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NBA 2k16 MyLeague Plan 
Posted on September 7, 2015 at 12:55 AM.
2k16 will be the first basketball game I've gotten in a few years, but the customization features this year were too awesome sounding to pass up. Right now, I've got several re-locations and re-brands planned for MyLeague.


Los Angeles Clippers -> Seattle Supersonics. I'll admit I wrestled briefly with moving the Kings (nearly happened in RL) or Thunder (former Sonics) here, but with Steve Ballmer having bought them a year ago, it makes more sense for the Clips.

Sacramento Kings -> Kansas City Kings. Not sure on uniforms or logo, but their old KC one is tempting.

Memphis Grizzlies -> Vancouver Grizzlies. If I can also bring back their original uniforms, I definitely will do so.

Oklahoma City Thunder -> Kentucky Colonels if possible. If not, I'll likely just go with Louisville Colonels. *Slight* chance they'd go to Nashville instead in that case.

Detroit Pistons -> Montreal. All 3 Canadian options will have teams. Name will be determined. I'm thinking Royals or possibly Maroons after the old NHL team. It'll depend on what (if anything) I do with Orlando and what options the community has come up with for a Montreal team.

Miami Heat -> Spirits of St. Louis or St. Louis Spirits if necessary.

Orlando Magic -> ???. I have several ideas running through my head to use them to bring back an old team. Providence Steam Rollers, Buffalo Braves, Cincinnati Royals, Virginia Squires (*if* it's Norfolk and not Richmond). Or San Diego Clippers if needed in order to force Portland, Seattle and Vancouver into the same division.


Utah Jazz -> Utah Raptors. Simply put, New Orleans has been back in the NBA for a while now and Utah is not known for Jazz music. Raptor skeletons on the other hand...

New Orleans Pelicans -> New Orleans Jazz. The Jazz nickname goes back where it belongs and I'll try and bring back their old logo and uniforms as well.

Toronto Raptors -> Toronto Huskies. Shout out to Canada's original NBA team who also played in the first NBA game (when it was called the BAA) in history (losing at home to the Knicks 68-66).

Washington Wizards -> Washington Bullets. Reversing a change that never should have been made to begin with. The "barber pole" uniform design stays.

Brooklyn Nets uniforms back to the ones that were worn from 1977-1989. Logo would need to be tweaked accordingly.

Atlanta Hawks uniforms back to the ones worn from 1982-1991. Arguably the best set in franchise history. 'Nique!

Inspiration strikes me constantly and I may make even further additions. I'm contemplating tweaks to the Timberwolves as we speak, but they won't move (one of my favorite NBA teams- they're from Minnesota and I'm a glutton for punishment lol). Some teams I won't dare touch (Lakers for example).

I'll also do a MyCareer as well, but I don't really have a plan for that yet.
# 1 DblocW @ Sep 7
sounds like you gonna be going in this yr.
# 2 Td1984 @ Sep 7
Yeah, the customization features this year got me so hyped I couldn't pass it up. Pre-ordering today.
# 3 ASUBoy93 @ Sep 10
Please, get rid of those AWFUL Clipper unis. Great ideas by the way. Have fun with it man!
# 4 sethisthegoat @ Sep 10
Only question: If you're thinking of doing San Diego Clippers...why not just move the LA Clippers to San Diego and the Magic up to Seattle? (I know, you explained the storyline, and Ballmer, etc...)

My favorite team is the Wolves...thinking of doing a slight re-brand to bring the focus on the current secondary logo and colors...or even going back to the lighter blue of the 90s.

Though I'm not planning on doing MyLeague, will probably stick with MyGM, and will re-brand from within that system.

How much customization will there be in MyCareer? Will we be set with the guy from that commercial?

Love moving the Jazz brand back to New Orleans. Don't know that I'd go with Raptors for Utah, though.
# 5 Td1984 @ Sep 10
Seth, I hear ya. On the San Diego Clippers, it's ONLY if I need to bump say Portland out of the Pacific and into the Northwest. Ideally the Pacific will be Denver, Golden State, LA Lakers, Phoenix and Utah. In that case, I can keep the Magic somewhere in the East.

Raptors for Utah is kinda tentative. I know it doesn't quite have a ring to it either. If I find something done online that fits better in my mind, I'll run with it.

MyCareer, I have no idea yet. It would be cool if you can make these changes in the front end and carry them into that mode as well. I'm thinking of making a SG and being able to play for the Supersonics would be awesome. From what I've heard, customization will be a part of all modes, but to what extent is still unknown.

I like your Wolves idea too. I've been thinking about tweaks there myself. Nothing major. Maybe back to the unis with the tree trim. At most, back to their original look. It's not overly exciting, but it's also not an eyesore like some unis these days either.
# 6 trekfan @ Sep 18
You and I have similar thoughts on the Clippers -- it makes almost too much sense to move them to Seattle (Ballmer and his connections) and leave LA. It'd be great if the Clips really did this (it's not like anyone would really care, the franchise has historically been a disaster).
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