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Why I love Hot Shots Golf... 
Posted on May 31, 2013 at 08:04 PM.
Well this will be a list of sorts, but it's my opinion so length doesn't matter. Obviously the most sim golf game out there is the Tiger Woods series (Which could be made more sim if Elin Nordgren was chasing Tiger... Oh wait.). Anyways I have always thought of the hot shots golf series as more realistic, why? Well I will give off numbered reasons why.

1. Putting one kind of spin on the ball- Now what do I mean? In the TW games I have played, you can constantly change the spin until the ball lands, even on tour pro mode (I have not played in a while so I may be wrong). In HSG you choose only one kind of spin and have to stick with it, which makes the game feel more real to me.

2. More realistic scores/strategy- Unless you are some Japanese monster (Like I have seen on youtube), you cannot possible score a -18 as easily as in the HSG series as you can in the TW series. I could probably pick up an old copy of TW 07 or 08 and get a -18 on my first try playing, HSG takes a little more skill even on the so called easy courses. I find myself have to plan out shots more with HSG, while in the TW games I just grip it and rip it (Now there is planning involved in TW, but I barely ever used it.). The lie, elevation, wind, etc all matter more in HSG, and you have to adjust to it more.

Well there was going to be a third reason, but it's a tie and isn't important. Now this is just my opinion, I have not really been able to get a TW game for the next gen in a while so it may be biased... If anyone can tell me otherwise please do.

# 1 nvinceable1 @ May 31
Imho TW PGA Tour is not very sim at all. As you mentioned it's not very challenging at all unless you jack all the settings up to the most difficult, and then it ceases to be much fun. The most enjoyable and most sim-like golf game I've played is Links. Sadly, it's still the gold standard for sim golf even though it was last released a decade ago.

Many of us are hopeful however that PerfectGolf ( ) will be the modern day torch-bearer for players who want a true golf sim experience. It's a very exciting project with big potential. They've already nailed the modern day visuals that we all want in a golf game, and with their super easy to use course designer ( CourseForge ) there should be a plethora of great courses to play. What we're all eagerly anticipating is how the game will play, obviously. We've seen very few glimpses of PerfectGolf gameplay as it's still a work in progress. From what they have shown so far though, there's reason to be optimistic. The developers are very active over in the forums on the link above and, as fans of Links golf themselves, I think we're all looking for the same thing in a modern golf game - a game that's both challenging and rewarding, much like real golf. I'm hopeful that PerfectGolf will be the new gold standard in the near future.

If you haven't checked it out you should give this a view:
# 2 Conda @ Jun 2
True, Storm12. Hot Shots Golf is actually more Sim than TW PGA Tour. I think it's the best golf game out there.
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