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Friday Other Stuff (8-13-10) Stuck
Posted on August 13, 2010 at 05:49 AM.
If any of these links interest you, talk about them.QOTD: What are you up to this weekend, what games will you be playing?

No birthdays today.
# 1 boritter @ Aug 13
Video: Astros Fan Whiffs on Foul Ball, Allows Date to Get Hit

I saw on ESPN that the girl dumped him 2 days later due to his negligence.
# 2 boomhauertjs @ Aug 13
QoTD: Busy weekend. Cornhole (bean-bag toss game) tournament on Saturday and my cousin's daughter's baptism and party on Sunday. Doubt I'll get any gaming in.
# 3 sportznut02 @ Aug 13
QOTD: No plans this weekend other than trying to see Other Guys. As for gaming it will be more and more of NCAA 11. Sometime this weekend I will be picking up Madden.
# 4 Steve_OS @ Aug 13
Ha! It has happened a few times Mass. Not many, for sure.
# 5 TreyIM2 @ Aug 13
Video: BioShock Infinite Announcement Launch Trailer - I'm actually looking forward to the shift with this game. I did not like Bioshock 2.

Video: Astros Fan Whiffs on Foul Ball, Allows Date to Get Hit - Dude seems like a blockhead, to begin with. Shorty is cute but she seems about as bright as the blockhead, and if it's true that she dumped him 2 days later, that's a +1 for mankind. Ha.

QOTD - Dunno what I'ma get into this weekend but gaming wise, I will be getting in more NCAA 11 and Madden 11. I'm really trying to come to grips with Madden. I need to send Ian a short list of patch worthy things.
# 6 navygoat1998 @ Aug 13
Working a little Madden and NCAA 11 this weekend! The Cards and Cubbies on this weekend!
# 7 Shinyhubcaps @ Aug 14
10-year-old kid lands a 720? Unbelievable what these kids are doing, especially since tons of veterans can't do 720s. He has a nice ramp in what I assume is his backyard, too.
# 8 MMMonty @ Aug 14
QOTD: Definitely playing NCAA 11 and maybe a little Madden. As a Cardinals fan I have to squeeze in the remaining games in the series. Other than that, I have tickets to the Rams preseason opener.
# 9 tnchance94 @ Aug 14
madden and ncaa allll weekend
# 10 goalie @ Aug 15
tiger 11... can't stop playing!
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