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NBA 2K10 vs. NBA Live 10 
Posted on October 7, 2009 at 07:04 PM.
Well, here it is. This yearís version of Live vs. 2K

I did a full review of NBA Live already so thank you to everyone that read my blog earlier. No sense in wasting time, Lets jump right into this thing.


The first question I must ask is, ďwhat kind of virtual baller are you?Ē Do you want the game to look like what you see on TV or do you want the game to feel real? Either way both games have something to offer. The Live crew seemed to be going for a more life-like look while 2K was trying to build upon the success they had last year with their beautiful graphics overhaul. Live did a lot of things well like the shoes, tattoos, skin textures, and arenas. 2K hit on all of these things except the skin textures in my opinion. Everyone knows that 2K won this battle. There really isnít a question about it but you can rest assured that this is a gap that can be closed very quickly and easily. Some people put a lot of stock in this category but my thoughts are, I canít play the graphics. In contrast to that, my boy Croz says the game has to look good even though he can play through bad graphics if he has to. People have also made a few comments about Live players looking plastic-like. I donít really see that, it looks less like art and the players look more 3-dimensional. 2K still looks better overall. With the incredible commentary and intros they are on a whole new level. We all knew the verdict on this one so I wonít spend a lot of time here.

Advantage: 2K

Online Features:

Here is an area that I really downed Live over. They just really dropped the ball in the online league section. I like the features that they made for offline play like the Dynamic Season. I also thought that they had a good idea with making the Addidas Live Run (a 5-on-5 pick-up game with the superstars). 2K on the other hand, took it to a whole new level with the Draft Combine thing. I personally didnít really care about making up my own player and trying to make it to the NBA, but I have heard a lot of people say that it is one of their favorite things about this yearís game. I can see why people would absolutely love it. 2K also has that incredible online league structure that is second to none. NBA Live Rewind, Live 365, and the Dynamic DNA thing is still much better than NBA Today in my opinion. I have to give that one to Live because they started this mess and it goes right into Dynamic Season. However, overall EA doesnít do online as well as 2K.

Advantage: 2K

Game Play:

So this is the nitty-gritty. Many of you will disagree with what Iím about to break down so I will say, more power to you. Letís look at this from a sim perspective because thatís all Iím about. I will cut to the chase and say what the main difference is between these games this year. 2K wants it to LOOK like what you would see on TV and Live is focused on what it would FEEL like if you were on the court.

The first exhibit on display is player control. After playing 2K for the last 5 years, one thing has been annoying every year, and that's sliding. My man Czar said it best in his series on the 09 games, ďIf 2K slides, we will not buy!Ē Yet there are a ton of you who forgot about this and bought anyway. Is it better this year? The answer is no. Just because they slowed the game speed down some and changed the animations didnít change the fact that players are all over the place. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to do something with your player and having to wait until 2Kís miniature movie plays out before you regain control of your man. I had one instance where Zach Randolph was guarding Amare Stoudamire and when Amare got the ball, Zach ran out of bounds and got sucked into the referee for a quick hug. What? Here is the video.

I can see where 2K made some improvements like the turbo meter thing. I love it. They separated the post moves and tried to fix rotations. Unfortunately for 2K it seems like it caused more problems than it fixed in my opinion. Due to 2Kís lack of control and sliding, it becomes a straight mess. Time and time again I experienced big problems with 2Kís AI being indecisive and sometimes just flat out dumb. Here are a few examples of this:

Rudy Leaves Kobe for no reason.

Rudy wonít guard his man and neither will Zach.

Zach wonít guard Pau, Rudy leaves Kobe to help.

Turnover City

2K's post moves could be a lot better if you could actually control the player better. The fact that it is an all out struggle to get a guy in position is extremely frustrating. I canít say that I practiced for weeks but trying to initiate the back down sequence is brutal. Itís not much better in Live but from what I understand, the Live patch will bring the back to the basket button back. Out of the box, 2K isnít sim and Live is. That says a lot about the Live crew this year. I noticed in an offline game of 2K the CPU was shooting 68% on All Star. The good thing is that you can really feel the influence on shot distribution. I noticed the same incredible shooting percentages when I played online. I played a buddy online and was able to get to the rack at will. It wasnít as easy as last year but still way too easy. On Live, if you get to the rack, you have earned it. Live still has a bunch of bugs to work out like players standing out of bounds at the wrong time, the online fatigue switch is backwards (so if you want fatigue to work turn it off), match ups get all mixed up sometimes, and there arenít enough fouls/free throws. There arenít enough fouls/free throws in 2K either. Another bad thing about Live is the on-the-fly adjustments. They have a tendency to reset when the action changes making you lose all of the adjustments you may have made. 2K copied Live in the position-specific play calling but has always lead the way in coaching on-the-fly adjustments. While 82games data is good for 2K, it isnít touching Synergy. Live has that one sown up and I donít know that 2K will ever be able to touch them on that simulation aspect as long as EA has that partnership. It looks like this is the year that 2K fan boys dreaded. Live is on an equal playing field as 2K. 2K is that "12" that you dated who is as fine as all outdoors but her poor attitude gives you a headache! Live is that down to earth girl that isnít the ďbad chickĒ that turns heads but she is cool as can be and you love to hang out with. Which one do you want? I donít want the headache, so I will just go with the cool chick that will make me enjoy my time with her.

