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Tuesday Other Stuff (5-1-12) Stuck
Posted on May 1, 2012 at 09:53 AM.
Today, it begins. My first day as a full time OSer. I'm looking forward to bringing in some new content and many other things in the near future. But for now, the daily Other Stuff makes its return today. I certainly hope you chime in, I'll be checking throughout the day to answer any questions you might have.

The Heat are up 2-0 over the Knicks. Amare will probably be out, after punching a glass casing around a fire extinguisher. I can understand frustration, but handle it without causing bodily injury to yourself, LOL. OKC is up 2-0, but the defending champs have put a scare into them. A total of 4 points have separated both games.

I'm not much of a hockey fan, but the Caps are getting a lot of attention around here, tying the series against the Rangers. I don't follow much of the regular season at all, but when the playoffs start, it's hard not to check it out. I'll be pulling for game 7 overtimes!

If any of these links interest you, talk about them! If you have any to share, please do so.Here is a list of my favorite sports teams.

Dallas Cowboys - Dad was a huge Cowboys fan, so growing up, it was the only team I rooted for.

Detroit Pistons - I didn't get into the NBA until the late 80's, early 90's. Love the hustle of Dennis Rodman and was a fan of the team ever since.

San Francisco Giants - I didn't follow much baseball, but always remember my cousin Greg loved the Giants. He passed away in an automobile accident, almost 30 years ago, at a very young age. I basically took it upon myself to pull for them. Been a fan ever since!

QOTD: Who are your favorite sports teams and why?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Haphazard, crques (36), 03MstGT290 (30), ThunderCat838
# 1 elTodd @ May 1
The "Let Grandma Rest in Peace" video was hilarious. Made my day.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ May 1
Glad you're back to doing the daily links Steve and really happy for you that you're able to make OS your full-time gig.
I'm wondering if the Knicks might be better off without Amare since it's pretty obvious he and Carmelo have zero chemistry on the court.

Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavs - Thanks Dad. I look forward to passing on the curse to my 3-month old son.
Dayton Flyers - Proud alum.
# 3 Steve_OS @ May 1
Ya elTodd, that video had me in tears.

Boom, the Knicks played so well w/ Lin in the lineup, but I agree, Melo and Stat have no chemistry. Doubt they would win the series with or without him, it's unfortunate Lin was injured. Definitely would have been an intriguing match-up.
# 4 PantherBeast_OS @ May 1
Steveo glad you can spend more with your OSers and getting know us all. Glad to you are enjoying your full time job on here.
# 5 ggsimmonds @ May 1
The cat sleeping on the grill was awesome. Cats will make themselves comfortable in any spot.
Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Wizards= hometown teams. wish Baltimore had an NBA team
Florida State Seminoles= In many ways they originally got me into sports. As a young child I would watch Seminole football games and think the war chant was just so awesome. I may not have understood the game but 80000 people doing the war chant was the coolest thing I ever saw.
# 6 Steve_OS @ May 1
Hey gg, I'm with you on the FSU chant. Love college sports, but don't really have a favorite team, just pull for the upset and 4 way ties at the end of the season! Would love to see 4 undefeated teams at the end of a season, just to put more pressure for a playoff system.
# 7 JBkiLLa25 @ May 1
QOTD: Denver Broncos bc in 1995 they changed there logo and as a lido thought it looked cool and then they won two straight super bowls.

New York Yankees bc of Derek Jeter. Always have liked the Yankees.

L.A. Clippers bc of Blake griffin and then CP3 came over and made it even better.

Dallas Stars bc I have to haw a team from the state I was born and live in haha.
# 8 schnaidt1 @ May 1
# 9 BurghFan @ May 1
I like the brain farts article.

QOTD: You need look no further than my username and forum avatar. I've lived in Pitsburgh my whole life and am a diehard fan of all of my hometown teams. As for the NBA, I don't follow it much but I consider myself a Bulls fan probably partly because of MJ and partly because of their red and black unis (red is my favorite color).
# 10 Timmy458 @ May 1
Glad to have this back.

QOTD: Big fan of all the University of Oregon teams.
Mariners ever since the mid 90's.
Spurs and Blazers for the NBA, been a fan of the Blazers for life and been a Spurs fan ever since they drafted Tim Duncan, always liked the way he played the game.
# 11 DustinT @ May 1
I won't lie, I'm glad you're doing this again
# 12 Blaze125 @ May 1
Loved the brain farts article. The most interesting was the phantom vibrations from your phone, I hate when that happens and it's nice to know why it does now. The Splinter Cell cat was awesome too.

NFL - Detroit Lions, hometown team
MLB - Detroit Tigers, hometown team
NBA - Detroit Pistons, hometown team
NHL - Toronto Maple Leafs, My Dad was a fan of them and I didn't really like the Red Wings growing up, so they're my team now.
College Football & Basketball - Michigan State (Liked them better than Michigan), Western Michigan (Where I go to school)
# 13 JohnDoe8865 @ May 1
It's freakin great to see the "Other Stuff" back on the OS Main Page Steve!


NFL - Carolina Panthers
NBA - Charlotte Bobcats (soon the Hornets again I hope)
MLB - Cincinnati Reds & Baltimore Orioles
NCAA Basketball - Wake Forest
NCAA Football - Appalachian State and the service academies
# 14 jmik58 @ May 1
I'm also one who religiously visited OS for Steve's daily "Other Stuff"...very happy you're back at it.


Kansas City Chiefs - I grew up in northern Missouri and the Chiefs were a force in the 90's...oh and some guy named Derrick Thomas (the reason I put 58 in my username)

St. Louis Cardinals - Growing up in Missouri plus a poor Royals team. (As a side note I also have been partial to the Braves but have lost interest since Chipper is the only guy left from the great teams of the 90's. They were on TBS every day and they were awesome. I''ll always have a soft spot for Atlanta)

St. Louis Blues - because I have to choose someone, might as well go local again.

Iowa Hawkeyes football - I'm a huge college football fan and I don't care that much about other sports at the collegiate level, but Ferentz and his staff have always run a program that appeals to my midwestern roots.
# 15 jmik58 @ May 1
Oh... I forgot to add...

Orlando Magic - I was a big fan of the Penny Hardaway and Shaq days

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