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Thursday Other Stuff (8-26-10) Stuck
Posted on August 26, 2010 at 09:02 AM.
If any of these links interest you, talk about them.QOTD: What is your favorite gaming controller?

Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!

pantherp (33), SPTO (31), BGarrett7 (29), Bird006 (20)
# 1 boomhauertjs @ Aug 26
LOL at the 1990 vs. 2010

QOTD: The N64 controller was my favorite.
# 2 bonannogiovanni @ Aug 26
QOTD: The 360 controller.
# 3 Vermin @ Aug 26
QotD: I don't know if I really have a favorite. I've grown quite accustomed to the Xbox 360 controller, and though clunky, I liked the Dreamcast controller, with the VMU mini-screen in the middle.

I couldn't stand the N64 controller (sorry, boomhauertjs). It felt unnatural to hold, and when it came right down to it there was only one way that any game really used the controller anyways - I can't recall holding it in either of the two "alternate" positions.

I liked the Intellivision controller. Say what you will about having to fumble with all those overlays, the disc was the precursor to the d-pad and was much friendlier on the thumbs. Except for those stiff side buttons - those tore more flesh from the tips of my thumbs than I care to recollect. And though Coleco tried to improve upon it with bigger side buttons (which worked) and a knobby stick (which did not), the Intelly will still go down as one of my all-time.
# 4 65South @ Aug 26
QOTD: Xbox 360.

I do like the Playstation 3 controller as it feels lighter and a bit more quiet on the buttons, but it just seems that my hands cramp up much more noticeably when playing for prolonged periods with the PS3 controller versus the 360.

There was a post somewhere recently that had a PS3 controller that was shaped like a 360 controller...has anybody seen or come across that at all?
# 5 sportznut02 @ Aug 26
QOTD: PS3 controller
# 6 ChaseB @ Aug 26
QOTD: 360.\

Also, the drunk clown Craigslist ad is awesome. Too bad they couldn't list some of the more despicable and X-rated stuff you see on there because that's the true goldmine.
# 7 hawkeye2188 @ Aug 26
QOTD: Original playstion controller.
# 8 TreyIM2 @ Aug 26
QOTD: Dual Shock 3
# 9 bigsmallwood @ Aug 26
QOTD: Gamecube Controller was the best to me. I think the 360 controller is a close 2nd and PS3/PS2 is 3rd.
# 10 boritter @ Aug 26
QOTD: 360 controller.
# 11 jWILL253 @ Aug 26
Nike's with auto-lacers? Wow. Lol.

QOTD: The Dualshock, all the iterations...
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