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# 16
dcal @ Oct 30, 2011
in your Funny Pictures-----> pirate cat, classic
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# 15
Buckeye @ Nov 8, 2010
Originally Posted by The GIGGAS
My career is in much more than HTML. I remember saying in the Off-Topic thread that that's all I knew before taking a Computer Science course in High School. If you want to work with computers, you're probably going to want to take a Computer Science degree in college. In High School, I took Computer Science and then AP Computer Science A and AB, and the AP classes let me skip the first class in college. Now you'll probably be working with Java, which is very different than HTML. As you might find out, HTML isn't really code: it's more of a markup language. You can't really write programs in HTML. I work with webapps, but very little of it is HTML. Most of it is Java.
I am looking more into web designing. Know anything on that?
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# 14
Buckeye @ Nov 8, 2010
Originally Posted by The GIGGAS
There was a post a while back. I believe they post requests for resumes in one of hte top forums in the list. I can't remember.
I think I saw some where you had a career in HTML? What classes did you have to take through out high school and what is the actual course name in college? I am interested in doing something like this. Any help appreciated!
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# 13
Buckeye @ Nov 1, 2010
Hey what are the requrments and etc to be an OS writer?
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# 12
Pheud @ Feb 11, 2009
Go Highlanders! I'm from Wytheville about 30 minutes from RU...I've spent many a day on that campus with friends.Nice place.
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# 11
bjf1377 @ Jan 29, 2009
Well I tried it for a week or so and I really did like it. But Windows 7 came along and I tried that. But honestly with as glitchy as this is I may try to go back to Kubuntu, and if I do, it'll probably be for a longer period of time
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# 10
bjf1377 @ Dec 8, 2008
I'm actually still looking into it. I've been trying to see what programs I can use on it and I was debating if I should try dual-booting Vista & Kubuntu at the same time to test it all out
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# 9
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 28, 2008
I did. Thanks
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# 8
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!
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# 7
GoodVela @ Nov 20, 2008
Thanks for the friend invite!
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# 6
bjf1377 @ Nov 19, 2008
Your Kubuntu avatar has given me a reason to do some research to kill the time until the NXE is released. I've always been interested in Linux but never been brave enough to try it.
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# 5
Marino @ Nov 13, 2008
I like it.
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# 4
TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 12, 2008
Thanks, bro. I updated it last night too. Check it out!
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# 3
TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 11, 2008
Nice looking Lane Stadium banner up there, Mike. Very nice!
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# 2
OSUFan_88 @ Nov 10, 2008
...I have all his pin-up posters...
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# 1
OSUFan_88 @ Nov 10, 2008
Do you really want to know the answer?
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