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I should be banned from OS 
Posted on October 27, 2016 at 05:59 PM.
I have posted on OS over 10,700 times and none of those posts made this site any better or contributed anything meaningful to the community.

I have tried and failed to make friends and join circles on OS. Now, after repeatedly falling short of becoming a valuable member of any corner of this site I have to face reality and accept that I am just a weird person who isn't ever going to be popular in life and will probably spend most of my life entirely alone. There are worse things than being alone, I should be able to manage that.

Nothing I do on OS is a positive impact to the site, I am pretty much just a waste of space here and I think I should probably be banned for that. Everyone would probably be better off for it.

I used to be a leader of young people and now I am just an old, fat, weird looking loser who helps manage a day care program. That's the story of me. I made bad choices that led me to this destination.
# 1 CujoMatty @ Oct 27
This honestly made me sad. The only thing I would say is the internet is an effed up place and turning to it for any kind of acceptance is not going to go well. I'm also old and fat and can say that if there is anything I've learned in life it's that we are all weird. No exceptions. You just gotta find someone or something to occupy you're time. I love OS but it can be clicky like any other social situation but it also suffers from being impersonal because it is the internet. I'm fortunate to have a family that knows I'm weird and loves me anyways but it wasn't always this way. Keep you're head up.
# 2 underdog13 @ Oct 28
Dude you have to keep your head up. You were one of the first people I ever played an online game with on OS. As someone who had never played online games with other people on a mic before. You and others really were welcoming to me during the Rocket League craze. If you ever wanna talk or just chat you have a friend here.
# 3 LowerWolf @ Oct 28

Sorry you feel that way man, but you're completely wrong. You contribute a whole lot of positive things to this site. And I imagine you contribute a lot more, and are liked a lot more, than you realize in life too.
# 4 CMH @ Oct 29
I like you. Always have.
# 5 mike24forever @ Oct 29
Dude, get a grip. Other than posts like this, you're fine. You contribute and you're nice. What else matters. You also play with a bunch of guys on PS4.
# 6 Majingir @ Nov 3
Look at the amount of posts I have, and I'm sure 90+% of them mean nothing to anyone here either lol.

At times being on a site like this can be frustrating depending on types of conversations you have on here, or having certain people who like having fun at your expense by making fun of the way you think/act on things in real life. You just gotta move past it and ignore the negativity at times.

I've been here years and I don't even think I even made any "friends" or joined any real "circle/clique" on here either. But I still post cause I like talking about many topics on here like sports and tv shows. Just find the sections of the site which relate to topics you love talking about,and focus only on those.
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