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The Politics of "Likes." Is OS a Popularity Contest? 
Posted on August 29, 2016 at 12:30 AM.
There is something I have thought about for awhile now. It probably crosses my mind way too much, and to be dead honest, it is definitely ridiculous that I let this bother me at all, let alone as much as it actually does.

So, again, full disclosure: I am dumb for caring about this. Fully admit it.

That being said, as time goes on I can't help but notice trends, post to post, on OS and I feel like there are patterns as far which posts get likes and which posts don't.

I honestly don't think a post gets likes, I think the poster gets likes. I also think that OS does have some "clique-ness." I don't mean that as any sort of insult, accusation, or anything like that. To be honest, I am just as "guilty" as anyone (not that anyone is doing anything wrong). There are certain people who I game with that I will "like" their post no matter what.

I think some posters can say or write almost ANYTHING and get the same amount of likes, typically from the same pool of people, and other people can write the most profound and insightful post ever and get no likes, or much fewer had it come from someone else.

Initially I was going to link posts and thread pages directly to compare and contrast in order to show examples of my theory in action. However, I decided that could be a big can of worms and would probably be best to keep it vague and general.

There are times when I am afraid to disagree with someone about something because I worry he/she and/or his/her crew will put me on their "crap list" and ignore anything I try to write/discuss in the future. Obviously, I can't for sure say this has ever happened, I only have my suspicion/assumption, but there have been many times where I can't help but notice after a certain type of event (public disagreement, intense but civil debate, being booted from a group or league but going out politely, that kind of stuff) that no matter what I just won't get any responses or likes from that person ever again.

No matter how hard I try to ignore it and not pay attention it just kinda eats away at me every time I notice that no matter how hard I try certain people just won't ever like my post. There are times I have followed a thread and written something in agreement with one of these people just for the sole purpose of getting a single like from a guy just for the satisfaction of knowing that person doesn't think I am pure trash. That usually never comes, and that's ok, I just can't get over why some posts get likes, and other posts that are very similar or just as worthy, don't.

Also, I don't want to sit here and pretend like every post of mine is awesome an deserves 20 likes. It isn't so much "why are some posts not getting likes," but rather "why does Exhibit A get likes when Exhibit B doesn't," typically situations of the same message being posted but one poster having less tenure on the site than the other. It definitely sometimes seems like "cliques" of certain groups (some based on guys who play the same game, some from guys who have been around since a certain point, fellow mods, etc) devote almost all their likes to each other. This probably sound super vain and even more super stupid, but I can't shake this feeling like some people see my username on the post and immediately "turn off." I think this happens across the board, I saw "me" but I am trying to say I think this is a regular thing on the board.

I mean, I guess I have to ask an honest question:

Do you find yourself liking, or not liking, a post more on WHO posted it rather than WHAT was actually posted?


Please forgive me for writing the dumbest blog ever on here. I want to make it clear this this is NOT serious business, or anything close. Just ramblings.
# 1 Caulfield @ Aug 29
I know for a fact sometimes I dont even use the 'like' button the way it was intended. I dont use it the way you mentioned, but I do sometimes use it more as an 'acknowledgement' button that I read what was posted if its in response to something I posted.
# 2 The JareBear @ Aug 29
Thank you for the reply, good sir
# 3 The JareBear @ Aug 29
I feel pretty dumb about posting this blog. It really isn't a big deal just something I have thought about (I am bored a lot these days) lately
# 4 Black Bruce Wayne @ Aug 29
I never noticed it, but I dont disagree. I noticed other things, but I won't open a can of worms either.
# 5 edaddy @ Aug 30
You have good points and they are valid. If you have been around long enough you can see the cliques as well as who stands for what. Just ignore what people think about you or your points and keep it moving..You will frustrate yourself beyond belief trying to find who likes who..IMO
# 6 Black Bruce Wayne @ Aug 30
It amazes me that the MODS in the 2K forum will let flame threads, that contribute nothing, to go on and on, but will ban a user for basically nothing.
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