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I'm Looking For Real Sim Players 
Posted on June 27, 2010 at 10:07 PM.
I am calling for people who think they are true Sim players. When I say true Sim players that's exactly what I mean. I'm looking for people who like to play the game realistically and are looking for a true simulated game experience. This means realistic stats at the end of games, playcalling, strategy, coaching, and only doing the things that would happen in real life.

I'm talking about a league where exploits are low and integrity is high. Does this sound like a situation you would like to be in? I am creating a community of true Sim players who enjoy playing one another. I started a community like this on NBA 2K8 which still exists to this day and has since been renamed the SGA. I'm talking about a 30 team, 12 minute quarter, 82 game season that lasts from November until June. If you are wondering if something like this can actually exists the answer is yes. The SGA has done this for the last three years and is moving into their fourth season. I departed from the SGA although I founded it when it was originally called The Sim League and tried to start a similar league on NBA Live but the league structure did not support it.

We already have about 15 to 20 GM's prepared to take over teams in the new Sim League and need roughly 10 to 15 more. When I say GM's that's exactly what I mean. We need people who are interested in a fantasy basketball type of format where you actually get to play the games instead of just watching the stats. You will draft your team, manage your team, and try to build a championship dynasty with your NBA 2K game playing skills. We have a very unique salary-cap system in place, a free agency system, as well as a rookie draft lottery teams at the end of the season. Most of our GM's range in age from 25 to 45, all have families and responsibilities, and are very mature.

If you're interested in joining this community for next year's game please contact me on Xbox Live or through via private message. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]. I will be conducting auditions for each person who is interested in joining. The audition will consist of you playing me in a few quarters in NBA 2K10 to see if you fit the playing style of our league. Once we have the 30 GM's in place we will conduct the initial league draft on NBA 2K10 as a summer league to prepare for next season, get under the salary cap, and allow GM's to make trades.

I look forward to hearing from you in welcoming you to our league if you are fit.
# 1 Da_Czar @ Jun 28
SOV I wish your league well man. Wish I had the time as it sounds like an absolute blast. Gotta love the age range there. Good Luck Fam ! When I stop making videos I will be looking for something like this !
# 2 Sovartus @ Jun 28
Czar, when you are ready, you let me know fam!
# 3 turftickler @ Jun 28
Sign me up for this. I don't play online anymore because I can't stand playing against cheesers and abusers only to waste precious time that I will never get back.

I'm ready. Game up!
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