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Hop Aboard the OS Hater Bandwagon 
Posted on July 8, 2009 at 06:38 AM.

Ever since's "merger" with MaddenMania, this place has been completely different. More users, developer interaction, earlier reviews, but with the good comes the bad. And the bad, in this case, is vocal OS haters.

It has come to my attention that a fledgling, upstart sports gaming community is apparently going with the "no rules" approach to their forums. Posts by banned OS users suggesting harm to the families of our forum's moderators seem to be common place in their so called "Off-Topic" forum.

What's worse is that nothing is done over there to curb such behavior. It's disgusting that this is allowed and if I were running that site, I'd be embarrassed.

I won't even dignify this website by mentioning it's name or the author of these wonderful works of literary genius. The only reason I bring it up is to again, voice my appreciation for the community here at Sure, we have our issues. Every online community does. But overall, there is no other gaming website I'd rather be a part of, and all of you are the reason for that.

Moving on, I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial yesterday with my wife. What a show! Say what you want about the man's personal life, but he was an entertainment genius that many of us will never see matched in our lifetime.

To put a sports slant on it, I felt like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson's part of the memorial was extremely well done. I can just imagine Magic sitting there on the floor eating that bucket of KFC while discussing the particulars of the video for "Remember the Time".

I have to admit that at the very end when his heartbroken daughter Paris took the microphone, I got choked up. I know what it's like to lose a father at a young age, and for all the stories about how weird he was, how strange and sheltered his kids are, for that very moment we were on the same level.

As far as Michael Jackson goes, I think anyone my age will always have at least something about him in our memory that will forever cause us to remember the time.
# 1 rudyjuly2 @ Jul 8
I'm still enjoying OS! If you aren't banning people, you aren't doing a good job! Too many losers out there think free speech has no limits or consequences.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ Jul 8
Michael Jackson died?! Sorry, terrible joke, probably been used a million times already.

And yes, I agree with your first section. Thanks OS'ers for proving what a great community you are.
# 3 rudyjuly2 @ Jul 8
I've had more than enough of the Michael Jackson coverage. How much longer will it last for crying out loud?!
# 4 TJdaSportsGuy @ Jul 8
I think now that the memorial has happened, things will start to wind down. The next big thing will be when they finally bury him. That could take a while.

And God help us if they find drugs in his system when they announce the results of the toxicology report.
# 5 stlstudios189 @ Jul 8
People get banned for a reason free speech does not include threats and hatred. and the Jackson stuff should wind down soon. Great entertainer who had issues.
# 6 TJdaSportsGuy @ Jul 8
That's the thing we can't seem to get embedded into people's brains. We don't just throw out infractions or bannings for the hell of it. Hell, it's actually more of a pain in the *** than it's worth, sometimes. We do it to maintain a mature, friendly, and enjoyable environment for ALL.
# 7 Finsfan46 @ Jul 8
Nice read....I just dont get the people who do the things you mention in these forums, maybe I missed something somewhere, but sure seems like a waste of ones time.... but then again, maybe that is the best thing in their lives, the only real way they can get interaction ......Sad as that is
# 8 Finsfan46 @ Jul 8
Nice read....I just dont get the people who do the things you mention in these forums, maybe I missed something somewhere, but sure seems like a waste of ones time.... but then again, maybe that is the best thing in their lives, the only real way they can get interaction ......Sad as that is
# 9 Marino @ Jul 8
But people have to build up there E-cred TJ, you know this. I will agree that the site was pretty pathetic.
# 10 23 @ Jul 8
well at least they didnt decide to put your name on youtube because they felt a locked thread was unwarranted
# 11 funky_chicken @ Jul 10
I still enjoy OS. It seems like we have more immature posters. We do have more developer involvment which is really cool. I think the positives have outweighed the negatives.
# 12 MattIntellect @ Jul 11
Yeah, I know the website you're talking about. It's ashame that a lot of people feel entitled to bash the developers, use expletives and threats to the forum moderators, or just be immature. Unfortunately you'll always have good AND bad. This applies to life. Some people think that OS is full of Nazis, but they don't understand that control is needed especially when most people here are adults. A lot of forums wish they had moderators like we do here at OS, but of course, some feel like they are beyond the age of being treated like children. The problem is that rules are everywhere and you can't always expect to be allowed to do everything that you want, especially when you're at the point that you're being disrespectful and immature.
I guess 23 doesn't want to be on Truf Chasers anymore.
# 13 CarryTheWeight @ Jul 14
The immaturity of the internet never ceases to dumbfound me. Even when you think you're doing well, someone else feels the need to get jealous or immaturely ornery, never ceasing to attempt to run someone's name into the ground in the name of stupidity and nothing more.

I own a site myself and have seen such idiocy before so I totally sympathize with OS in this case. What I'm most upset over is the fact that people have the nerve to complain about what OS does in order to keep necessary law and order around here. It's like the internet was based upon a "Lord of the Flies" logic.
# 14 aznTsizzle55 @ Jul 23
This had better not be at Apex.
# 15 Aggies7 @ Aug 16
I agree TJ. Still enjoying OS. Mod here do a great job. Also great having Game Devs post in the forums.

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