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Bottom 8 Online Franchise Week 6 
Posted on August 31, 2009 at 06:53 PM.
Last Week's Games:

Game of the Week:

(4-1) Lions (TCrouch) 46, (2-3) Steelers (CPU) 45
The lead changed three the final 2 minutes. The Lions couldn't stop the Steeler's offense (453 yards in the game), and managed to lose the turnover battle with a -1. Yet in the end, they hung around and scored a TD with :01 left. Then Coach Crouch, showing a complete lack of faith in his defense, went for 2 and the win. They converted and moved to 4-1 on the year.

The Rest:

(5-0) Bills (Dookie) 27, (3-2) Browns (TJ) 24

An absolute pit fight between the new coach of the Bills (Dookie) and the old coach of the Bills (TJ). TJ still knows the Bills' playbook and personnel intimately, and managed to tie the game up with less than 30 seconds to go. Unfortunately, knowledge will only get you so far when Marshawn Lynch goes into Beast Mode for the 60+ yard scamper to set up the game winning FG. If not even TJ can knock Dookie off, what does that say for the rest of the league?

(5-0) Jaguars (Altimus) 42, (2-3) Seahawks (CPU) 39

I had to double-check this box score several times to make sure I read it correctly. The Jaguars gave up 62 points in four games prior to this little romp, and then give up almost 40 in one. Interceptions on offense and allowing Matt Hasselbeck to throw for almost 400 yards will give anybody a headache. In the end, however, Altimus does what he does best--win ball games.

(4-1) Rams (Longhorn) 24, (3-2) Vikings (CPU) 21
In a tight battle that was all about the running backs for both teams, neither club disappointed. Steven Jackson carried the rock 31 times for 142 yards and 3 TD's, while Adrian Peterson held his own with 29 carries for 129 yards and 1 score. Yet, in a game that was all about the rushing game, the hero of the contest would appear to be Donnie Avery, who's overtime kick return to the Vikes' 45 yard line was a huge play. Special teams, folks...can't preach it enough.

(2-3) Redskins (mgoblue) 49, (0-4) Panthers (CPU) 35
Statistically, this game was closer than the score would indicate. The Redskins were fed a lot of BS about how yours truly was giving them bulletin board material. I've never been one for needing 'extra motivation' for a game, but for some people that works, I guess. For the Redskins, it was more about "Bad Jake" Delhomme throwing 3 interceptions. Like it or not, Washington is starting to find its groove. I guess I'll have to fire verbal salvos at them weekly for the Skins to get into playoff contention, I think.

(3-2) Cowboys (CPU) 10, (0-5) Chiefs (Rustedwalleye) 7
Are you kidding me? 10-7 with Dale at the helm? This is the guy that can rack up 35 pass attempts in a quarter if you let him...and the teams COMBINE for 357 yards of offense? What the hell happened here? Looking at the stats you have a bunch of carries by Marion Barber (22 of them) and a bunch of throws by the Chiefs (18 for 37 by Cassel). This was one of those games where purists would say "best football ever!" and the average fan watching on TV switched the channel to watch a PGA event. Dale just can't buy a win so far this season, and has a HUGE hole to climb out of if he wants to even catch a sniff of the playoffs this year. If he loses his next game, you're guaranteed he'll be fighting with the 0-4 Panthers for that #1 draft choice next spring.

BYE WEEK: (3-1) Saints (Steve)

Human Rankings:

#1 (LW #1) (5-0) Bills - Dookie
Gritty win against Cleveland. Dookie is a good player, but he's making the right calls at the right time week in and week out. I didn't expect him to get past TJ and stay undefeated.

#2 (LW #2) (5-0) Jaguars - Altimus
Survived a scare from the Seahawks to stay at #2. They gave up a ton of points, but still managed to put an inferior team away in the end. That's what counts.

#3 (LW #4) (4-1) Rams - Longhorn
Longhorn's use of Steven Jackson is textbook. Hammer away, and hammer some more, put the ball in the end zone. If he ever figures out which QB to go with, he could go deep into the playoffs. As it is, the elite teams will manage to shut down the rushing attack.

