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NBA 2k17 MyLeague Plans 
Posted on September 10, 2016 at 09:52 PM.
With the ability to actually overhaul as many teams as we want this year, most of my plans are carry-overs from last year, plus adding all six expansion teams.


Year 1

Seattle SuperSonics (complete with their logo and uniforms that were worn during their lone title run in 1978-79)

Las Vegas/Columbus/Pittsburgh/Memphis (name TBA). I'm leaning towards Memphis as I'm moving the Grizzlies back to Vancouver. But I'm willing to take suggestions on which of the four cities to put the team in.

Year 5

Kentucky Colonels

Cincinnati Royals

Year 10

Buffalo Braves

Nashville Stars

The entrance times are somewhat fluid. I may have Year 1 be Seattle and Kentucky, Year 5 Memphis (if I go with them) and Nashville and Year 10 be Buffalo and Cincinnati.


Year 1

Los Angeles Clippers -> San Diego Clippers. Knock out two birds with one stone. I eliminate the Clippers awful uniforms, and since they want their own arena (and there's not much room in LA for one), they get one back in San Diego.

Sacramento Kings -> Kansas City Kings

Memphis Grizzlies -> Vancouver Grizzlies. Hopefully, I can bring back the logo and uniforms they wore until 1999-00. Even if I can't pull it off, someone in the community probably can and will.

Year 10

Miami Heat -> Montreal (name TBD)

Orlando Magic -> Spirits of St. Louis

Oklahoma City -> Virginia Squires


Utah Jazz -> Utah Bobcats

New Orleans Pelicans -> New Orleans Jazz. Ideally, I can use the same logo and unis the original New Orleans Jazz used. Again like with the Vancouver Grizzlies, if I can't do it myself, someone else most likely will.

Toronto Raptors -> Toronto Huskies

Washington Wizards -> Washington Bullets

Atlanta Hawks get their old uniforms back that they wore from 1982-91. The logo isn't quite as necessary as their current one is similar enough.

Brooklyn Nets bring back their old uniforms and color scheme used from 1977-89, hopefully, while having "Brooklyn" replace "New Jersey." Just because black and white is too dull.
# 1 NYJin2011tm @ Sep 11
Interesting ideas! I'm going to create my own expansion team based in NJ which I control replacing the Nets. Thunder are going back to Seattle as the Sonics. I will put an expansion team in Pittsburgh. I will prob contract the Clippers since two teams in LA and we all know overall Lakers own LA. Still thinking though.
# 2 dtlm6 @ Sep 11
Loved relocation in NBA2K but the idea of expansion really has me excited. I would love to see expansion added to Madden, MLB the Show and NBA 2K
# 3 PardonTheAmbush @ Sep 12
Nice! I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this if you decide to keep the page up to date. The expansion ideas sound sweet, especially to see how my Buffalo Braves are gonna do once year 10 rolls around.
# 4 Td1984 @ Sep 12
Yeah, I plan to play MyCareer as well ad that figures to get most of my attention. But I'll definitely post updates as I go along on MyLeague.
# 5 Td1984 @ Sep 12
I'm now planning to do the expansion as follows: Year 1- Kentucky & Seattle; Year 5- Memphis & Nashville; Year 10- Buffalo & Cincinnati.

If I instead do it in two waves of three teams (i.e. Year 1- Cincinnati, Kentucky & Seattle; Year 6- Buffalo, Memphis & Nashville), do you guys think that would be too many teams joining too close together (since there's the expansion draft and all)?
# 6 Black Bruce Wayne @ Sep 13
Im planning on making a league with all made up teams if possible
# 7 Td1984 @ Sep 13
I believe we can rebrand all 30 teams if we wish, so it should be.
# 8 DirectFX @ Sep 14
You should just move Nets back to NJ and use uniforms during the Kidd, Martin, Kittles etc era as uniforms weren't black n white plus Brooklyn has no history n if you add Buffalo it would be like California too many teams in one state....
# 9 Td1984 @ Sep 15
That's a possibility, but as for the Nets unis, I prefer the old red, white & blue ones to those.

Buffalo I can be a little flexible on as Cleveland and Toronto are nearby and neither would really need a rival in Buffalo (I've planned out my divisional alignments already and on the off chance I do scrap Buffalo, I could put a team in either Baltimore or Pittsburgh using one of the preset options).
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