Advantage: Live

Dynasty/Association mode goes to 2K. It is simply deeper. When you add in the My Player mode, Live canít even come close to the replay value.

Overall I think 2K is the ďprettierĒ game that everyone is already familiar with. Live is the underdog now and because of the garbage they have put out in the past, some people wonít even give them a chance. While 2K makes it look real, Live makes it play real. A good way to put it is this; you can play 2K sim if you make it play sim. Live makes you play sim. If you give both a chance Iím sure you will find a game that suits your fancy. This year I prefer NBA Live 10. I donít think anyone could play 2K and think it has better game play. The bad thing is that 2K edges Live out in so many other ways that it is hard to give Live the crown based simply on game play. So, I canít. 2K has a better overall product, no doubt. Live has the better basketball game. So Ö..

Advantage: 2K.

I still like Live better because I play the game, not the bells and whistles. But it's all about your preference.
# 1 rockchisler @ Oct 7
good review...
# 2 Homecourt @ Oct 7
# 3 BrownsFan72 @ Oct 7
great write up.
# 4 NINJAK2 @ Oct 7
Outside of this: I don’t think anyone could play 2K and think it has better game play.

That was a great review. Don't prejudge others opinions (Different people=different experiences)
# 5 TreyIM2 @ Oct 7
I actually just played some 2K10 at Best Buy - Looks GREAT, even a bit better than Live 10, imo, because of the toned down colors when you see players up close. Animations and presentation are status quo for them...but unfortunately, so is the gameplay. It's tired, REAL tired to a grizzled NBA2K vet like me. Live 10 I've had since yesterday and it does just enough for me with graphics, presentation and animations but when it comes to gameplay, I can't go back to 2K. Live 10 has the gameplay, control AND atmosphere over 2K10, imo. I'd take a girl with no make up but is pretty without it, humble in her style, great character and personality over a glitzy, overdone, too much makeup wearing chica with little substance underneath. That's how I look at Live 10 vs 2K10, this year. I love my little humble cutie. We have soo much in common. Lol....
# 6 10yard-Fight @ Oct 7
i agree with this blog.
# 7 10yard-Fight @ Oct 7
and by the way... # 5 NINJAK2 has a very good point.
# 8 ty5oke @ Oct 7
Nice write-up. I haven't given Live enough time yet but I feel like I'm going to stick with 2k this year. Live has had some major improvements in the gameplay department but I need the presentation from 2k's association mode.
# 9 Shinyhubcaps @ Oct 7
I think 2K has worlds better gameplay. Talk about feel... both games dropped the ball on this one, but with 2K, it's that the animations kinda take over (not as bad as 2K9) and with Live, it's just so imprecise. It doesn't feel natural at all, and it doesn't have the level of depth (the variety of moves that can be performed, paired with the satisfaction of correctly pulling a signature move) as 2K.
# 10 Sovartus @ Oct 7
That is all about presentation. Some people like that, some don't.
# 11 str8artist @ Oct 7
Great review. Live wins the only thing that matters, GAMEPLAY.
# 12 Ny_alex0123 @ Oct 7
live wins cause it has better gameplay 2k has better presentation
# 13 FalsePhysics @ Oct 7
Anyone who says 2k is better does not know
# 14 Mecca_G @ Oct 7
I have to say as a 2k player for about 9 years now, that I really felt like a traitor when I crossed over to Live. Then I the thought "Wait, I always go with the best game and for game ultimately comes down to gameplay" For YEARS...the 2k team had this right. My favorite game was NBA 2K8...even more so than 2K9. To a almost feels like 2k is regressing in some areas. I know why....its when you are the begin slacking. Remember the Madden series? 2K forced Madden to step there game up with the NFL 2k series. Now we are here with BBALL and 2k, LIVE is FORCING you to step your game up! Most people play this game competitively...notice I said most, not all. So with that said, gameplay will always tend to win out it most over features. Live made leaps and bounds in the gameplay department. Is 2K garbage??? ABSOLUTELY NOT! However, they dont seem like they are really trying to step it up. They almost seem to have a cocky attitude like "You will buy it anyway". Does Live has its flaws...yep, and Lord knows if I have a chance to speak to a developer, I would humbly but clearly give my suggestions to make it even better...however, with 2K being the king...the king should remember that you can be de-throned....and Live is coming for the spot! All in all....good review.
# 15 Shinyhubcaps @ Oct 8
I know 2K's gameplay is "been there-done that," but people really prefer Live's no pro-hop, slow passing, unresponsive passing, players standing out of bounds, terrible rebounding, no post defense, herky-jerky gameplay to 2K's which, for the most part, is ageless? I mean, I'm not too fond either game, but gameplay seems like it's 2K by a mile. I'd take any version of 2K's gameplay since I first played it on the PS2 over Live 10's gameplay.

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