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jsolomita93 is offline
# 294
jsolomita93 @ Dec 25, 2021
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Try it now.
I can't search either... Can you fix that too?
jsolomita93 is offline
# 293
jsolomita93 @ Dec 23, 2021
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Try it now.
It works! Thank you!
jsolomita93 is offline
# 292
jsolomita93 @ Dec 22, 2021
Hi Steve,

I cannot create threads. I've already verified my account and everything. Still nothing.
Jballer is offline
# 291
Jballer @ Dec 19, 2021
Could you add (NCAA14) to the thread title please
dkomarek is offline
# 290
dkomarek @ Feb 8, 2021

I'm not sure who I should be contacting? But I'm trying to figure out why I can't search the forums. Every time I try it says that I am not allowed access. I understand that I haven't gotten into my account for a LONG time so I don't know if that has something to do with it. If you can't help me with this could you please point me in the direction of the right person to contact?


janhs87 is offline
# 289
janhs87 @ Jul 14, 2020
you really need a support section here in the forum, you can find zero help here. Can't even write a pm to an admin as a new user
itsjustmattbrown is offline
# 288
itsjustmattbrown @ Apr 20, 2020
Nba 2k20 MyTeam rewards for the Rockets have been great.
Some of the best Rocket cards in the game are free.
Mizzoutiger is offline
# 287
Mizzoutiger @ Mar 28, 2020
Hi Steve,

We all know what a rotten time this is for everyone and in the spirit of trying to be (in a very minor way) helpful I had an idea I wanted to run past you.

I don't know if this would be appropriate and/or if there is a way to do it...But I have two print and play sports games I invented that I would like to share for free with any memebrs who might enjoy them. One is an MMA board game -rating tthe (albeit older) fighters. The other is a Summer Olympics game. The Olympics games rates hundreds of competitors and include the option to play many events and also a Decathelon .

Once again, there would be no charge for these games and hopefully there would be a few people who would enjoy them.

Let me know if this would be possible on your site.


Cardfan9 is offline
# 286
Cardfan9 @ Jan 11, 2020
Sorry to bother you, I'm not sure how to find the mods and when I googled how to activate my account on operations sports it led me to some threads with you in them.

WHo can I contact about activating my account?
MNOFSTEEL is offline
# 285
MNOFSTEEL @ Sep 6, 2019
is there an organized draftkings league here on OS.
I can't find any threads on it
Pio15 is offline
# 284
Pio15 @ Aug 31, 2019
Steve, how long does it take for someone to get new thread permissions?
khaliib is offline
# 283
khaliib @ Jul 23, 2019
Hey Steve, would you or Mods be able to create a sub-Forum thread that all the M20 Pre-release threads can be moved to, esp M19 thread stuff?

It’s really cluttered right now with a lot of boredom threads/discussions.

Just want to easily find the current M20 stuff at the main thread without the need to sift through pre-release threads.

The Real Ma$$ive is offline
# 282
The Real Ma$$ive @ Jun 12, 2019
Hey Steve!! Did you have any extra codes this year for the madden 20 beta? I followed and retweeted ya too.
JCobraGaming is offline
# 281
JCobraGaming @ Sep 22, 2018
Is there a way I can change my user name?
fredropro is offline
# 280
fredropro @ Jun 24, 2018
we've been a part of OP sport since 1998 when you wisley acquired it from Craig...... thanks for everything you do man.
SN49ers is offline
# 279
SN49ers @ Jun 23, 2018
Please, send a Madden 19 Beta code XD

@Madden_In_Brasi on twitter, DM me
kingkid1313 is offline
# 278
kingkid1313 @ Jun 23, 2018
Hi Steve. Ive been a longtime member since 2006 been playing Madden online CFM since 2011 and have a forum on your site.. 4th and inches league.. Do you have a beta code for Xbox you can DM me
Brooke2011 is offline
# 277
Brooke2011 @ Jun 22, 2018
Any extra ps4 codes for a long time member��
MSUdawg05 is offline
# 276
MSUdawg05 @ Mar 25, 2018
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Are you still having the issue?
No its all working now. Thanks!
MSUdawg05 is offline
# 275
MSUdawg05 @ Mar 3, 2018
Hey Steve, love the forums. I’m trying to help out BossHawgMichigan for NCAA14 rosters but I am not able to PM him and he isn’t able to PM me. What do I need to do? Thanks for the assist!
DivotMaker is offline
# 274
DivotMaker @ Feb 27, 2018 ... #msg282068

Official TGC announcements beginning today.....where the game and franchise goes from here....

