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Wednesday Other Stuff (5-2-12) Stuck
Posted on May 2, 2012 at 09:44 AM.

So, yeah... I was looking at getting a dog or a cat. Not really for me, but for my daughter. Well, if it's a dog, it will most likely be for me, LOL.

Anyways, was wanting some opinions on the best pets to get. I'm really more interested in a pet that doesn't shed hair so much, but my daughter does want a cat... But she isn't opposed to a dog, just have to make sure it's the right fit. Have any opinions?

Not sure if anyone was aware of it or not, but when browsing the web, I noticed the janus cat. Just google it. Wow, had no idea.

If any of these links interest you, talk about them! If you have any to share, please do so.
Even though I'm full time now at OS, I still can't find as much time as I want to actually play games! So this leads me to todays QOTD.

QOTD: How many hours per day/week do you spend on gaming?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Bremser_Rules (43), fossen (42), RealBradWard, bradvandam (27), Tash (20)
# 16 Blaze125 @ May 2
QOTD: I probably spend about 10-15 hours on video games a week. It really depends on what goes on and how my mood is, I'm not really proud of it because I end up staying up way too late.
# 17 bomberooski @ May 2
That Yankee fan kicking the chick in the face... of course.
# 18 jmik58 @ May 2
That K.O. kick at the baseball game was was straight up cartoony the way she stiffened up and slowly tipped back.

QOTD: I try to play an hour or so every night or two. I've got three boys ages 6, 3, and 9 months plus the wife so my priorities have to be other places... but I have to get my gaming fix. I usually get my heavy gaming in on the weekends, especially late Friday night or Saturday when the kids are watching a movie or playing.
# 19 jmik58 @ May 2
Regarding the dog question... we have a treeing-walker-coon-hound mixed with a terrier and he is hands down, the best pet I've ever owned. The worst thing he does is his howl bark, but there's not a vicious bone in his body. Fantastic with the kids as well! He'll play every chance he gets and is very intelligent and was easily trained.
# 20 Steve_OS @ May 2
Appreciate the feedback folks! Will be googling
# 21 tarek @ May 2
My opinions on pets:

Cats are alot less maintenance and usually surprisingly affectionate and grow really attached to the family. You're daughter can have the cat sleep on her bed and when the cat purrs it really makes you content.

Dogs are different. They are ON all the time. They are practically obsessed with you and if you like that. Then it's awesome.

We have a black Labrador who is absolutely insane. Do not get one of those unless you want craziness 24/7

We also have an Alaskan malamute. Beautiful dog. They can appear a bit dumb but they aren't, just very stubborn. Definitely only for strong alpha owners, and if you're daughter can't handle the malamute he will walk all over her.they love and need discipline.
However, a malamute is alot of fun. Cuddly, warm, funny and once they get over their younger days they settle down. And when they howl it really feels like you have your own wolf.

That's my ideas. Let us know how the pet research goes.
# 22 Steve_OS @ May 2
Sound advice tarek, thanks.
# 23 statum71 @ May 2
Dog...........easy decision.
# 24 statum71 @ May 2

2-3 on week nights. And about 4 to 5 on Saturday and Sunday.
# 25 queensbomber @ May 2
Boxer!!!!!! None better with kids, playful yet gentle when it has to be and super loyal...did i mention smart?
# 26 sportznut02 @ May 2
What ever you do adopt a cat or dog from the humane society. Don`t buy a dog from a pet store or puppy mill.

QOTD:8 -12 hours a week right now.
# 27 elgreazy1 @ May 2
If you go with a dog, I'd like to recommend a greyhound, and if you really want to help a dog out adopt from a shelter or a retired racer.

They are the super sweet and obedient thanks to their penchant to want to please their masters/owners. Former racers are especially obedient because they grow up in a very structured environment. Greyhounds have minimal health problems because the breed has been around since ancient times; the worst issues are bad teeth because they are mouth breathers. Their build is naturally utilitary so you will see very few cases of degenerative bone or joint problems since the breed has been bred for efficiency not aesthetics. Greys are minimal shedders due to their short coats and require little grooming. And best of all, greyhounds are some of the laziest dogs ever. They are designed for 5-15 minutes of active play a day due to the nature of their build - think powerful & explosive in short bursts like a track star or a cheetah.

So that's my pitch. Good luck on finding a new family member and hopefully companion.
# 28 aloncho11 @ May 2
You know, pets can have very unique personalities they develop based on how the owners want them to be. A friend of mine has a cat that was raised as a dog. It is protective, very social and fun to play with, likes being around people and most importantly, it is self sufficient. Hope it helps!

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