#4 (LW #5) (3-1) Saints - Steve
He raises a spot on a bye week. How's that for luck. I couldn't move the other 4-1 team (Lions) above him, because he beat the ever-loving sh*t out of them on opening day. So here he stays.

#5 (LW #6) (4-1) Lions - TCrouch
The offense is the #1 scoring unit in the NFL with 213 points in 5 games. The defense is the 2nd worst scoring unit in the NFL at 182 points allowed. Detroit thanks God for the Redskins, who have given up 195 to own the title of absolute worst.

#6 (LW #3) (3-2) Browns - TJ
TJ is not the 6th best player in this list. He's had some unfortunate results. The opening day loss to the Vikings was a tough one, but watching Marshawn rumble at the end of a game to set up a game winning kick had to be surreal. First reaction was to cheer Marshawn, I bet. Then reality set in a millisecond later and he remembered that Lynch isn't on his team right now.

#7 (LW #7) (2-3) Redskins - mgoblue
Way to go, Redskins. After a 3 game slide to open the season, they've responded with back to back victories. Hosting the 0-5 Kansas City Chiefs smells like the trap game of all trap games. It was definitely good to see Jason Campbell get on a bit of a roll finally...even if most of it was on big plays (less than 50% completions, but 359 yards and 4 TD's on 14 completions).

#8 (LW #8) (0-5) Chiefs - Rustedwalleye
Dale has found absolutely every way to lose a game so far this season, but he'll travel to Washington to participate in the Underachiever's Bowl in week 6. mgoblue had better be careful or spazticball will make its way to the gridiron this season, and it could get out of hand in a hurry.

This week's games and predictions:

Everybody's favorite part. Time to make me a liar or prove me right (seems everybody's doing the former lately)

Game of the week:

(4-1) Rams (Longhorn) @ (5-0) Jaguars (Altimus)

Wow, I wish they had a spectator mode for games like this. The balance of power in the league could see a real shift if Longhorn can find a way to knock off the unbeaten Jags. To do that, they'll have to find a way to get Steven Jackson going early (as always), and I believe that Longhorn can do it. Prediction: Rams 27, Jags 17.

(0-5) Chiefs (Rustedwalleye) @ (2-3) Redskins (mgoblue)
This game will boil down to turnovers, and who can run the ball more effectively. Both teams will likely make some pretty comical mistakes, but the Redskins just have more talent on the field, and Haynesworth in the middle of the line, which will negate a lot of Larry Johnson's power runs. Prediction: Redskins 31, Chiefs 23

(4-1) Lions (TCrouch) @ (1-3) Packers (CPU)
The Lions have proven that they can score on anybody, and that they also can't stop anybody from scoring. Compared to the Steeler's Defense, the Packers will look like a breath of fresh air. However, I think it will be more of a struggle than it would appear. Aaron Rodgers can torch a secondary, and the Lions have some slow corners. The matchup of their nickel and dime back will be the key. Prediction: Lions 42, Packers 35.

(3-2) Browns (TJ) @ (2-3) Steelers
Pittsburgh will be fired up after losing a heartbreaker last week to the Lions on a 2-point conversion at the gun. That will be compounded with the fact that they hate the Browns. TJ is a better defensive coach, though, so it should be a much lower-scoring game. If TJ can get Jamal Lewis rolling on the Steeler's rushing defense, he can sneak out of Heinz Field with a win. Yeah...and Kirstie Alley might stay thin after her next diet, too. Prediction: Steelers 27, Browns 14.

(3-2) Giants (CPU) @ (3-1) Saints (Steve)
This is really a tough matchup for New Orleans. The Saints defense isn't exactly stout, and they're going to go up against the biggest, meanest RB in the league in Brandon Jacobs. I fully expect the game to be close, but for Jacobs to gain 150+ yards on the ground against the Saints D. In the end, Drew Brees will be able to pull it out, though. Prediction: Saints 31, Giants 24.

(5-0) Bills (Dookie) @ (1-4) Jets (CPU)
This has snoozer written all over it. Dookie should jump out to an early lead, forcing bad decisions by rookie QB Mark Sanchez. It should be over by halftime...but I have a sneaking suspicion it will be much closer than it SHOULD be. The Bills have too much talent to lose this one, but it might be a bit of a scare for them. Prediction: Bills 27, Jets 21.
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