010
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Morris Allen117017
Tyler Hughes111011
Matt Woods2/32/2645
Kellen Mooney13737.01

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Conference Championship games:
SEC - Ole Miss 7-5(5-3) vs. #4 Middle Tennessee State 11-1(7-1)
ACC - #3 Georgia Tech 9-3(6-2) vs. #1 Florida State 11-1(7-1)
C-USA - #9 UCF 10-2(7-1) vs. Houston 9-3(8-0)
Big 12 - Iowa State 6-6(5-3) vs. #5 Oklahoma 9-3(7-1)

BCS top 10: FSU, GT, MTSU, S Car, BYU, Boise, OU, Maryland, UCF, and USF.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Posted on May 25, 2010 at 10:09 PM.
Tennessee Hangs on to knock the Blue Raiders from the ranks of the unbeaten

It was a crazy weekend in the BCS top 10. The Blue Raiders knew going into their game that ND and Ohio State both lost. A win could put them into a good lead in the BCS standings, but they would have to travel to Knoxville to face Tennessee in a heavy snow evening.

Tennessee would get the early advantage by scoring first late in the first quarter, on a 7 yard by run HB Willie Johnson. MTSU would answer on their next drive, early in the 2nd quarter with a 10 yard pass from Lance Williams to Tyler Nelson. Tennessee on their next drive, would go back into the lead with a 4 yard pass from Steve Scott to Antonio Cantrell. MTSU would score with about a minute to go in the 1st half with a 7 yard run by Jarrett Denman. 14-14 at the half.

Tennessee would open up the 2nd half with a 48 yard pass from Steve Scott to Antonio Cantrell for their 2nd hook up on the game, but they would miss the XP attempt. 20-14. MTSU would be hold out of the endzone on their next 2 drives, only getting 2 FGs in those drives. MTSU was able to tie Tennessee 20-20. Both teams had a chance to break the tie in the 4th, but both teams would miss a FG. Tennessee had 1 final drive that took the majority of the 4th quarter and would end up with a TD by Willie Johnson. they would again miss the XP attempt. Tennessee would go on to win 26-20.

The Blue Raiders will move on to 10-1(7-1), and will face #15 Michigan in their regular season finale.

NCAA Scoreboard | Middle Tennessee State (10-0) at Tennessee (7-3)
November 21, 20201234F
#1 Middle Tennessee State0146020
#19 Tennessee776626
Top Performers
Middle Tennessee State - Stats
Lance Williams - 18/29 206 yards 1 TD, 19 rush yards
Craig McCoy - 13 tackles, 1 TFL
Tennessee - Stats
Steve Scott - 22/27 250 yards 2 TD
Willie Johnson - 122 rush yards 2 TDs
Team Stats Comparison
First Downs2019
3rd Down Efficiency6-128-12
4th Down Efficiency1-11-2
Total Yards424469
Passing Yards206250
Rushing Yards139111
Penalties-Penalty Yards0-00-0
Time of Possession14:4913:31
Scoring Summary
First QuarterMTSTen
Ten1:53TD: W. Johnson, 7 Yd run (G. Pleasant kick)07
Second QuarterMTSTen
MTS6:20TD: T. Nelson, 10 Yd pass from L. Williams (M. Woods)77
Ten4:08TD: A. Cantrell, 4 Yd pass from S. Scott (G. Pleasant kick)714
MTS1:08TD: J. Denman, 7 Yd run (M. Woods kick)1414
Third QuarterMTSTen
MTS5:52TD: A. Cantrell, 48 Yd pass from S. Scott (missed XP)1420
Ten3:32FG: M. Woods, 35 Yd FG1720
Ten0:18FG: M. Woods, 28 Yd FG2020
Fourth QuarterMTSTen
MTS0:08TD: W. Johnson, 1 Yd run (missed XP)2026
Middle Tennessee State
Lance Williams18/2920610
Jarrett Denman15765.01
Jerome Wade11444.00
Lance Williams6193.10
Tyler Nelson58416.81
Richard Mason55511.00
Brandon Banks3279.00
Kevin Weldon22412.00
Austin Joseph284.00
Craig McCoy13000
Thomas Morris9000
Zach McBride8000
Derrick Bishop7000
Terrance Oliver7000
Tony Griffin6000
Mike Mansfield5100
Joe Swain5000
Matthew Ross5100
Mike Smith3000
Rashad Foster2000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes347016
Morris Allen230016
Punt ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Tyler Hughes1202
Matt Woods2/32/2836
Kellen Mooney12828.01
Steve Scott22/2725020
Willie Johnson291224.22
Scott Jackson133.00
Steve Scott2-14-7.00
Willie Johnson6508.30
Antonio Cantrell58416.82
Alan McMillan4297.20
Ryan Nelson33210.60
Ryan Scott22914.50
John Estes11000
Anthony Johnson8000
Brad Davis7000
Richie Whitworth7000
Clarence Golden6000
David Bentley6000
Kyle Hunter5100
Mike Clement5000
Marvin Walker4000
Tim Johnson4000
Erik Wheller3000
Kick ReturningNO.YDSTDLONG
Kevin Brown488023
Ryan Nelson120020
Greg Pleasant0/12/420
Greg Pleasant23636.00

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The top ten would see some shuffling after the MTSU, ND, and Ohio St losses. the new top 10 is: FSU, Iowa, GT, MTSU, ND, BYU, USC, South Car, Boise State, and USF. Ohio State fell to 11th.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010
Posted on May 23, 2010 at 05:49 PM.
Blue Raiders continue to win, this time at home against Georgia

The Blue Raiders continued their winning streak, defeating SEC East foe Georgia 38-20. The win clinches the SEC East for the Blue Raiders. Georgia was able to hang with the Blue Raiders for the first 2 and a half quarters, but then the Blue Raiders was able to stretch out their lead and hold on for the win.

