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About Money 
Posted on December 10, 2008 at 02:51 PM.
Money runs everything.

There is nothing you can do in life without it pertaining to money.

Had this conversation with my girl, and wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

We talked about how we can't do lots of things that we'd love to do all because of money.

Not just us either. But people all over the world can't do what they want to do because of the restraints put on them by money.

Me and my girl have been together for 4 years. The only reason we don't want to get married now is because of money. There are plenty of people who want to wait to get married because they want to wait to afford a nice wedding.

We both don't want to be in school now. Plenty of students like ourselves can't wait to be done with college. The only reason we're in school is to make money. Not because we actually want to be there.

People have jobs that they absolutely hate to go to because of money. I figured that most of the stress that is put on people during their lives is all because of money. And I believe stress pre-disposes individuals to sickness, disease, and is a factor to poor health.

There are plenty of places around the world that will never get to be seen because people don't have the money. There are many places I want to go, but I can't because of damn money.

I want to be able to eat healthy, organic foods for the betterment (not sure if that's a word. But whatever) of myself. But I can't. Why? Because it costs too much. So I'm stuck eating crap half of the time. Crap that will eventually lead to health problems. All because of money.

There are people out there dying, who can't get certain treatments, procedures, medicines, or testing done. Why because they don't have the damn money. Only the people with money can get the help they want.

We can't find cure's for certain diseases that are killing people everyday. Why? Because they can't get the money to pay for research. BS.

Then there's the people with excess money, that really don't even need it. They spend it on random, unneccessary crap, while there's poor people starving, families without homes, other people of the world that could really use it. That private jet you just bought could have fed millions of people, at least saved 1 life or 2. I think....just maybe.

Many wars are fought because of money. Many divorces happen because of money. Many people suffer because they don't have money. From birth we begin learning the importance of money, and our lives become shaped by money. We grow up being taught that we need to do this and that because we need to make money.

You're not viewed as successful unless you have money. You can't be with the one you love if you don't have money. People can't do the things that they'd absolutely love to do because of money.

I can't go to the Lakers/Celtics game on Christmas because of money.

End Rant
# 1 rudyjuly2 @ Dec 10
I understand but your rant is part of the problem. You are complaining that you can't go places and buy things because of money. It's your desire and demand for those things that gives money the power over your life in the first place. Money isn't everything. So you can't afford a regular vacation or that big screen TV. Oh well.

If you want to get married, get married. Weddings have become overly inflated and terribly expensive parties. It's a half-day party that people are regularly dropping over $20,000 to impress people. You can do a small and simple ceremony and enjoy your marriage now!

There will always be an unfair distribution of wealth in the world. It's a necessary product of capitalism.
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