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Wednesday Other Stuff (5-2-12) Stuck
Posted on May 2, 2012 at 09:44 AM.

So, yeah... I was looking at getting a dog or a cat. Not really for me, but for my daughter. Well, if it's a dog, it will most likely be for me, LOL.

Anyways, was wanting some opinions on the best pets to get. I'm really more interested in a pet that doesn't shed hair so much, but my daughter does want a cat... But she isn't opposed to a dog, just have to make sure it's the right fit. Have any opinions?

Not sure if anyone was aware of it or not, but when browsing the web, I noticed the janus cat. Just google it. Wow, had no idea.

If any of these links interest you, talk about them! If you have any to share, please do so.
Even though I'm full time now at OS, I still can't find as much time as I want to actually play games! So this leads me to todays QOTD.

QOTD: How many hours per day/week do you spend on gaming?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

Bremser_Rules (43), fossen (42), RealBradWard, bradvandam (27), Tash (20)
# 1 davefmurray @ May 2
Get a Boxer puppy! Great with kids and super loyal. We have one, Chewie, who is now 1.5 years old and is completely awesome. We are expecting our first in September and he will be the ultimate playmate. He runs around and protects kids on the playground when they fall. It's awesome/hilarious and I would give my ultimate vote of confidence.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ May 2
I have a chiuaua that is like the coolest pet I've ever owned by far. He is a genius. He's very observant and knows all his toys by name, most of the family members by name, he's so cool. He doesn't shed much either. Some chiuauas do though. He was also very easily toilet trained.
# 3 boomhauertjs @ May 2
I'm a cat person, mainly because they require a lot less attention and you can leave them for a couple of days.

Right on about the driving gif and buying a new game! (though I haven't bought a game from a store in a couple of years).

QoTD: Since the birth of my son in January, this has dropped to very low levels. I'm lucky if I get an hour or two a week to play video games anymore. I'm hoping once my wife is comfortable with putting him down for the night earlier than when we go to bed, I'll have more gaming time.
# 4 Steve_OS @ May 2
LOL, that is awesome Dave.

Hey Eater, toilet trained? I had no idea dogs could do that, LOL! How did you go about training?

I totally understand Boom. Newborns get all the attention!
# 5 oldman @ May 2
The only bad thing about boxers is that they need a ton of attention. Hours of outside play time a day or they get 'stir crazy' and like to chew important things up in the house!

How big of a dog are you interested in and are you wanting a dog to take hunting or just as a playmate? If size doesn't matter and you just want a playmate then I would suggest getting something small like a Yorkie or a Scottish Terrier.

If you want one that can maybe do other stuff too, look at a Brittany, those dogs are awesome and really smart! I really like boxers too, but if you have a busy life then they aren't a good dog for you.
# 6 Steve_OS @ May 2
Hey oldman, looking for a dog that likes to chill, but when it's time to play he'll do that. (if that makes any sense) I don't need a hyper dog that won't ever settle down.
# 7 oldman @ May 2
I'd go with something small then. I'll bet that your daughter would like that too. Yorkies are really playful and are easy to get wired up when you want them too, but when it is time to lay around they are all about getting up in your lap and relaxing. The bad thing about them is that they require above average grooming and they are so small(less than 5lbs)! I like Scottish Terriers but I have never owned one though. I like bigger dogs, but for my daughter a smaller dog gives her something she can play with and I don't have to worry about her being accidentally knocked over while they are playing.
# 8 PaperBoyx703 @ May 2
Get a Snoodle.
# 9 Juggernaut55 @ May 2
I have a French Bulldog...expensive but he's the coolest...always waiting at the door when I get home and loves to hang out and watch me play Madden
# 10 schnaidt1 @ May 2
haha that fight was too effing funny! ppl need to learn to handle their liq
# 11 JohnDoe8865 @ May 2
QOTD: Between a three and six hours a week right now. Definitely not enough.
# 12 Stormyhog @ May 2
Beagles are nice dogs not overly big and are well tempered & intelligent plus they stay really healthy.
# 13 ggsimmonds @ May 2
If you are strapped for time get a cat. Dogs require a lot of time. With cats as long as the liter pan is clean and the food dish is full they are content. A puppy is going to want to play, a cat's idea of attention is sitting in your lap and occasionally being petted.

Probably anywhere from 10-20 hrs each week. College life is great.
# 14 eaterofworlds888 @ May 2
He was trained very easily. If he started to use it in the house just try to run him outside quickly or scold him. It didn't take long before he got the picture and now when he needs to use it he just comes to me or someone in the house and whines until we take him out.
# 15 Scott @ May 2
Definitely get a dog

QOTD: Probably around 5-10.

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