Best news so far.....they are no longer handcuffed by Maximum Games.
cheddabob7502 is offline
# 273
cheddabob7502 @ Aug 25, 2017
Just curious if you'll update which member won the Madden 18 Xbox One S giveaway?
SonicBoom2040 is offline
# 272
SonicBoom2040 @ Aug 19, 2017
I donated two separate times cuz I didn't see the minimum the first time...I'd also like to change my username to SonicBoom or SonicBoom2040....if either are available
BighomieSaitama is offline
# 271
BighomieSaitama @ Apr 10, 2017
Hello Im tryng to create a sub forum for my xbox one league, Im already a supporter how do I go about getting a sub forum?
tomtiger is offline
# 270
tomtiger @ Nov 16, 2016
hello admin , can i buy banner on your this site ? my skype okaygoodscall , email [email protected] , thanks
zeojaydub is offline
# 269
zeojaydub @ Sep 18, 2016
hey steve_os, I have a request i would like to know if u can get in touch with the mycareer head dev and ask him to claifiy how to cap exceeding work the blogs stated one thing but on twitter another dev said its not possible to exceed cap limitations. For example can a sharpshooter increase there driving and ball handling to max ie 80 or above or is it what is currently available in the current caps limit slots also does the bouns points in doing work are they permanent or is it temporary?
stakzz00 is offline
stakzz00 is offline
# 267
stakzz00 @ Mar 24, 2016
Hey pal. Ben working really hard with some OS Vets.But i have a project im working on solo and i would like you to take a look at it. The thread will be up in the next hour or so.
AnthonyKyne is offline
# 266
AnthonyKyne @ Mar 7, 2016
Hi mate,
How's things.
We've just announced a new snowboarding game
So I thought you'd want a heads up. I'll put you in touch with the producer on the game if you want an interview or anything.

poppi44 is offline
# 265
poppi44 @ Jan 9, 2016
My apologies for posting on another members board... As A member since 2005 I felt it was important for members to know the origin of a certain roster in which another member who has recently started to post and not give credit.. If you look at his post and youtube clips you will find that it is a replica of my work with his tittle and fancy youtube videos. This will not happen again. Thank you for allowing me to post in your forums.
mrclutch is offline
# 264
mrclutch @ Dec 18, 2015
Looks like the 1.05 patch is out for NBA Live 16 for the Xbox One. Thought I would share so the team could maybe be first to get the details.
supremest is offline
# 263
supremest @ Oct 4, 2015
Yo mr Steve,

