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Dear LSU 
Posted on August 11, 2013 at 09:20 PM.
So let me get this straight.

Johnny Manziel gets paid a few grand for signing autographs and MIGHT be suspended the entire year.

Jeremy Hill, seen here in the purple shirt (actually, not sure I am allowed to link to the video, so I won't, but google it), sucker punches a guy outside a bar (how is a 20 year old drinking?) and is suiting up week one, no problem.


This isn't a fight, by the way, this is an assault. This is a big time D1 athlete, a future NFL player, one of LSU's best athletes, attacking a guy who wasn't even looking at him and didn't see it coming. He could have seriously injured that dude, if not worse. This is disgusting. I like the high five to his bro after the other super-classy-guy knocks the guy out from behind him. Real family entertainment here. Show your kids!

Uhm, yeah, DEAR LSU, you look TERRIBLE. Your excuse for letting the kid play is stupid. That excuse, in case you don't know, is that "the team voted on it.", no ****? REALLY? A national title contender team filled with teenagers wanting to win a BCS title voted for their friend, and best running back on the team coincidentally, not to be suspended. Mind=Blown. What a cop out. What a slimy, ****less way to go about it. I'm not saying the kid needs to be suspended the entire year. But at least one game, probably two or three, would have been more than appropriate.

Les Miles. You lost me here bud. You lost me. I defended your crappy game management skills and still insisted you are a genius. I defended your inability to develop quarterbacks or establish any consistent passing game year-to-year. I defended your absolutely atrocious aggressive gambles in big games, namely on trick plays or 4th down attempts, even though so many blow up in your face.

You lost me, brotha. You lost me hard. LSU clearly has a culture issue. This is a Penn State or Aaron Hernandez situation waiting to happen. That's the direction this is going in, that's how that kind of madness starts. Football is being put in front of Ethics, Morals, and Everything Right. LSU, their athletes, their president, their athletic director, and most importantly, their head coach, is WRONG. Dead wrong. What did Mathieu say a while back, something about "forgetting how many drug tests I failed?" I didn't think much of it then, but I am starting to connect some dots.

Great example being set here. Wowwwww.....bad year for sports. Bad year for sports....started with Lance Armstrong around New Years and just never stopped going downhill from there.......

Shame on LSU.
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