Both teams traded TDs in the first quarter and UGA would add a FG in the 2nd. right before the end of the 1st half, MTSU would take the lead with a TD to lead 14-10 at the half. Blue Raider would take the 2nd half kick and march down the field on their way to a FG to lead 17-10. Georgia would answer with a FG of their own, 17-13. MTSU would score 21 straight points to lead 38-13 with about 2 minute remaining in the game. Georgia would trim down the lead with a TD under a minute to go, but would end up losing 38-20.

The Blue Raiders will improve to 10-0(7-0) and will face the 7-3(4-3) in-state opponent #19 Tennessee in Knoxville.

Georgia (5-4) at Middle Tennessee State (9-0)
November 14, 20201234F
#1 Middle Tennessee State77101438
Xavier Grant - 123 receive yards
Phil Pressley - 6 tackles 2 sacks 1 FF
Heath Underwood - 47 receive yards 1 TD
Middle Tennessee State
Lance Williams - 15/19 175 yards 1 TD 37 rush yards 2 TDs
Thomas Morris - 8 tackles 1 Int
Jarrett Denman - 101 rush yards 1 TD
First Downs1623
3rd Down Efficiency6-143-6
4th Down Efficiency1-41-1
Total Yards440494
Passing Yards255175
Rushing Yards33204
Penalties-Penalty Yards2-252-29
Possession Time12:4716:46
UGA4:52TD UGA: H. Underwood, 4 Yd pass from B. Atkins(B. Chandler kick)70
MTSU2:28TD MTSU: L. Williams, 5 Yd run (M. Woods kick)77
UGA5:32FG UGA: B. Chandler, 38 Yd FG107
MTSU0:45TD MTSU: J. Denman, 2 Yd run (M. Woods kick)1014
MTSU4:55FG MTSU: M. Woods, 26 Yd FG1017
UGA3:04FG UGA: B. Chandler, 36 Yd FG1317
MTSU2:09TD MTSU: B. Banks, 20 Yd pass from L. Williams (M. Woods kick)1324
MTSU6:04TD MTSU: J. Wade, 1 Yd run (M. Woods kick)1331
MTSU2:25TD MTSU: L. Williams, 2 Yd run (M. Woods kick)1338
UGA0:37TD UGA: B. Kearney, 1 Yd run (B. Chandler kick)2038
Georgia Boxscore
Brad Atkins19/3124211
Marcus Jones1/21300
John O'Neill24652.70
Brad Atkins3-23-7.60
Blair Kearney111.01
Xavier Grant812315.30
Frank Lewis33511.60
John O'Neill2147.00
Tim Bell22512.50
Heath Underwood24723.51
Victor Carey10000
Jason Campbell9000
Michael Schultz7000
Desmond Sims7000
Phil Pressley6200
Marques Robinson6100
Justin Brown5000
Julius King4000
Steve Doty4000
Blake Willis4000
Jamar Anderson3000
Justin Brown5119027
Franks Lewis123023
B.J. Chandler2/22/2839
Fred White28341.50
Middle Tennessee State Boxscore
Lance Williams15/1917510
Jarrett Denman151016.71
Lance Williams11373.32
Jerome Wade11555.01
Brandon Banks67813.01
Kevin Weldon33712.30
Jarrett Denman273.50
Richard Mason22110.50
Tyler Nelson11616.00
Thomas Morris8010
Zach McBride7100
Mike Mansfield6100
Joe Swain6000
Rashad Foster6100
Tony Griffin6000
Craig McCoy5000
Terrance Oliver5000
Matthew Ross4100
Kevin Weldon2000
Keith Givens2000
Tyler Hughes363027
Morris Allen120020
Tyler Hughes229016
Matt Woods1/15/5826
Kellen Mooney15656.00

2 more commitments for MTSU this past week. 4* CB J.T. Pratt from Scottsboro, AL and 4* WR Jonathan Collins from Martha Lake, WA. The Blue Raiders look to be getting a commitment from 5* DT Kenny Riley, but he is also considering ND and Michigan. Riley is the #3 overall recruit in this year's class.

In the BCS race, UCF would suffer their first defeat of the year, losing at SMU this past week. they would fall from #3 to #12. UCS would fall from #9 to #15 after losing to Oregon State. the biggest drop would be Michigan, who would go from #6 to #21 after losing to 3-7 Northwestern. the new top 10 in the BCS is: MTSU, ND, Ohio State, Florida State, Iowa, Georgia Tech, BYU, South Carolina, USF, and Boise State. MTSU QB Lance Williams is still leading the Heisman race for 2020.
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