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NFL Minor League Part 2 
Posted on October 14, 2012 at 10:01 PM.
I'm assuming you read NFL Minor League Part 1. If not, you'll be confused.

Team Sharing

One thing I left somewhat vague in the last entry is how teams would share a minor league team. The idea is teams would send players over to the iNFL team. However, if the two teams sent over the entire team's roster, they would run into issues with depth. Thus, each team only has 15 claim spots on the iNFL teams 52 man roster. So, the other 22 players (52-15 claim from Team A and 15 from Team B) are selected by the iNFL team. If an NFL team has less than 15 claimed players, the iNFL team may add players to get to a roster of 52. If the NFL team then wants to claim a player, the iNFL team must cut a player to do so if their roster is full.

The owners of the iNFL team make all management decisions (Who to start, who to cut, etc.) however they may not cut any player with a claim w/out the NFL team's consent.

A potential iNFL Roster (This team is shared between San Fran and Denver) may look like this.

Bob Jones QB (Denver 6th Round)
John Anthony QB
Ryan Smith RB (San Franciso 5th Round)
Trevor Williams RB (Denver No Claim)
Mark Raneri RB

And so on.

A team may have no more than 1 1st round claim, 2 second round claims, 3 third round claims, 5 fourth round claims, 8 fifth round claims, and may have as many 6th round claims and beyond.


Minimum wage for claimless players is 45,000 Euros, or 58,000 Dollars. This increases 2.5 Euros for each claim (Ex. 2,500 extra for 7th round claim, 5,000 for 6th round, etc.). The salary increases by 3% a year. I suppose you could use this formula to calculate minimum wage: (45,000+(2,500*(8-Claim)))*(1.03^Years played-1). An undrafted player has a claim=8. Thus, the highest conceivable minimum salary for a player with a 1st round claim playing for 20 years is 112,000 euros (Give or take a few hundred) or 150k. this is highly unlikely.

Each contract is paid weekly during the 20 week regular season (A player earning 45E would get a 2,250 Euro check every week). Each team co-managing the iNFL team pays 1/2 of the total contracts of the team, about 2 million by my estimate.

That's all for now. Comments appreciated.
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