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jhogan3132 is offline
# 14
jhogan3132 @ May 14, 2012
Whats new with you? I took a OS break (90 hour work weeks) but Im back, and miss the core group of OS'ers!
Bengals28 is offline
# 13
Bengals28 @ Mar 20, 2012
Hey man, just returning your PSN message, wondering when I can get in the league
bigtxambition is offline
# 12
bigtxambition @ Apr 1, 2011
can you please *** my username? It seems some dochebag put an animated rapping *** as my avatar and made it where ****** is now a curse word. Can you please *** that for me? is offline
# 11 @ Mar 21, 2011
hey chef how do you get your ps trophies as your picture is there an app or is it just a picture of your trophies. just wonderin if theres an app for your gamercard or if its just a pic. thanks
Ogimaa is offline
# 10
Ogimaa @ Nov 9, 2010
Sorry wasn't trying to argue with u or anything. Like I said just weird how people get banned for voicing opinions. Not even saying there's anything wrong with it. Just stating that's it weird, that's all. Nothing more nothing less. I was not speculating on anything
jhogan3132 is offline
# 9
jhogan3132 @ Nov 3, 2010
I havent heard from TimmeH either. Im not sure whats going on with him, but hopefully its nothing bad. In other news, when are you coming back?
ghm125 is offline
# 8
ghm125 @ Apr 16, 2010
hey man,you and me week 7 in wheelhouse...add ya as my friend..thanks!!!!
Stroehms is offline
# 7
Stroehms @ Feb 28, 2010
Originally Posted by The Chef
Thanks bro, appreciate it, hopefully when The Show drops we can get some games in on that.
Joined the league as the Tigers! Ha. Yes. and I'm down to beat your Dodgers with my Cards any day....Maybe any October day. lol
Stroehms is offline
# 6
Stroehms @ Feb 27, 2010
Happy bday, broseph.
DTX3 is offline
# 5
DTX3 @ Oct 2, 2009
i meant to say him as in iceman.
baumy300 is offline
# 4
baumy300 @ Feb 8, 2009
Originally Posted by The Chef
If his woman is Lucy Pinder then I guess so, although I never heard that was the case.
I just remember that woman in a picture with Tebow the year he won the Heisman.

I am positive that's her.
baumy300 is offline
# 3
baumy300 @ Feb 3, 2009
Tebow's woman in your avatar?
NinerFan1983 is offline
# 2
NinerFan1983 @ Jan 3, 2009
Nice page and even better looking Frank Gore pic.

How do you think the offseason will turn out for the 49ers now that Singletary has shed the "interim" label from his position?
TJdaSportsGuy is offline
# 1
TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 11, 2008
Hey bud...nice arena page. Love the Frank Gore pic. If you get a chance, read and comment on my blog if you'd like. Thanks!
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