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Broncos Issues/Ryan Braun........... 
Posted on July 22, 2013 at 05:51 PM.
Two executives busted for DUI, their best defensive player (and arguably a top 10 player in the league) busted for, what looks like a second time, recreational drugs....

Is there an issue in Denver? Let's not forget the Parrish Cox rape allegations (following a night of partying that other members of the Broncos were involved in), the Elvis Dumervil Gun-Flashing fiasco, D.J. Williams just being an all-around not model citizen......

What dictates this kind of locker room behavior and what encompasses the organizations ability to control any of it?

Is John Elway to blame for any of these issues? Does John Elway hold any responsibility for what his players/office employees attempt to get away with? Where should the burden of accountability fall?

Bottom Lines/Other Thoughts

Von Miller and Ryan Braun win Idiot of the Week awards. As far as Von Miller, the kid obviously just isn't very bright. Let's be honest, most of these athletic superstars aren't going win a spelling bee anytime soon. Braun wise, people need to stop pretending that the Steroid Era is over. Ok, maybe it's not steroids, but it's HGH, or it's synthetic testosterone. Would it really surprise anybody if Feel Good Story Of The Year Home Run Leader Chris Davis ends up getting popped for something? Until ONE positive test means you are kicked out of your league, guys will keep doing it. The expected reward is worth the acceptable risk. Wouldn't you do it for a 100 million dollar extension?
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