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Bottom 8 Online Franchise Week 7 
Posted on September 4, 2009 at 10:20 AM.
Last Week's Games:

Game of the week:

(6-0) Bills (Dookie) 28
(1-5) Jets 24

Dookie had to pull out all the stops in this one with a late rally to win it. The Bills ran off 21 straight points in the 2nd quarter, then watched as the Jets ran off 24 straight of their own. Marshawn Lynch scored the game winner with a minute left, after an apparent TD by Terrell Owens was overturned.

(3-3) Redskins (mgoblue) 34
(0-6) Chiefs (Rustedwalleye) 21

The Skins and Chiefs played a competitive game in the "Little Indians" bowl. The game was tied at 21 heading into the 4th quarter, when once again the Chiefs couldn't maintain for the entire game. Dale has to figure out a way to keep his team in the running all the way to the final gun and not getting ready to get on the bus with 12 minutes still left to play.

(5-1) Lions (TCrouch) 38
(1-4) Packers 35

The Lions cruised to an early 31-3 lead going into the 4th against the Packers, and then some silly plays and frustration led them to making questionable call after questionable call just to see how badly the Packers were determined to win. Green Bay scored 32 in the 4th quarter to make it much closer on the scoreboard, but the game was never in doubt.

(6-0) Jaguars (Altimus) 31
(4-2) Rams (Longhorn) 24

Longhorn had a setback against Altimus' Jags, but it didn't hurt his division standings. He still leads the NFC West. Only rushing for 55 yards will spell doom for this team every time. So will 5 interceptions.

(4-2) Browns (TJ) 27
(2-4) Steelers 24

Divisional slugfest that saw TJ emerge the victor. The Browns rang up 441 yards of offense, 28:08 time of possession, and only turned the ball over once. I didn't see this one coming.

(4-1) Saints (Steve) 34
(3-3) Giants 6

Seriously? How the hell? I see 33 rushing yards for the Giants. I see 386 offensive yards for the Saints. I see 3 interceptions a side and 1 more fumble for NY...then I see 10:26 time of possession for the G-Men, compared to 37:34 for the Saints. It all makes sense.

Human Rankings

#1 (LW1) (6-0) Bills (Dookie)
Dookie made me sound like a prophet with a sneaky, come-from-behind win against the Jets, a team he probably should have beaten soundly. You don't earn style points, and the Bills are still undefeated.

#2 (LW2) (6-0) Jaguars (Altimus)
The Jags handed out a thumping to Longhorn's Rams this week. It was 28-7 heading into the 4th, when the Rams at least managed to make it look respectable in garbage time. Altimus is rolling, and the AFC Championship looks like it's going to be Buffalo vs. Jacksonville.

#3 (LW4) (4-1) Saints (Steve)
I have no idea how Steve did it. I'm still trying to figure out how a guy who didn't know how to read a defense a few years ago manages to shellack the Giants 34-6, and myself 48-28. Then I go and look at Drew Brees' ratings and go "ohhhhhhhhhh..."

#4 (LW5) (5-1) Lions (Terry)
Dominated the Packers for 3 quarters, then did everything they could to make sure their defense failed miserably in the 4th. The Lions can put up points in a hurry, but they are too inconsistent to be a true threat to the elite.

#5 (LW6) (4-2) Browns (TJ)
TJ plays the Browns tough every week. They're a gritty, overachieving bunch of mid-rated players who are extremely well-coached, and will attempt to ride Jamal Lewis' back all the way to the playoffs.

#6 (LW3) (4-2) Rams (Longhorn)
No rushing attack=no win for the Rams. Longhorn is one of the best coaches out there, but even he has a weakness. The Jags showed the rest of the league what it is. The question is whether or not the rest of the league can use that blueprint and follow suit.

#7 (LW7) (3-3) Redskins (mgoblue)
After losing 3 straight, the Skins win 3 straight (and are guaranteeing victory in week 7). This team is getting on a roll as we near midseason.

#8 (LW8) (0-6 en route to 0-16) Chiefs (Rustedwalleye)
Oh, Dale. Dale, Dale, Dale. Where in the world do we go from here? Dale has managed to lose every game this season by an aggregate score of 103-205. He's lost blowouts, close ones, defensive struggles and offensive shootouts...he has found absolutely every way to lose an NFL game in 2009.

This Week's Matchups:

(1-4) Packers @ (4-2) Browns (TJ)
I predict Brady Quinn will leave the game with a broken finger early, and Jamal Lewis will suffer a bruised sternum and have to leave as well. Despite that, I predict the Browns will come back and win a nail-biter :P. Prediction: Browns 26, Packers 24.

(5-0) Chargers @ (0-6) Chiefs (Rustedwalleye)
Undefeated vs. Winless. Not lookin' good for Dale. He's proven that he can't stop the run, and he's about to face LT and Darren Sproles. When he loads up to stop them, Rivers will have no problem going over the top to gates. Plus the pass rush of the Chargers...oy vey. Prediction: Chargers 38, Chiefs 27.

(3-2) Colts @ (4-2) Rams (Longhorn)
Longhorn will rebound in a big way this week. He'll be able to effectively pound the ball on the Colts undersized D, and come away with another W. Prediction: Rams 35, Colts 17.

(6-0) Bills (Dookie) @ (0-5) Panthers
Another undefeated vs. winless game. Dookie has found a way to win every game this season, and it will continue here. Carolina hasn't found any luck this season, and it won't find any against Buffalo. Prediction: Bills 28, Panthers 17.

(4-1) Saints (Steve) @ (2-3) Dolphins

"Air Steve" travels to Miami this week to light up the Dolphins secondary. It won't be pretty. 'nuff said. Prediction: Saints 45, Dolphins 17.

(4-1) Eagles @ (3-3) Redskins (mgoblue)
I'm going out on a limb and saying the Redskins will deal the Eagles their 2nd loss to a human this season. I think it will be close all the way to OT, and then Clinton Portis will prove the decisive factor in OT! Prediction: Redskins 47, Eagles 41
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