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Dear Riley Cooper 
Posted on July 31, 2013 at 08:04 PM.
Dear Riley Cooper,

It's beyond idiotic to say "I don't use that term," when you are in trouble for being caught on video using "that term." Right, this is the only time you have ever used that word in your life. You aren't racist at all. Out of the trillions of things you say in your entire life, the ONE time you ever decide to use a racial slur it just happens to get caught on tape. Right.

There's nothing like seeing a white NFL wide receiver dropping a straight up N-bomb at a Kenny Chesney concert while wearing sleeveless flannel and rocking a pony tail. This guy is going places in life after the NFL. Crappy places, but, places.

Nothing quite kills the mood like a good old fashioned white trash moment. Check out how appalled the crowd is around him, that dude next to him looks like he got slapped in the face.

# 1 SkillzKillz719 @ Jul 31
This is a perfect example of being judgemental. I don't think you understand him as a person and it is ignorant to say that for sure he is going "crappy" places. What if this was the only time? How much of this happens daily that just doesn't get on camera? Why is it such a big deal when someone finally gets caught? We basically put him on a public crucifix only for a couple seconds of bad judgement. So you're telling me that his statements are indicative of his play on the field? This guarantees that he's not going anywhere in the NFL? Nah. I'm not buying that. Don't be so quick to judge.

Furthermore, I don't understand why it is such a big deal that he said it because as far as I know, black people call other black ****** quite a bit. Is he held to a different standard? Why is that fair? Can you only say a racist slur to your own race? This double-standard-public-freakout-judgmental-people issue is a shame to the NFL.
# 2 tHurley2010 @ Aug 1
Often times, a couple seconds of bad judgment aren't rare instances; they are indicative of the type of person that person really is. So it would surprise me if it was actually the only time he said the N word.

While I agree that him saying that racial slur has nothing to do with his performance on the field (which matters far more than what you do off the field), him saying that and then denying that he's never said it before says a lot about him as a person--and that isn't much.

It is a big deal for a white person to call a black person a ******. The logic you use there is not even worth my time because it is so ridiculous.
# 3 bubbaman11 @ Aug 1
Wow Skillz,
# 4 cgbandit @ Aug 1
Unfortunately Skillz view on this is the opinion of a lot of people in this country. Its a never ending cycle. Gets passed on generation to generation. Its sad but its the reason why racism will always exist inthis country.
# 5 cusefan74 @ Aug 1
I got an idea. If you are black and don't want to be called a(insert N word here), then stop using it yourself. I'm white and I don't go around calling other white people crackers. The problem we have though is a lot of times when a black person doesn't get what they want they pull the racist card. I'm not saying all black people are like that, but a lot are now days.

Riley Cooper said something stupid, but it doesn't make him racist. Look at it this way, if he was black would there be any discussion about it at all?
# 6 jhendricks316 @ Aug 1
There is a serious divide among the African-American community about the use of the n-word. All of us don't use it! Not all of us like it either! Personally, I wish for no one to use it. And, to group us (African-Americans) and say that "a lot" of us use it upsets me. Do you honestly know for sure, or are you making stereotypical assumptions?

As for Cooper himself, I doubt he is a racist, but the use of the n-word was unwarranted in his environment. It was poor judgment. No, there wouldn't be a discussion if Cooper was black, but I'm not going to necessarily give him a "free pass".
# 7 bubbaman11 @ Aug 2
I know I'd get real offended and angry if someone called me a cracker. lol. I think it's funny when we try to equate that with n_____. Like it carries anywhere near the same weight. As white men we don't have a word that would incite us, and the only ones that are even remotely close are derogatory terms we created for others based on their sexual preference, gender, etc. And why are we so quick to try and justify our use of n_____ by saying "well they (blacks) call each other it all the time"? Just because we don't understand it doesn't make our using it justified. Like we have the slightest clue what it's been like to live with racism for centuries.
Riley Cooper isn't a racist. He's just an idiot who made a poor decision that will affect and potentially end his professional career. I mean, who gets fired up at a Kenny Chesney concert?
# 8 TreyIM2 @ Aug 2
I posted this on Espn...and I am a black man, if u can't figure it out by what I wrote. Lol:

Whether he's a racist person or not, who outside of his circle really knows. As a person who's dated many*walks of life, I've had this word used against me in anger by a white woman who only dates non-white guys. I knew it wasn't coming from a place of racism but a place of hurt because I was breaking up with her. She was hurt by me so she thought she could hurt me back by using that word on me. Didn't work. It was actually comical to me but I see what Cooper the situation was and where this was coming from was possibly trying to do whether it was conscious or subconscious. He was feeling that liquid emotion, as well. Grain of salt, for me.
# 9 TreyIM2 @ Aug 2
*coming from and was
# 10 Vizen @ Aug 2
there is a philly based website called crossing broad which had footage of Riley getting into a fight before the concert. Dude had a bad day...
# 11 iamheat @ Aug 3
Its "RACIST" to say the term NO MATTER who is saying it....That being said, Ppeople are wanting him fired and judging his whole life or a STUPID decision. Micheal Vick, I dont need to say much more about him. People forgave him overtime for what he did and i did too, Why can't we just agree it was a damn stupid thing to say and forgive like alot forgave Vick
# 12 iamheat @ Aug 3
# 13 wallofhate @ Aug 3
Ppl who use the argument that "oh black ppl use it why can't we say it" to me are just being lazy and also missing the point. Whether it's black ppl saying we shouldn't use the word or white ppl saying it I use this example. Women call each other the b word allot. Now with that being said you're out in public and some guy calls your mom, sister our girlfriend the b word are you gonna immediately feel disrespected or are you gonna tell the woman well you can't get mad you use it yourself. I'm not saying it's necessarily right that blacks use it but why argue the point that he used it in a hateful way.

Just like many of us in our daily lives called or friends ******** or a homophobic slur we don't mean it in a hurtful way but as soon as you say it to a person of that origin it instantly turns venomous. Regardless what race our sexuality thou are most off us has used negative words as terms of endearment for the most part to take the power of the word away dull the sting of it. He doesn't deserve to lose his career over this but he did a bad thing and unfortunately for him 70% of three nfl it's the race he offended. He deserves a second chance just like anyone else
# 14 stefangrey @ Aug 3
I laughed at all the venom from Philly fans who want him fired for using a racist term. If that's the case, most of the guys at the Linc for Cowboys games that use homophobic remarks for Tony Romo (hint, rhymes with "Romo") should probably suffer the same fate.

Also ironic: Jare using teh term "white trash moment". Might not have been his intent, but coupled with the long drawn out line about Kenny Chesney, ponytails and flannel, that comes off as pretty racist. And in my book N and white trash talk about the same types of people, separated only by skin color. And if Riley cooper is white trash for being listening to country music, wearing flannel and ahving a ponytail, then I guess a black kid in a hoodie is a threat and you have license to shoot.

Lastly, this:
I know "Cracker" isn't as loaded as N, but the intent is the same, especially in the context he uses it.
# 15 inkcil @ Aug 3
Did Riley get up and say, "Well, some black people use it so what's the big deal?" No, he APOLOGIZED. As a black man I have waaaay more respect for Riley using the word the way he did (which REALLY matters, by the way) and apologizing than I have for the guys in this thread who came here to defend his actions when he didn't even try to defend his actions himself.

I don't think Riley's career should end for this, but I think that it will be difficult for him to continue his career because there will always be the perception that his presence in an NFL locker room is a distraction to the team. And as we all know, a "distracted" team is often unsuccessful.

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