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Unique Division 1 Team Names 
Posted on April 10, 2011 at 03:21 PM.
Have you ever been watching a sports game and found one of the teams to have a funny or strange team mascot? I have, and I honestly don't care if you have, too! (Honesty is the best policy!) Anyway, here's a list of funny/unique team names in NCAA Division 1:

Campbell Fighting Camels- After a fire burned down the school in the 1900s, someone stated: Come on Campbell, we need to get over this hump! Hence, the fighting camels.

Delaware Blue Hens- Do blue hens lay blue eggs?

Central Arkansas Sugar Bears- Is a sugar bear like a gummi bear? No wonder nobody brings those things to tailgating parties...

University of Louisianna Monroe Warhawks- History Lesson: James Monroe was an avid supporter of a war (Forget which one), and he and his supporters were dubbed Warhawks.

Evansville Purple Aces- An old Evansville Coach was told he had four aces up his sleeve. He responded, "Nope, I actually have 5!"

UC Irvine Anteaters- Football players are far bigger than ants...

Fairfield Stags- Were originally called "Men in Red," but that was changed to the Stages.

Stetson Hatters- How intimidating. Have a HUGE rivalry with the North Stetson Tailors.

Loyola Ramblers- I think Ramblers is an odd mascot choice. Whenever I think of ramblings, I think of teachers. And who is afraid of a teacher? Very few people, except for those under 8. But, I suppose Loyola is a college, and colleges have teachers. I guess it's kind of fitting. Still, people who ramble on and on are annoying, not intimidating. Maybe they should change their nickname to something else? Maybe not. I don't know the AD at Loyola, and even if I did, would he want to talk to me about changing the name? People who do that tend to ramble on, and that's just so annoying...

Indiana State Sycamores- They were once called the Fighting Teachers, but that was changed to Sycamores. An improvement, but not by much.

Wichita State Wheat Shockers- Named for the process used in wheat farming.

Centenary Gentlemen- The smallest Division 1 school out there. They have about 900 students, smaller than my old Middle School.

ULL Raginní Cajuns- I always think of a really spicy Cajun sauce when I hear this name.

Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils- What's a Delta Devil? Is it related to the Blue Devil?

UMKC Kangaroos- I imagine their basketball team dunks the ball well.

Youngstown state Penguins- There is a movement to make the Penguin the Mascot of the Libertarian Party.

St. Peterís Peacocks- Really? A Peacock? There are far better bird mascots out there, like Penguins or Blue Hens!

Canisius Golden Griffins- Adding Golden in front of anything makes it cooler. Golden Bears, Golden Gophers, Gold Teeth.

Hofstra Pride- Not a bad name, just unusual.

Gardner-Webb Runniní Bulldogs- Bulldogs aren't exactly sprinters, Maybe Greyhounds would be better?

Portland Pilots- (Insert Jet Engine Sounds)

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers- A Chanticleer is simply a fancy word for Rooster... At least it's better than Gamecock

Presbyterian Blue Hose- Maybe they should switch to Golden Hose? Adding Gold makes anything cooler (See Golden Griffins, Canisius)

Austin Peay Governors- 'Ello Gov'nor!

South Dakota State Jackrabbits- Rabbits aren't the most intimidating thing I can think of...

North Texas Mean Green- They share a bitter rivalry with the South Texas Polite White!

Longwood Lancers- So, the Basketball team's nickname is a different sport's equiptment? Odd.... I doubt most colleges could pull this off (Duke Soccer Balls, Ohio State Goal Posts, Florida Surf Boards)

That's all for now! Post other cool names in the comments. I hope you found at least one of these funny...

I might make a sequel with all Colleges or High Schools!
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