Do you know when the patches wil come? and in Mycareer, you can boost a maxed attribute discipline. Is that a glitch or is it supposed to be like that?
ajc023 is offline
# 262
ajc023 @ Sep 23, 2015
Steve check your pm
legacy0000 is offline
# 261
legacy0000 @ Sep 22, 2015
Does Nba2k16 Have offline co-op association as usual ?
kolanji is offline
# 260
kolanji @ Aug 27, 2015
Hey do you know when the next blog for nba 2k16 will be?
Allball76 is offline
# 259
Allball76 @ Jul 26, 2015
I just paid threw pay pal could u check and let me know if I can post for my league yet ?
drlw322 is offline
# 258
drlw322 @ Jun 19, 2015
Hey what's up? I posted a thrend in NCAA football with a link To Xbox website to vote for NCAA football 14 for backwards compatible. Can you post it in the front page to garner more votes. Thank you
Braves1980 is offline
# 257
Braves1980 @ Feb 19, 2015
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
You need to be a member for at least 10 days and have something like 15 posts (give or take) w/o spamming. Then it will unlock for you.
It's all cool, I'm in no hurry. Believe me I understand why these measures are set in place.
Braves1980 is offline
# 256
Braves1980 @ Feb 19, 2015
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Not sure, feel free to create one.
I would love to; however, I'm unable to, because I'm still a new account. When I'm able to start a tread, then I will start a thread on my progress for Road To The Show. Plus, it'll be fun to see other stories from other members on their progress, and not just mine.
Braves1980 is offline
# 255
Braves1980 @ Feb 19, 2015
Hey Steve. I'm might be overlooking it or there isn't a thread for it. I was looking for a thread where everyone who is playing Road To the Show to show off their created prospect. If there's not one it might be an idea to create a thread where we can post updates on our Road To The Show progress.
Energizergamer is offline
# 254
Energizergamer @ Feb 10, 2015
Hey steve I recently donated to become a supporter. Can I get my name changed to Energizergamer
CalmLikeABomb is offline
# 253
CalmLikeABomb @ Nov 26, 2014
Steve, I am confused and can't get help on the forum, so I thought I would ask you. I have searched the forums and I see a Madden 15 Patch 2 has been released, and then a Patch 4 has been released. Is there a 3rd one. I am seeing people post that they got a 3gb X1 patch right before player likeness patch. I did not get that prompt for patch, only could d/l the likeness one from store. Am I missing something. Thanks Steve.
Cleve07103 is offline
# 252
Cleve07103 @ Nov 2, 2014
Hello. Love what you're doing it possible to get an in depth review of the player and coaches tendencies ( the not so obvious ones) on nba 2k15? Like bench utilization, how does changing it one way or the other affect the game?
CalmLikeABomb is offline
# 251
CalmLikeABomb @ Oct 18, 2014
Steve, just wanted to give you Kudos for Operation Sports. It is truly my favorite gaming site to go to. So glad you are so involved with the forums. Thanks.
MZUSAMarcus is offline
# 250
MZUSAMarcus @ Sep 28, 2014
Good Morning, Steve:

Thanks for giving me posting privileges earlier! Since that time, I have created a thread and a blog for the purpose of increasing the numbers of American users on ManagerZone, and I would like to say I've made an impact (200 views, while meager compared to other threads and blogs, is a start).

I am contacting because I have more questions that relate to my objective(s) as an Operation Sports user (recruiting American football/soccer gamers to ManagerZone): (1) Is it possible for another forum to be created under the "Soccer" category--one that would consider the possibility of other soccer games (like, say, ManagerZone)? and (2) If an "Other Soccer Games" forum is created, could a seemingly out-of-place thread be moved to the aforementioned and newly created forum (like, say, my thread)?


baumy300 is offline
# 249
baumy300 @ Sep 12, 2014
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Not me brother. hahaha. I'm done, trust me.
It's all good man. You take it easy though, and if the big man does decide to cook my goose on that baby, it's been a pleasure!
baumy300 is offline
# 248
baumy300 @ Sep 11, 2014
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
haha, be careful out there man. Most of the times it isn't YOU, it's those damn cagers.
Absolutely amigo, will do. If you ever do get another one though, we gotta take it to ROC.
MrClutchXXIV is offline
# 247
MrClutchXXIV @ Sep 11, 2014
Hey Steve,

Its Deltin (xXMrClutchxX) from twitter earlier today. I posted the pic of Nick Young and promised a hands-on impression. Well, it seems like I was unable to access my old account (it was tied to an email that was compromised and lost access to) I made this account but I am now unable to post. Any chance of fixing this issue so I can post the hands-on please?

baumy300 is offline
# 246
baumy300 @ Sep 11, 2014
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
haha, no man. I had my fun w/ it and had to sell it. I do miss riding it on nice days, but I was going to kill myself.
Ahh, well I'm sorry to hear that but there's nothing wrong with knowing your limits and prioritizing safety over fun. I'm not as smart as you yet, but I'll get there someday. #Respect
baumy300 is offline
# 245
baumy300 @ Sep 11, 2014
Yo man, you still have that sick gixxer around? I love that thing!
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